Diablo 4: Reject the Mother Quest

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This guide explains how to solve the side quest "Reject The Mother" in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 will prepare some side quests for players, and completing them can obtain items and Gold required for upgrading. Some side quests are not very complicated, and it is worthwhile for us to complete them. “Reject the Mother” is a side quest found in Kehjistan, and “the mother” here refers to a giant, horned, evil demon named Lilith who is called Mother by her followers. Although you are against Lilith, you can get a lot of Haviza reputation and Diablo 4 Items by completing it. If you don't already know how to complete the Reject the Mother Quest, this guide will give you some instructions.

How to Complete the Reject the Mother Quest?

The Reject the Mother quest begins with a note written about the rejection of Lilith on its left on the side of a dusty road in the Tusmaa Rift region of Dry Steppes. You'll need to go to the Tusmaa Rift, east of Ked Bardu, to find it. After entering the area, the Side Quest marker will appear on the map. Follow the marker and you'll see a statue, that's where we're going. Head north, it's just outside the Dark Ravine Dungeon.

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How to reject the mother? You need to equip the No Emote to your Emote Wheel at a summoning circle outside the entrance of the Dark Ravine. To do this, press E and then Customize. This completes the Reject the Mother quest, and the Heretic's Cache will appear. Open it and you'll get quest rewards: XP, D4 Gold, and 30 Hawezar Renown.

Rejecting the mother is really easy, and it's nice to get Gold, some random items, and a huge drip of Hawezar Renown. Go and say "no Mother of mine" to the statue of Lilith in Rift’s hidden shrine.