I was becoming more adept at my sexual travels using the artifact,

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I hadn’t even begun to tap the outrageous resources here, the possibilities were almost literally infinite. My dick became hard just thinking of what I might do next.

I was becoming more adept at my sexual travels using the artifact, and began to experience a deep gratification therefrom. My next journey took me to a place where I could have the satistaction of being in charge, and to mold the scenerio to my deep gratification.


I hadn’t even begun to tap the outrageous resources here, the possibilities were almost literally infinite. My dick became hard just thinking of what I might do next.


The next free weekend I locked myself in my apartment and room, and lay down to have some more nasty fun. I felt quite relaxed, and my peter needed to be relieved. I went through the beginning process, and found myself standing in the incredible hallway of pleasure.


I walked leisurely down the hallway for quite some distance before stopping at a door title of interest. It read: ‘Excentric billionaire training female cocksuckers.’


The idea appealed to me and I stepped inside, and looked around. I indicated 24 hours duration, and closed the door. The familiar anteroom was there, and when I opened the door at the end of the room…everything about this destination became known to me.




At once I understood what was going on here, and my role as owner and operator of the facility. I was a multi billionaire, and I indulged my sexual fantasies by offering certain women one million dollars to be trained as compulsive cocksuckers. The women must never have sucked cock, and must be between the ages of 18 and 50, and very pretty, with a great ass. That was always a primary requisite!


I would pay them one million dollars at the end of ninety days, and not before, if they opened themselves completely to my influence, and the training of my large staff of experts, to be conditioned to suck pecker and eat semen compulsively, and irreversibly, an addiction that would be permanent for the rest of their lives.


I walked into the main training area and my staff gathered around me to give me the latest progress reports, and fill me in on the newest, and most effective brainwashing techniques.


This facility was state of the art, with no equal anywhere in the world according to my estimate. At present there were twenty attractive women being conditioned here, and they were in various stages of addiction.


I went into my large office and told my assistant to bring in the newest recruit for indoctrination. I always enjoyed these intro conversations…It was quite embarrassing for the women, who had never indulged in giving oral sex before.


The huge sum of money offered them, however, broke every barrier of shyness and embarrassment. I sat at my desk and a very pretty woman age thirty five walked in, and stood looking at me.


She wore a tight skirt and had a perfect ass. “Sit please”, I offered, as I stood up and walked around to her. She sat in a comfortable lounge chair, and crossed her pretty legs. “So you want to become a cocksucker for one million dollars?”, I smiled at her, leaning against the desk.


She blushed terribly, and recrossed her legs and cleared her throat. “I…ah…well…ah…”, she couldn’t seem to verbalize her meaning. Finally she looked down and said…”Yes, that’s correct.”


I smiled at her in a friendly manner…”There’s no need to be ashamed Julie…if you complete the training you will be a very rich woman.” She shifted again and looked directly at me…”It’s worth it to me…”, she managed…”I can’t even imagine that much money…and just for doing oral copulation.”


“Have you ever sucked cock before?”, I quizzed, standing over her now. She looked up and sighed…”No I haven’t…but I’ve fantasized about it many times.” “We will train you completely”, I continued, “in the end you will greatly enjoy eating dick and swallowing cum.”


She blushed again and licked her lips.


“Alright the process begins now”, I said sternly, “tell me Julie..what are you?” She looked up and down again…”You mean…”, she uncrossed her legs…”I…I’m a cocksucker!”, she gushed, looking shyly at me.


I grinned at her…”No, not yet…”, I murmured, as I took her chin in my hand, “but you will be.”


“Before we begin your training Julie I want to show you something.” I moved very close to her and my crouch was a few inches from her face. She looked at my zipper blankly. I reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick, which was beginning to harden from our conversation.


I peeled back my foreskin and touched her lips with my pisshole…”Open your mouth Julie”, I whispered, holding the back of her head firmly. She parted her lips and my dick was dripping on her blouse as I pushed it in her mouth..


She just sat there and let me shove my meat in her pretty mouth, but she didn’t suck it. I slowly fucked her oral cavity, looking at the top of her head. “Ah Julie, semen is good for you…it’s got so many good nutrients.”


Julie nodded her head a bit a grunted. “Umg..huh.”, was all I heard as I slowly porked her cute mouth. I pulled my dick out again and looked down at her…”Tell me what you are Julie”, I panted. She licked her lips and swallowed…”I’m a cocksucker…”, she whispered, “a dirty cocksucker!”


“You are a dirty cocksucker Julie, I can tell already!”, I said cheerfully, “and we will teach you to like doing it all the time and eating large amounts of semen. Having my peter in your mouth is a good start girl.” “Now we will begin your journey toward the one million dollars.” I pushed a button and a female assistant came in. She waited for me to speak.


“I fucked Julie’s mouth just a bit and she did very well…begin her full training now, she’s a bit shy at the moment.”


The assistant came over, smiled, and took Julie’s arm and led her away. “Just put yourself in our hands hon”, she said…”you’ll like eating cum…when we’re through with you.” They left the room and I put my dick back in my pants and zipped up.


I went to the main training cubicles to view the prospective millionaires being put through their conditioning phases. The first cubicle was being used to train Lindsey…a very pretty brunette.


Lindsy had her panties off and was sitting on a special fuck penis, and was being conditioned to adjust to the taste of semen. A glass containing fresh cum sat in front of her. She still had her blouse on and a special porcelain bowl was beneath her face in the event of vomiting.


Although the women were given anti nausea drugs, they sometimes vomited from the taste and idea of eating male ejaculate. This was normal, and in time, while they were brought to orgasm by the specially designed vibrating rubber dildo inside them, they began to associate swallowing the tangy cream with great pleasure.


This process took weeks but in the end, by use of special conditioning drugs, and deep hypnosis, they were eventually able to drink one third of a glass of freshly donated cum, and greatly enjoy the taste and consistancy, while experiencing an intense orgasm.


We had hundreds of male semen donors, constantly jacking off into collection containers, to keep our trainees well fed. The males were carefully screened, to insure their production of safe, viable seminal fluid.


When the women reached the point where they could gulp down the one third glass of cum and enjoy it…they were ready for the horse semen.


This required a complete new adjustment, when we informed them of the type of semen they would be eating, and often resulted in more retching, but in time they were able to drink the large volume of horsecum while yelling in pleasure, as globs of horse jazz dribbled from their mouth.

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