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As well as any main story quest, you’ll receive some nice XP rewards from completing any quests you take on. Diablo 4 does a pretty good job of keeping you at the level you need to be at for the story

After a long wait, players are finally diving into Diablo 4 to once again battle for the future of Sanctuary. They’re cleaving, blasting, and/or tearing through waves of demonic foes with a vengeance, as Diablo players tend to do. Their characters will grow in power steadily, harnessing all the destruction and chaos Diablo 4 can provide, and there are a few ways to pick up the pace.

What is the Diablo 4 Level Boost?

The Diablo 4 Level Boost is a service that allows you to quickly and efficiently level up your character in D4. It is designed to provide a fast, safe, and secure way to progress through the levels in Diablo IV, without having to waste time doing boring quests and grinding.

Kill Everything You See

If you want to level up fast in Diablo 4, the key to success is simple: kill everything you see! While the game’s fast travel system is incredibly convenient, resisting the urge to teleport from one quest to the next is essential. Instead, take the time to walk between objectives and slay any demons that cross your path. After all, the more enemies you defeat, the more points you’ll hoover up, and the faster you’ll level up. By embracing this strategy, you’ll soon find that your character grows stronger with each passing battle. So, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and embark on a demon-slaying spree!


As well as any main story quest, you’ll receive some nice XP rewards from completing any quests you take on. Diablo 4 does a pretty good job of keeping you at the level you need to be at for the story, so just by completing each main quest, your levels will go up pretty quickly, especially at lower levels.

But that doesn’t mean you should just stick to main quests. Everywhere you go, you’ll find NPCs offering a range of side quests, each with their own rewards on offer. Taking them on will also give you the chance to nab yourself some great loot along the way, making them great ways to level up and get some new items along the way. Some side-quests even link in with our next method.

Play at a Higher World Tier

The World Tier that the player selects determines many things: how many enemies spawn, how tough they are, how hard they hit, and more. However, for every buff the enemies get, the player also gets a massive jump in XP gained and loot quality. The harder the difficulty, the bigger the reward.

Taking on Side Quests

In Diablo 4, leveling up fast is essential to gain a competitive edge against your friends. While focusing solely on the primary campaign may be tempting, taking on side quests is a great way to earn more experience points. Don’t ignore those little quests that may seem insignificant – they can make a big difference in your leveling progress. Side-quests can also give you additional opportunities to battle and slay more enemies for XP. Plus, they’re often quick and easy to complete, making them an efficient way to level up. So, don’t let the urge to rush through the campaign win over the benefits of taking on side quests. Trust us; your character will thank you in the long run.

Finish all of the Dungeons

Once again, this seems like an obvious one. However, since the dungeons scale with your level in Diablo 4, there's no reason for you not to enter each and every dungeon you come across in the world. While the dungeons tend to take anywhere from 20-45 minutes, they are well worth the XP and rewards that you earn from doing them.

You can find dungeons in Diablo 4 by looking for the white cave icons on the map. You need to explore all of a region to locate all of them, but this works great with increasing your Renown level. To see if you've already completed a dungeon, look on your map and see if the dungeon icon has a gold bar next to it. If it doesn't, you have completed that dungeon.

Earn Renown

Earning Renown in Diablo 4 is another excellent way to level up fast. Every tier of Renown awards your character with bonus XP, among other rewards.

Earning Renown goes hand in hand with other popular XP methods too! For example, completing Side Quests, Dungeons, and Strongholds contributes toward your Renown.

Playing with Others

Playing with others will be essential to level up quickly in Diablo 4. Blizzard has made co-op a core element of the game, and there are plenty of incentives to group up with friends or even random players you encounter in Sanctuary. When you’re playing in a party, you’ll earn a 10% XP boost on every enemy kill, regardless of who takes it down. And even if you’re not in an official party, sticking close to other players will give you a 5% boost. So don’t be afraid to lend a hand to other adventurers you come across – it could pay off with some serious leveling up.

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