“You ever heard of such a thing as a Six-pack hold, Bruno?” “What do you mean?”

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Gerald and Bruno each took a spot at my sides and were about to lift me up when Gerald stopped and asked Bruno

Gerald and Bruno each took a spot at my sides and were about to lift me up when Gerald stopped and asked Bruno “You ever heard of such a thing as a Six-pack hold, Bruno?” “What do you mean?” “It’s when you carry a woman around the same way you would a six-pack of beer, you stick your middle finger in her pussy and your thumb in her asshole. I’ve always wanted to see that done, I just imagine it’s fucking hysterical. Say, would you humor me?”


A moment later I felt Bruno’s fat fingers simultaneously digging into my near as dry pussy and my virgin butt-hole. I writhed and bucked for a second, but the circlet of rope around my throat quickly tightened so that I was choking on the fake cock and fuck-lube that were stuffed into my mouth. I sneezed violently and a small glob of lube trickled out of my nose. This brought a chuckle from both men. I began to cry again as Bruno worked his middle finger deep into my pussy, then forced his thumb all the way into my asshole. When he lifted me off of the ground like that I felt as if he was going to pull my guts out. Thankfully, Gerald was laughing uncontrollably at the sight of this, and seeing no reason to further strain himself, Bruno set me down.


“Well how-dee-doo, I think she’s actually getting wet, smell this.” I heard Gerald take a deep whiff, and a second later Bruno’s fingers were at my face. He wiped his thumb and middle finger across my upper lip and my nostrils were filled with the smell of my sex and my ass. My crying only grew stronger as I realized that I was indeed getting wet. With no more amusement forthcoming, the two men picked me up and carried me out to the backyard. Sansil was seated at the edge of the goldfish pond, and casually pointed to a spot near his feet where the men set me down. Sansil propped his feet up on top of my head. Gerald pulled up a chair and sat down beside him.


“Uh, Bruno, go on inside and get ready. We’ll be back in shortly.” “Sure thing boss.” With Bruno gone the two men sat quietly for a few moments, Gerald ate his boiled peanuts and tossed the hulls at my quivering bottom, with my tender, pink, asshole being the apparent bulls-eye. A fire ant bit into my right nipple, causing me to buck and knock Sansil’s feet from my head.


“Woe, bitch! Careful, these are very nice shoes. Give me one of those Gerald.”


I soon felt Sansil’s hand on my bottom, then the moist shell of a boiled peanut was poking into the rim of my anus, with a little effort it was pressed half-way in and then left there.


“Now Gerald, you seem to have done a wonderful job these last few years, I must say. I admit when you hatches this insanity of a plan, I was already making offers to have you killed, but now, to see the fruition, the final payment, well I think you may have very well paid off your debt and earned a little extra as well.” “I been tellin’ you all along that it would work, people’ll pay top dollar to live out rape fantasies with a bona-fide ‘willing victim’- she may not be good for shit else, but this lost little lady is pure-bred high-class ass in the sack. Hell the little bitch jerks off almost twice a day! This admission was perhaps worse and more shameful than my rather ‘open-ended position’ because of its truth. How Gerald had come to know my masturbation habits, I may never know.


“Oh yes, I am sure…actually, I took the liberty of approaching a few prospective clientele already. Her first appointment, if all goes well through her breaking-in phase, will be next week. I’ve already had all the social work done as cleaning and ending her records, so, you should be clear to that end as of tomorrow morning. Bruno will bring in your own documents and a little cash to get you on your feet again as soon as we are done inside, speaking of which, shall we get started?” “I’d love to!” As this conversation played out behind me, I had begun to kind of ‘let go’ in means of speaking. My tears had subsided and I had found an almost comfortable nook in my bonded position on the dirt. If not for Sasil’s heel planted on the top of my head and the soggy peanut hull in my ass, I might have passed out completely. To this day I wish I had. With Gerald’s last comment, Sasil stood from his seat and called Bruno to come and help Gerald carry back inside. Being that I was faced out towards the pond, it wasn’t until I was back inside and lying on the carpeted floor again that I saw Bruno was now completely naked, save for a hood like towel hanging over his stiff and enormous erection.


Now I suppose my mind had run over the idea a few times so far that I might be raped, indeed most likely would, and Gerald’s declaration for my future as it was told outside, had not passed me without some mental recognition, but I suppose I had just been ‘rolling with it’ until this. Bruno’s prick was nigh on a foot long and as thick as plumbing pipe. I can’t lie, I was so scared I pissed myself at the site of him standing there, lording his cock over my bound figure.


“Boss, she pissed herself! I’m not touching that filth!” “Relax, the poor dear is probably just a bit intimidated…just take her in the bathroom and hose her off.”


With that Bruno yanked me up, nearly pulling my arm out of the socket, and dragged me down the hall into the bathroom, were I was unceremoniously thrown into the bathtub. Sadly, the next part of my degradation was a twist of my own, as I had purchased one of those high-powered, massaging shower heads with the hose attachment, as a gift for myself just a few days prior. Bruno took the massage head down and stuffed it up between my legs before turning the water on to a lukewarm. He then left me there, gagging on a rubber cock and fuck-lube, a nipple still burning from a fire ant bite, a peanut in my ass, with a massaging shower head pumping jet streams of warm water over my clitoris and vaginal lips. What an asshole, right?


What happened next is probably the reason that I am writing this memoir today, it is really the reason that I have dealt with the past year of my life without going crazy or committing suicide. Sasil walked into the bathroom alone, and I heard Bruno and Gerald laughing with each other as he shut the door behind him. He walked over, placed a towel down on the toilet seat and sat down next to my prone figure.


“Now, I know this is all a lot for a dense girl to take in at one time, to be sure, if you were a great philosopher, it would be a great deal to take in.” Amused at his own wit, as I would later come to know he often was, he continued with a small chuckle. “In a few moments, Bruno is going to come in and cut you loose, he’s going to rub the muscles in your legs and arms so that there is no stiffness in them from your bondage, then he is going to lock you in here for one minute. Now in that one minute, I highly suggest that you prepare to defend yourself, because when he unlocks that door, he is going to come in here, and shove that abolition of a cock so far up your cunt that you’ll be flossing semen out from between your teeth tomorrow. He’s going to fuck you from one end of this house to the other, and he’s going to be very rough. I don’t personally believe that you can do anything to stop him, but I am hoping that you can slow him down, you see, I want to gauge your physical abilities, your stamina, your instincts, your reflexes…I need to see what paying customers can look forward to.” With that he stood up, and was about to leave, when he stopped and turned to me once more. “Oh yes, and just a bit of motivation for you, if you survive this life long enough to make me a fortune, I’ll give you the opportunity to repay Gerald for this ten-fold. I should think you would look forward to that, considering he has paid a small sum to see Bruno fuck you in the ass while holding your head in the toilet during this little exhibition. I don’t know why he seems to dislike you so much, you seem like a perfectly likable young lass to me.”


With that he turned and left me to my coming struggles.

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