Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Storage Tank quotation http://www.tank-madeinchina.com/cryogenic-storage-tank/oxygen-nitrogen-argo

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Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Storage Tank quotation http://www.tank-madeinchina.com/cryogenic-storage-tank/oxygen-nitrogen-argon-storage-tank/

Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Storage Tank quotation Basic Information Volume: 2-200 cubic meters Applicable material: liquid argon Type: Chemical storage tank Material: Stainless steel Specification: 100 Marketing: New Products Product use: storage tank Item No.: CFL-50/0.8 Custom processing: Yes Specification: vertical or horizontal Stainless steel liquid argon storage tank 1. Before use, a small amount of liquid nitrogen should be put in to precool it. When the temperature in the tank reaches the temperature of liquid nitrogen, fill the liquid nitrogen tank with liquid nitrogen. Pay attention to handle the liquid nitrogen tank gently to prevent collision and extrusion, and lift it up when it cannot be dragged on the ground. When not in use, the liquid nitrogen tank should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated room to prevent moisture. 2. Check the neck plug and the small grooves of the neck plug at any time, remove the icing on the neck plug in time, and can not put plastic cloth and other materials on the neck plug to increase the blockade and ensure the use of the liquid nitrogen tank. When it is found that the consumption of liquid nitrogen is too fast or there are water droplets or hoar frost near the neck of the liquid nitrogen tank, it means that the insulation function of the tank is out of adjustment and the liquid nitrogen cannot be retained. The specimens placed in the storage tank must be marked, and the handling must be stable, accurate and fast. 3. In order to prevent corrosion of the tank wall, the inner cavity of the liquid nitrogen tank needs to be cleaned once a year. In addition, it should be noted that the liquid nitrogen tank should be minimized for transportation and the number of times the liquid nitrogen tank is opened. If it needs to be transported, it must be fixed to the car box with a rope to keep the liquid nitrogen tank upright. Prevent falling, overturning, lying down, and try to prevent severe vibrations.Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Storage Tank quotation website:http://www.tank-madeinchina.com/cryogenic-storage-tank/oxygen-nitrogen-argon-storage-tank/