Blue Badge

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Back to the studio, because the time is still early, we can catch up on sleep, because last night's sleep is not early,

The pike trembled violently, and because of the material, it was not shattered by the knife of the Angel of Fear, but the power was transmitted to Nelis, whose bones trembled as if they had been broken. The surface of Nelis's body. The current flashed, which stopped the power of the fear angel's knife. Fear angel some surprised, this human, strength is not as good as that undead, how can connect their own two knives? The gun in her hand is a little interesting, but unfortunately, she can't hurt herself. The long knife of the angel of fear swung into a circle, and at the center of the circle, a huge face emerged. Sarin had rushed behind, and the wooden sword pointed forward. The endless night was released, drowning the black face in the middle of the knife wheel. At this time, twenty-four ancient warriors arrived and snatched the golden heart of the winged skeleton. The angel of fear frowned, hesitating whether to collect the strange golden heart or to deal with Nelis,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, who had a strange weapon. In Sarin's arms, the hunting spider had already pounced on it, and went straight to the face between the chest and abdomen of the angel of fear. The face between the chest and abdomen of the angel of fear did not care, a nine-level Warcraft, for their own, just can devour their souls, strengthen their own strength. His tongue had just been blown off,Thyroid Powder Factory, and he was in a grumpy mood. The size of the hunting spider is less than the width of its teeth. Crunch! The ferocious face bit the hunting spider into pieces and swallowed it. Salin's family badge and the broken jade left by Shang Lan also entered the body of the angel of fear. Run away! Sarin shouted a demon word, and a wind dragon rolled up the golden heart in the hands of the ancient warriors and fled in the opposite direction of the magic tower of the sacred tree. Nellis saw how Sarin made the hunting spider, and Sarin's voice fell. Nelis had fled in the opposite direction. Two men, one on the left and one on the right, left twenty-four ancient warriors. The skill on the long knife of the fear angel was offset by a nine-level magic of Sarin, and to his surprise, the sudden escape of two aggressive guys was even more difficult for her to understand. She didn't know which one to chase for a moment. The wisdom of the fear angel came from the broken soul. Sometimes, there was a little hesitation when calculating, as if there was no perfect connection between magic. It was such a hesitation that twenty-four ancient warriors, who were better at fighting than elemental puppets, stood outside the attack distance of the Angel of Fear's weapons. In contrast, the fear angel's knife is nothing, D BHB Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, the most terrible thing is the body attack of his long knife. The Winged Skeleton had two weapons broken and two wings cut off by his three knives. He didn't even use any skills. He just chopped a few times at random and played with two knives. The wind dragon driven by Sarin was like a waterspout in the water, wrapped in the golden heart and fled to the distance. The fear angel returned with a knife, and the huge knife cut off the way for Sarin and Nelis to return to the magic tower of the sacred tree. But the two men did not flee back at all, but fled to the depths of the city of the abyss. The angel of fear cut the air with a knife. The body suddenly burst into a strong sense of pain, the soul of the face between the chest and abdomen, was absorbed by a piece of broken jade, has been sucked away half. And the soul of the angel of fear, and the soul of this face, is accompanied by a deadly entanglement, if the soul of that face is absorbed, his own soul can not escape. As soon as the body of the angel of fear went through a hole in the sea, it came to the back of Sarin in an instant, and he reached for his arm. And snatched Sarin off Nightmare's back. Take that thing back, or I'll kill you right now! The angel of fear lifted Sarin up and put his face in front of Sarin's eyes, shouting loudly. Sarin smiled, and his body suddenly broke into pieces of shadow, which dissipated in the darkness. The angel of fear reached out his arm again and caught the real Sarin in the broken shadow. Sarin released a water-striped shield, and instead of breaking his magic, the Angel of Fear put his mouth around Sarin's head and stuck his teeth in Sarin's neck. The threat was direct and clear, she did not speak, and Sarin knew what she meant. "Do you know who I am?" Sarin sneered as he propped up his water-striped shield to be able to speak. The angel of fear feels that his accompanying soul is being absorbed by a horrible thing, and the twelve-level soul can't resist this absorption. It's his turn to hold on for a few minutes at most! "Who are you?" The angel of fear suppressed his restlessness and asked Sarin. Sarin? Metatlin 。” Sarin was telling the truth. He was just stalling for time. He didn't expect the angel of fear to come and ask his name. I don't want to know who you are. If you don't take out your stuff, I'll bite your head off immediately! "I'm riding a nightmare, a necromancer, of course. If you bite my head, I'll turn into a necromancer at most. What can you do with me?" Sarin stimulated the angel of fear with words. The teeth of the angel of fear pierced Salin's water-striped shield in an instant, and Salin did not resist, but sneered. The angel of fear spat out Sarin's head, took him by the waist, and held him up in front of him. The sense of crisis in the body is getting worse and worse, and that weird thing has sucked in most of its accompanying soul. Their companion soul and their own are twelve levels of the soul, want to forcibly absorb, what is that thing! There is no breath of God on this fragment, which is a pure human equipment. I thought the man in front of me was a believer in the gods, how could he. Sarin calmly released a water shield again. Just wrapped his head, and then opened his mouth: "You can cut your own soul, two souls together taste, very uncomfortable." With a shake of the long knife in the hand of the angel of fear, she did not know how Sarin could see that there were two souls in her body. In fact, it was very simple. The broken jade had been refined by Salin. Salin knew what the broken jade was doing. There were two powerful souls in the monster's body,Heme Iron Polypeptide, and Sarin was worried that his plan would fail, but now it seems that with the wisdom of the angel of fear, he simply could not solve the difficult situation in front of him.