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Hookah manufacturers Our stainless steel hookah is made of 304 stainless steel and glass, giving a polished and high-grade feeling. The color is stainless steel primary color, and the packaging is color box, which is packed in cardboard boxes. The box size is 26.5/26/36 for the inner box, 53.5/53.5/37.8cm for the outer box. The gross weight is 22kg, and the net weight is 20g. If the goods are damaged during transportation, we will reissue them. In addition, our product size supports customization! Characteristic 1. Strong aesthetic It is fashionable and beautiful in appearance, small and exquisite, and pleasing to the eye. It is also a beautiful handicraft to put at home. 2. Exquisite material selection The material is food grade stainless steel, free of any harmful substances, and it is solid and durable. The glass pot body is below. The product has been polished and processed for 30 times, and tested for 3 times. The production process and quality of the product are guaranteed. 3. Easy to use The installation is very convenient, and the buckle design is high-grade. It can be designed for different bottle mouths. Glass pot body, transparent pot body can see the water level more clearly, evenly heated, easier to release the aroma of cigarette paste, durable. Two way smoke outlet, with large smoke volume, can be used by single and double persons at the same time. Swallowing is easy and labor-saving, with large fragrance, giving people more comfortable enjoyment. 4. Brand benefit The stainless steel hookah bottle has a history of many years, and now it is very popular in all countries around the world, and is loved by the majority of users. The stainless steel hookah can be plated with color (gold, natural color, rose gold), and almost all aluminum products are natural color. What cannot be avoided by stainless steel electroplating is the fixture print, which will be hidden in the hookah. Customers generally don't care because they can't see it from the outside. This is common sense for customers who know their business well. However, the customer needs to inform when encountering a hookah pot that needs electroplating. How To Use Stainless Steel Hookah? 1. Fill the foundation of the hookah. Make sure not to fill too much water. The water level should reach the bottom of the metal pipe above about 1-11/2 inches. Therefore, immerse the tube in water. 2. Place the long stainless steel pipe on the glass or crystal base. Make sure it is snug and airtight. There should be a rubber plug between the glass/crystal base and the metal center piece. 3. Install the hookah metal tube on the round tray. 4. Place the clay on the top of the bowl in the middle of the metal. Again there should be a plastic retaining ring between the metal middle part and the clay bowl. 5. Insert the hose into the metal middle part and the plastic eyelet again to ensure that the connection is airtight. Filtering principle of stainless steel hookah We need to know its filtering principle, which is to use water to filter tobacco to achieve a more pure taste. The water itself is pure without other impurities harmful to the body. It can act as the most responsible filtering guard in the process of smoking. When tobacco enters the human body through the pipeline, the yellow tar produced and affects human health will be absorbed in the water, reducing the human body's intake of it, The stainless steel hookah can filter nicotine very well, but whether the stainless steel hookah can be used correctly or not determines the filtering effect. Application We can use it in the bar to enjoy happiness with friends We can give it to friends as a gift to increase friendship Accessory Products Hookah paste The hookah paste is a kind of cigarette material of the hookah pot. It is put in the gift box and is made of honey or various fruits. It has the taste of apple, orange, pineapple, strawberry, and even coffee, chewing gum and cola. Put it in the cigarette tray and wrap it with tin foil, Soot Cigarette charcoal is a kind of accessory of the hookah. It is used above the tin foil wrapping to heat the hookah. It will turn red when heated. 聽Hookah manufacturers website:http://www.luckhookah.com/hookah/