How to talk to a natural person at Air Asia

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Check the details about how to contact live person at Air Asia Customer Service

How do I speak to someone at AirAsia?

If you have to ask about the booking status or refund or baggage-related query, you can speak to someone at AirAsia anytime. Here are the self-explanatory steps you can follow to avoid any inconvenience:

  • Dial the AirAsia phone number on the website 080 4666 2222
  • Press 1 or 2 to choose a language and then follow the IVR
  • Select 1 for booking
  • Select 2 for making changes
  • Select 3 for refund
  • Select 4 for flight status
  • Select 5 for more information
  • To speak with an agent, you need to choose one option from above that suits your questions
  • Now you will see further instructions; follow them closely
  • After a few instructions, the system will connect you to the live agent, stay online
  • Soon the live agent at Air Asia will join you and ask you the questions to solve them 

How do I chat with AirAsia with Allstar?

If you prefer the chat over the phone, it's another convenient option to connect to the airline. Here are the steps you can follow to chat with AirAsia with Allstar

  • Get on the AirAsia official web portal and go to the support page support page 
  • At the bottom , click on the link 'Chat with Bo.'
  • Now select the options' Flights.'
  • Then choose 'Non-AirAsia Flights booking.'
  • Proceed with number 3, 'No, I don't have a booking yet.'
  • Now choose 'Who do I contact for urgent help.'
  • You can then click on the tab 'Talk to Allstar.'
  • Provide your email and full name and enter the tab 'None.'
  • The system will then soon connect you to Allstar, and you can discuss the issue to get solutions 

How do I contact AirAsia Malaysia by email?

AirAsia is a Malaysian low-cost airline. If you want to share any feedback, complaint, etc., you can send an email to AirAsia Malaysia anytime. You get two options to email; one is to compose the email and send it to the official email id of AirAsia, and the second is you can use the email form for specific queries. Here are the steps to email: 

  • Go to the AirAsia website and open the contact us page to get all your contact details
  • Locate the email section and choose the email id there, general queries)
  • You can also select one query that is similar to your concern from the list
  • The system will display an associated email form, fill out the details
  • Now submit the form you see, and attach the documents if necessary
  • Once the form is ready, click on the submit button to share 

What is the phone number for AirAsia?

AirAsia provides several phone numbers based on location and their departments. If you wish to connect with a specific department, here are the steps you can follow for how to contact Air Asia Customer Service.

  • First, head to the AirAsia official website and open the support page link
  • On the support page, look for the phone call section on the page
  • You will see phone numbers for different departments
  • To get the phone number for a specific region, choose your region from the drop-down list
  • You will see the associated contact details on the screen
  • You can choose the number and make a call on it to connect to the airlines