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wholesale Biological Microscopeswholesale Biological Microscopes

wholesale Biological Microscopes Product Introduction Binocular microscope with led lamp has a novel shape and adopts a variety of advanced structures and technologies. It is easy to use, safe and reliable. With appropriate auxiliary equipment, the acquisition, storage, analysis and processing of images in demonstration education can play a great advantage. Working principle of microscope The light bulb provides the light source. After passing through the condenser lens system, the light turns into appropriate light to illuminate the specimen. The specimen on the specimen is magnified by the objective lens system for the first time, and then the light changes the direction of transmission by the prism system and is magnified by the eyepiece system for the second time to enter the field of view of the observer. Before use Operation 1. Insert the eyepieces into the eyepiece tube, and screw objectives into the nosepiece in sequence of different magnification from low to high. Then put the specimen on the stage and secure it in the position with tablet and move it to the center of stage. 2. Turn on the power switch and adjust the brightness form dark to bright slowly. After working, you must adjust the brightness to a little dark before you turn it off. 3. Observe the specimen from lower magnification objective firstly and move the specimen to the center of view field, then rotate higher magnification objective. You many use the fine focusing knob to obtain the clear image. When 100X (s.oil) objective is used, you should fill up with cedarwood oil (without bubble) between the front of objective and the specimen surface. After working, it should be wiped with a few xylene immediately. 4. In order to obtain bright and clear image, the illumination must be adjusted. When different objective is chosen, you should adjust the iris diaphragm of the condenser and different brightness of the light. 5. When the lamp needs to replace, you should shut off the power switch and replace it after the lamp is cool. Note: The contact must be firmed, and the filament center should be adjusted. 6. If the camera or video attachment is used, you may insert the attachment into the tube of trinocular head of microscope, then adjust the tube until the image is clear enough. Product Specification Model SM-2010D Total Magnification 40-1000X Eyepieces Wide field plane-scope eyepiece WF10X Achromatic Objectives 45mm DIN achromatic objective: 4X, 10X, 40X(S), 100X (S,Oil) Eyepiece Tube Articulated free binocular head, interpupillary distance: 55-75mm; 45掳inclined, 360掳rotatable Illuminator Built-in adjustable brightness halogen lamp 6V/20W(or incandescent or fluorescent, or LED) Diaphragm 桅2-30mm iris diaphragm and 桅32 filter Condenser ABBE condensor: N.A. 1.25 Working Stage Double layer mechanical stage:125*125mm,moving range X-Y: 60*40mm Net Weight/Set 4kg Package 2sets/carton 44*37*47cm How to use 1.Place the specimen slide on the stage, position the spot of the slide you wish to observe to the center hole on the stage and clamp it with slide clips. 2.Mount objectives on revolving nosepiece and eyepiece on eyepiece tube respectively. 3.Turn reflecting mirror to the source of light until the light illuminated into the eyepiece tube and the field of view becomes visible, then adjust the aperture of iris diaphragm(disc) to secure clear image. 4.When focusing, first adjust focus wheel forward to lower the main tube until the objective gets close to the specimen slide, so as to avoid any possible damage.Then start to observe the eyepiece by adjusting the focus wheel until a sharp image is obtained. 5.The stand can be adjusted when necessary to obtain the best angle for the light source and for the comfort of observation. Product feature and application Binocular microscope with led lamp can be used for biology, pathology, bacteriology observation, teaching, professional research, clinical experiment and routine medical examination in medical and health institutions, laboratories, agricultural science institutes, research institutes and colleges and universities. Metal body Articulated free binocular head HD imaging 40-1000X Maintenance and precautions 1. Be careful when unpacking to prevent the lens and other accessories from falling and damaging. 2. All lenses have been calibrated and adjusted. Do not disassemble them by yourself. 3. The objective lens converter and coarse and fine focusing mechanism are of precise structure. Please do not disassemble them easily. In case of failure, please send them to a professional repair Office for repair. 4. The instrument shall be kept clean and the dust shall be removed frequently. The sliding parts shall be coated with a small amount of non corrosive grease regularly. Special attention shall be paid not to pollute the optical parts during cleaning. 5. The instrument should be placed in a cool and dry place. After use, the power supply should be cut off and covered with a dust cover wholesale Biological Microscopes website:http://www.shenmateaching.com/microcopes/biological-microscopes/