China Glass Kitchen Canisters manufacturers

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China Glass Kitchen Canisters manufacturers Product Introduction Our Glass Kitchen Canisters with Lid are composed of glass tank and silicone cover, which is used to store the food that is easy to get damp in the kitchen. Their can surface is smooth and transparent, which is convenient for you to quickly identify the contents. The lid has a pop-up design, which can quickly reach the sealing state after pressing. Because of their excellent quality and simple design, they are widely used as packaging containers for beverages, alcohol, chemicals, medicines, cultural and educational goods and cosmetics. Features These Glass Kitchen Canisters with Lid use high borosilicate glass as the main raw material and have excellent heat resistance, so they can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers without deformation. In order to keep food fresh and extend its shelf life, you can store a large amount of food in several cans and stack the cans for storage, thus greatly saving space in the kitchen storage room. With them, you can keep your kitchen clean and tidy, and keep food safe for a long time, away from the influence of cockroaches, mice and other animals. Specifications Advantage:One hand operate sealed and release Product size:11.5x11.5x10.0 cm (500ML) Capacity:聽500ML /900ML/ 1200ML /1700ML Lid material:ABS + POM + Silica gel Glass聽Material:聽High Borosilicate Glass Base pad:Silica gel Glass Tube:桅110 MM 聽 Glass聽Thickness:2.0 MM Pop-up Design 聽 FAQ Q1: Could you get some samples? A1: Yes, sample orders welcomed Q2: Do you have your own factory? A2: Yes, also we have 4 different patents on the products. Q3: Could I use my own logo or design on the goods? A3: Yes, it is available because we are good at OEM. Q4: May I visit your factory? A4: Sure, we are at Yongkang City, Zhejiang ProvinceChina Glass Kitchen Canisters manufacturers website: