Hypnotized into the play

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Back to the studio, because the time is still early, we can catch up on sleep, because last night's sleep is not early,

Then, Yang Yang and another date to Wei, originally only the text play, Jiang Kaixuan kiss; Yang Yang and Xiang Wei made an appointment to study by themselves, and had a good emotional play, because of the " (kiss play)" behind them, Jiang Kaixuan kissed again; Yang Yang accompanied Xiang Wei in an economics class and was accidentally hit by the teacher to answer questions that were not his major. The play was supposed to show that he had a good mind, but because of that bracket, "Yang Yang" sat down after answering, and in the gaze of "Xiang Wei" who was proud of him, Jiang Kaixuan had his parents again. Bin Shaoqi looked at the scene for a while, looked at the title page for a while, then secretly glanced at the scriptwriter, and Zhang Hanhai, who was "satisfied" with the texture of the lens, thought: What lesson did Nima take! Kiss when you get a chance! Are you so contemptuous of the university classes of our people?! The key is that there is a scene in which several girls in the "Xiang Wei" dormitory are chatting about their girls on their way to class, which is also marked with " (kiss scene)". Bin Shaoqi thought, there is not even "Yang Yang" in it, how can it be a "kiss play"? Jiang Kaixuan quickly practiced what he preached and gave him the answer-when the girls were talking and laughing, he stepped on the skateboard into the painting, suddenly stopped, kissed Dai Qiaoshan, and skated away like the wind. Girls: "Wow-" "You are too sweet!" "Yang Yang is so handsome!" "I want a boyfriend like that, too!" Dai Qiaoshan blushed and smiled. Zhang Hanhai: OK, pass! You all played very well! With the group scriptwriter: "Jiang Ge and teacher Dai's kissing scenes are well grasped, the picture is also good, very natural, very fresh, there is no sense of embarrassment or desire that is common among Asians." Zhang Hanhai: "They are a good match." Well, in that case, we can add a little more. Bin Shaoqi turned his back,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, took a deep breath and turned back. Looking at the circle of people pointing at the paper, he tore his heart and lungs and roared silently: Wait! When I become my brother's agent myself! I'm asking for the second price in the kiss theater! In fact, what makes Bin Shaoqi entangled is not the CP on the screen. Previously, in order to bring some attention to Dai Qiaoshan, he had already taken advantage of his position to rub the heat of Jiang Kaixuan many times, and used the CP stem of "fake play" and so on. But that's totally different from the current situation. The former Jiang Kaixuan, can be said to be a "flow of resources", who is close to him, who touched the light; now the problem is Jiang Kaixuan Ben Kai Ben Xuan; the problem is that he seems to have moved the heart of his screen CP. This is too tricky! It is very easy to get through this whole period of campus drama in which the relationship between male and female protagonists is cultivated. But for a week, Bin Shaoqi felt that he was almost hollowed out as an audience. When moving to a new scene, the plot enters the struggle and resistance in the middle and late stages of "Xiang Wei". Many supporting roles come in, and Dai Qiaoshan's confrontation with Jiang Kaixuan mainly focuses on the frequent contradictions and the tone of mutual restraint. Looking at the mirror of these two people in Zhang Hanhai's notebook, Bin Shaoqi smiled and said in his heart, "Fight! Fight!"! TV series, regardless of war, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, love, ethics, inspiration, ancient costume, fighting is the king's way! What he did not expect was that the creators had found the creative space of "intense emotion" in the direction of such a fiery script. There is one, is after marriage, Yang Yang to a certain fight to Wei. Jiang Kaixuan looked at the camera and slapped him in the past. Dai Qiaoshan covered her face and dared not shed tears. She kept silent against the wall and looked at Jiang Kaixuan with a slight trembling alert. In this passage, the original script wrote three words: "fight and make up." "Play" needless to say, "and good" these two words, the initial test play plan is: Yang Yang looked at the trembling Xiang Wei, suddenly softhearted, hugged her into his arms, apologized, and cried like a lost child. Who knows that the main creative team held a temporary meeting and asked Jiang Kaixuan and Dai Qiaoshan to make a new request. Bin Shaoqi could not hear what they said, anyway, Jiang Kaixuan nodded repeatedly, and Dai Qiaoshan, do not have to see her reaction! As long as it's work, why doesn't that girl say "yes"? Bin Shaoqi can only watch the scene. Shooting continues: Jiang Kaixuan "suddenly softens his heart", and half a step forward is a kiss. It seems that since the discovery of the CP's screen kissing advantage, the creators are eager to use their "kiss". And this time, the nature of the kiss changed. It is no longer a dragonfly skimming the surface of the green campus, but a real kiss for adults. An accurate record should be: Dai Qiaoshan was forced to stick to the wall and keep silent. Jiang Kaixuan "suddenly softened his heart." He took half a step forward and pressed the wall with his palm. Then he bent down and raised his face, in a lower position, with a little doubt, staring deeply into Dai Qiaoshan's eyes. He propped himself up and touched her lips lightly, then retreated a little, observing Dai Qiaoshan under his restraint. The doubt in his eyes turned into insecure love and intense and twisted possessiveness. Then, with love and hate, he kissed it again and bit it hard. Bin Shaoqi: ".." Jiang Kaixuan kisses passionately and overbearing, Dai Qiaoshan tries to resist, but is pushed to death by him. Before long, her struggle weakened and she seemed to want to refuse. This is very much in line with the character setting of the two characters. In the second half, there is little emotional drama, but the constant emotional entanglement is also an important contradiction and point of view between the two people. Jiang Kaixuan controls the rhythm of the whole audience, not only the tension in the camera, but also the importance of the camera dynamics, while kissing and guiding Dai Qiaoshan to the bedroom. In terms of acting skills, Bin Shaoqi is not sure whether Jiang Kaixuan has smuggled goods, but anyway, the first important quality of the material is to look at the monitor alone. Dai Qiaoshan was thrown to bed by Jiang Kaixuan, and the fight scene turned into a "sex scene". There is no track laid on the scene, and the new position is completely controlled by the camera, focus and recording. When a cameraman found the angle of the head of the bed from the bottom to the top, trying to reflect the panorama with a partial close-up, Dai Qiaoshan's hand struggled out from the head of the bed, rich in expression, and pressed out the only bedside lamp. Zhang Hanhai: Good! Thank you, very good! The audience breathed a sigh of relief, Zhang Hanhai said cheerfully: "The picture is good,cosmetic packaging wholesale, and the ending is also appropriate!"! One has passed! With the group of scriptwriters also praised, said: "So deal with, the content is richer than the original plan!"! Teacher Jiang and Teacher Dai are really golden partners! 。 penghuangbottle.com