How Does The Valorant Ranking System Work in 2022

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Valorant can be a fun game with Bois or a competitive one depending on who you ask. Even though Valorant is a relatively new game it has a massive Community and amazing eSports. for a lot of players, Competitive is their calling and so in this guide

Valorant can be a fun game with Bois or a competitive one depending on who you ask. Even though Valorant is a relatively new game it has a massive Community and amazing eSports. for a lot of players, Competitive is their calling and so in this guide, I will explain all of the Competitive Ranks in Valorant Accounts .

What Are Ranks in Valorant?

As mentioned earlier, the placement matches ensure what rank suits your playstyle the best and places you on one. There are eight ranks in total in Valorant:








Radiant, which was previously known as Valorant

There are more ranks within the ones mentioned above. Each rank has its own sub-ranks, called tiers, that you progress through. For instance, the Iron rank has three tiers, which are Iron 1, Iron 2, and Iron 3. Likewise, all the other ranks have the same kind of tier system.

However, the rank, Radiant does not have this feature. Radiant only has one rank. As for the rest, you will progress through each tier based on your performance in the games. Additionally, the Immortal and Radiant ranks have very few players in each region.

Specifically, the Immortal rank has only 1% of the top players of a region while Radiant has only 500 top players in the whole region.

Rank Rating

Your Rank Rating or RR is the number of points you get after each Competitive game. You earn RR points if you win and get deducted a few when you lose. How much you gain or lose depends on your overall performance in the match. You need 100 RR points to get promoted to the next rank.

You can gain anywhere from 10 to 50 RR if you win, and you will lose between 0 and 30 RR. If there is a draw, you win or lose from 10 to 20 RR based on performance. If you reach Diamond or higher, the RR rewards change. The minimum RR gain becomes 5, while the maximum RR loss becomes 50.

To get demoted, you must lose a match while you have 0 RR. When you rank up, you will start at 10 RR in your new rank.

However, it’s different in the Radiant rank. This rank only has 500 players per region, so you must have a higher RR than the 500th Radiant player. This rank has no demotion protection as well.

Matchmaking Rating

Your MMR and RR are separate scoring systems in Valorant. Your MMR helps the game match you with the right players while the RR reflects your performance in Competitive games.

Matchmaking Rating tries to put you in a game lobby with similarly skilled players. It is an invisible number that assesses your play level, but will either be ahead or behind your real placement. Your MM aims to move you towards the ranking you really deserve.

In the beginning, your MMR may place you as high as Immortal, but you will need to play a large number of games to reach your destination. If you keep proving that you belong in a higher rank, you will be matched with players closer to your performance level. The more matches you win, the higher your MMR gets.

When you win, you will get more points, and when you lose, you will lose less. All those extra RR points go towards preparing you to move towards the higher end of the rank estimation that you are.

How Does Ranked Work in Valorant?

The ranked game is similar to unrated matches. Both teams will race to getting 13 wins. Both teams will have equal chances in performing on the attacking side and on the defending side as there are only 12 rounds per half.

After playing 20 matches in unranked, you will play 5 ranked games with either unranked players or players who have finished their placement matches. The competitive system will take into account how you are doing against the upper and lower ranked players in your game to determine if you will gain rating or lose rating.

This is important because you can still technically gain rating on a loss or lose rating on a win (which both are very rare).

After completing your first 5 competitive games, Valorant will assign you a rank for your upcoming competitive games. You will be placed in matches with ranks 5 levels (or two ranks) above or below yours (this is also how queuing with your friends work).

If your friends are 6 levels above or below yours, you will not be able to play with them until you gain rating to match theirs or they gain or lose rating to match yours.

In short, the main thing Riot uses a hidden MMR system for is to determine the RR (Rank Rating Points) increment for each player on each team, depending on their overall win rate. Actually, to simplify it, we could say that the higher your hidden MMR, the more RR points you will get at the end of the game.

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