The LCD screen is uniform and exquisite.

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Conventional cathode-ray tube displays have always supported a heavy ray tube.


However, LCD screens raise that limit, giving it the feel of a whole new upgrade. Conventional displays use a ray tube to send an ion beam to the display screen, so the tube neck cannot be very short. When the display is lifted, the size of all the displays must be expanded. LCD LCD screen according to the electrical level control LCD screen molecular structure display purpose. Even if the display increases, its size does not increase in a positive correlation, and its net weight is much lighter than that of a conventional display with the same total area.

Five,  LCD screen output power consumption is low.

A traditional display consists of a number of power circuits. This power supply circuit must consume a very large amount of output power when it pushes the cathode-ray picture tube to work. With the continuous expansion of its size, its internal power supply circuit consumption of output power will undoubtedly increase. In contrast, the functional loss of LCD screens is the key to its internal electrical level and push IC, so the power consumption is much less than traditional displays. TFT display module

Well, the above five points introduce the related advantages of LCD screens, I hope that friends who like LCD screens can deepen their understanding of it again.