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low price Metal Valves Description The BS Standard Y Strainer is an indispensable filter device for the pipeline system that conveys the medium. It is usually installed at the inlet end of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve or other equipment to remove impurities in the medium to protect the normal use of the valve and equipment. The product has the characteristics of advanced structure, low resistance and convenient sewage discharge. The applicable medium of this product can be water, oil and gas. When the liquid enters the filter, the solid impurity particles are blocked outside the filter screen, and the clean fluid is discharged from the filter outlet. Features 1. The streamline design is adopted to reduce the fluid resistance coefficient of the filter. The extended diameter and length increase the effective filtering area of the screen, thereby reducing pressure loss. 2. The sealing gasket made of graphite material can withstand high temperature, thereby prolonging the service life. 3. There is a fusion-bonded epoxy coating on the inner and outer surfaces to improve the corrosion resistance of the BS Standard Y Strainer. Components No.PartMaterial 1BodyCast Iron/Ductile Iron 2GasketSS 304 3BonnetCast Iron/Ductile Iron 4PlugCarbon steel 5ScreenSS 304 6BoltCarbon steel 7WasherSS 304 Dimensions DNLDD1D2bfn-dH 501701601251001934-18135 651951801451201934-18160 802401951601351938-18199 1002702151801551938-18245 1252902452101852138-18292 1503452802402102138-23358 20046033529526521312-23375 25073040535531030312-28480 30085046041036030412-28550low price Metal Valves website:http://www.ruimaivalves.com/metal-valves/