How to add infant on United Flight Ticket

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Here get the details about what is United Infant Policy and how to add infant on United flight ticket after booking.

Can I add an infant to an existing booking United Airlines?

You can add an infant to your flight without paying any charges. If you want to add the infant to your booking, then you can do it through the official website at the time of check-in. To get more information on this, you have to read the infant policy, and if you have any issues, contact the airline's customer service.  

United Airlines Infant Policy

Some rules and regulations exist for an infant to travel with an airline. Go through the given points to learn about the United Airlines Infant policy:

  • The airline does not allow infants less than seven days old to travel with them.
  • The passenger can check in the folding wagon, standard stroller, and car seats without paying any charges, and they will be returned to you upon arrival.
  • Infants under two years of age can sit on their parent's lap.
  • Children older than two years need a ticket to travel on the plane and their own seats.
  • Children whose age are under 18 years of age have no need to show any documents to fly on a plane. However, they must bring their passport if they are flying internationally.

How do I add an infant to my United flight after booking?

After making your booking with United Airlines, if you want to add an infant to your flight, you can easily do it at the time of check-in through the official website by using the "Infant on Lap" option. To know about the process, follow through the given points:

  • Get to United Airlines' official website or the mobile app.
  • Open the "Check in" tab from the page.
  • Write the "Confirmation number" and "Passenger surname."
  • Then tap on the "Add services" button.
  • Tap the "Infant on lap" option and fill in the necessary details.
  • In the end, download your flight ticket and get the details on your registered email. 

How Do I Add My Lap Child to My United Airlines Flight?

If you want to add an infant to your lap on a United Airlines flight, contact customer service, as they will assist you with adding it to your flight and provide you with the relevant information. Go through the given steps to connect with customer service using their telephone number:

  • Place a call to the United Airlines telephone number.
  • Choose your language by pressing the preferred button.
  • Press the appropriate button that connects your call with customer service.
  • Then wait for some time till your call gets through with someone from the airline.
  • Provide your e-ticket number and last name to the representative, then explain that you want to add a child to your lap.
  • After that, the representative will help you with the information and assist you in adding an infant to your lap.

With the given information, you must have understood the policies and processes on how to add an infant to your United flight. There are no charges for infants who are traveling on a lap. However, the infant must be younger than two years. Still, if you have any further queries, connect with customer service or read the FAQs from the official website.