Diablo 4 Efficient Leveling Guide - How To Power Level In Diablo 4 Fast

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This is what our Diablo 4 leveling guide is going to be about. We will list all the leveling methods to ensure your Diablo 4 XP farming process is quick and smooth

Looking for a Diablo 4 levelling guide? In this guide, we'll break down our full Diablo 4 levelling guide, explaining how to get from level 1-50 and 50-100 optimally so that you can enjoy clicking knowing that you are doing it as efficiently as possible.

Diablo 4 Leveling System Explained

Before looking for the best ways for fast leveling in Diablo 4, it is important to see what Diablo 4 leveling system is all about. As usual, the game developers offer tons of in-game activities for players to complete. It means you will never have a problem with what to do in order to earn extra XP. You just need to invest much time and effort to reach the level cap faster.

This is what our Diablo 4 leveling guide is going to be about. We will list all the leveling methods to ensure your Diablo 4 XP farming process is quick and smooth. After the article’s main part, you will find a brief leveling guide for all classes. Do keep in mind that this guide was written during the Open Beta and is now UPDATED for the game’s full launch.

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Kill Everything You See

If you want to level up fast in Diablo 4, the key to success is simple: kill everything you see! While the game’s fast travel system is incredibly convenient, resisting the urge to teleport from one quest to the next is essential. Instead, take the time to walk between objectives and slay any demons that cross your path. After all, the more enemies you defeat, the more points you’ll hoover up, and the faster you’ll level up. By embracing this strategy, you’ll soon find that your character grows stronger with each passing battle. So, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and embark on a demon-slaying spree!

World Tier 3

Now that you’ve unlocked World Tier 3, it’s time to switch things up. You’ll start with Tree of Whispers to get your first Nightmare Dungeon Sigils. You’ll follow this up with running Nightmare Dungeons, trying to run them at as high of a tier as possible without it affecting your clear-speed. When able to, you should weave in the occasionally spawning Helltide Event on the world map to collect materials, items experience.

In this new difficulty, you’ll have the possibility to not only get significantly more experience, but also much better loot in the form of Sacred gear. This new gear quality is capable of rolling new modifiers and higher numerical values.

When you reach level 50+, you’re able to attempt the Nightmare Dungeons. You may run into an issue where you’re unable to upgrade your items due to lack of materials. If this happens, you should run Helltide Events until your items have been upgraded. In the event you’re still struggling… you guessed it, back to Kor Dragan with you! If not, the recommendation is to continue spamming Nightmare Dungeons consistently for the experience but also the Glyph drops and Glyph experience.

The next step is to run the World Tier 3 Fallen Temple Capstone dungeon. This is a level 70 dungeon, and to make sure you don’t waste time attempting it with a potential failed run or lots of deaths, we would recommend staying in the dungeon grind flow until your character is, at a minimum, level 65 or higher.

How To Unlock World Tier 4

The process is pretty much the same to unlock the game's current max difficulty of World Tier 4. Travel to the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon in the Dry Steppes. You can do this more easily by having your higher-level friend travel there first and then simply teleporting to them by taking the portal while in a main city. Once again, sit at the entrance of the dungeon while your friend clears it. After the dungeon is complete, travel back to Kyovashad to change the difficulty to World Tier 4.

Use Potions

There are many elixirs that provide Experience bonuses. These elixirs can be crafted by Alchemists and require certain ingredients that you can find all over Sanctuary. Choose the elixirs that are best for your Diablo 4 build and stock up on them. Then, when you enter a dungeon or world event, drink a potion to bump up the experience you'll earn from it.

Collect Renown rewards for bonus XP

Before doing anything, returning players should head to their Renown rewards by opening the map and entering the Renown section at the top (hit "W" while using the map on PC).

It was highly suggested that you collect all Altars of Lilith and uncover the entire Diablo 4 map before starting Season 1, as these will carry over to Seasonal characters, and it's expected that you might be able to collect the bonus XP from the Renown rewards that these should unlock.

If that is the case, and our Seasonal alt characters get these bonus XP rewards from instantly gaining the Renown for Altars of Lilith and uncovering the map, then you can expect to immediately jump to up to level 7 off the bat.

Taking on Side Quests

In Diablo 4, leveling up fast is essential to gain a competitive edge against your friends. While focusing solely on the primary campaign may be tempting, taking on side quests is a great way to earn more experience points. Don’t ignore those little quests that may seem insignificant – they can make a big difference in your leveling progress. Side-quests can also give you additional opportunities to battle and slay more enemies for XP. Plus, they’re often quick and easy to complete, making them an efficient way to level up. So, don’t let the urge to rush through the campaign win over the benefits of taking on side quests. Trust us; your character will thank you in the long run.

Play with Friends

In an effort to encourage people to enjoy Diablo 4 together, Blizzard chose to give players an XP boost if they’re partied up. Players in a party get 10% more XP from everything. There’s also a 5% XP boost for being near another player, even if they aren’t in the same party.

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