food packaging variations and standard food packaging options. Choose from compostable coffee cups, biodegradable takeaway food boxes, eco friendly food containers, more.

  •  Compostable Drinks Packaging:

Choose from Biodegradable Coffee Cups, Takeaway Pint Cups, Eco-friendly Smoothie Cups, Paper Straws Sustainable Cup Carriers.

  • Coffee Cups Lids
  • Paper Compostable Straws

Carrier Packs Trays

  • Takeaway Pints Cocktails
  • Smoothie, Juice Cups Lids
  • Compostable Food Packaging:

Our Takeaway Boxes are made from renewable sources including sugarcane, plant fibres and recycled paper. Ideal environmentally friendly takeaway packaging container options for restaurants and outdoor events. 

  •  Pizza Boxes:

Our Kraft Pizza boxes are made from a sturdy corrugated 100% compostable board. ''Clean'' cardboard can compost in around two months, anything that’s glossy, heavily printed or covered in tape is not compostable. 

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  • Corrugated Range:

Corrugated packaging is produced from heavy duty paper-based card. Usually made from 3 layers, the two outer layers having a smooth surface white the central layer is corrugated or rippled for additional strength. Corrugated packaging is compostable and recyclable.

  • Stp Compostable Range:

Our Save The Planet (STP) range provides fully compostable takeaway packaging that has been created with sustainability

in mind, from the materials used in manufacture all the way through to disposal.

Each product features clear compostable messaging to encourage customers to dispose of these products responsibly after use. This simple yet effective branding offers a family of compostable packaging products for your entire menu. 

  • Bagasse Range:

Bagasse is the pulp remaining after the extraction of juice from sugar cane or similar plants. For every 10 tonnes of sugarcane crushed a sugar factory will produce nearly 3 tonnes of wet bagasse. It can be used as fuel and for making paper. It is easily shaped and ideal for producing eco-friendly and 100% compostable packaging.

Bagasse containers are ideal for take away meals and salads. The burger and meal boxes are a hugely popular compostable solution.

They are not suitable for use with wet food stuffs such as soups and sauce based meals like curries.

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