China Lithium Ion Battery for Two Wheel

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China Lithium Ion Battery for Two WheelChina Lithium Ion Battery for Two Wheel

China Lithium Ion Battery for Two Wheel Why choose lithium? Lithium batteries have a much longer usable amp time compared to lead acid batteries. Unlike lead-acid lithium batteries that can be deeply discharged without affecting cycle life. This means you can use the battery for a longer period of time before recharging. In contrast, AGM batteries are generally recommended to be discharged to only 50% of their capacity to maximize their cycle life, while lithium can typically be discharged to 80-90% of capacity. cost Although the initial investment of lithium batteries exceeds that of lead acid batteries, the service life/cycle life of lithium batteries is much longer. Typically, lead-acid batteries have a lifespan of 300-900 cycles, while lithium batteries have a cycle life of over 2000 cycles and a much higher number of discharges. Having said that, you want to replace the lead acid battery 2 or 3 times compared to 1 lithium battery Parameter of slimline lithium battery ItemPopular ModelCan be Customized Production NameSlim Lithium Battery 12VPlease see the related items below Model48V13AH Related Voltage48V12V-48V Related Capacity13AH5AH-18AH BMS Current20AmpAcoording to standard or request Charging Current2.5AAcoording to standard or request Charging Ending Voltage54.6V12.6V-58.8V Battery CaseAlimuniumSoft shrink film,Iron,plastic Battery Cell18650 Li ion Cell,3.7V,2.6Ah18650 Li ion Cell,3.7V,2.6Ah-2.9Ah Battery charging connector3pin high current Battery Discharging Connector2pin4 pin ,5 pin or customized ModelSF-2SF-3 Max Cells70 PCS(18650)40PCS(18650) Max Capacity48V18AH36V14AH LED indicatorWITHWITH L1-l2/mm386.5*285400*285 Popular Models for Choice: Voltage(V)Capacity(Ah)Series-parallel WindingCell Specifications 36810S3P3.7v,2.6Ah,18650 361010S4P3.7v,2.6Ah,18650 361310S5P3.7v,2.6Ah,18650 361510S5P3.7V,2.9Ah,18650 480513S2P3.7v,2.6Ah,18650 480813S3P3.7v,2.6Ah,18650 481013S4P3.7v,2.6Ah,18650 481213S4P3.7v,2.9Ah,18650 481313S5P3.7v,2.6Ah,18650 Customized AvailableChina Lithium Ion Battery for Two Wheel website: