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China Bench Vises manufacturers Description There are two kinds of wrench chucks: wrench-type and hand-tight type. Wrench-type need a wrench to finish tightened and it is common in the machine tool industry. The category of hand-tight tightens the chuck by holding the specific sleeves, which is common in electric hand drills. Because wrench can lengthen the moment arm and increase the torque input in the process of tightening, the clamping has strong force. The Germany Style Drilling Clamps are cheap but reliable, simple in structure, and can make the processing of workpiece easier, having a wide range of use. Wrench chucks can be divided into light, medium and heavy-duty. It is largely determined by the structure of the mother sleeve. They have different properties. The light one is formed by stamping, and the heavy-duty one is strong because it is cold-extruded. Germany Style Drilling Clamps are a kind of machine tool accessories, mainly used to clamp the drill bit when drilling. The dominant ones in the market are manual wrench drill chucks and manual wrenchless drill chucks (ie, hand-tight drill chucks). Its fatal weakness is insufficient clamping force, that is, it produces slippage during work and cannot be used normally. This patented product solves the problem of insufficient clamping force. This kind of Germany Style Drilling Clamps are similar in appearance to the hand-tight drill chuck, and the operation method is the same, that is, manually input the clamping force to work, but when the manual input of the clamping force is insufficient, it can automatically input the clamping force to make drilling work Successfully completed, it can be used for forward and reverse occasions, and is more suitable for supporting impact drills. It is a new generation product. ModelMax.opening (mm)Qty/Ctn (pcs)Packing size (cm)G.W./N.W. (kg) Q19125100841脳31脳3312/11China Bench Vises manufacturers website: