A warning to the world

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The look of indifference on his face disappeared, replaced by a cold, grim, murderous look,warehousing storage solutions, with a beast in his eyes. In the light of hunting, every muscle on the body is active, and every muscle and bone is ready to go.

Said Lu Zhigao in the boat, leaning against the railing thousand, looking forward to that Hu Mei took the table down with fun. But as soon as he saw Jin Lingshi, he saw Wang Liuer with a hemp rope around his neck. His heart was beating. He was a little surprised. Regardless of his bedding, he jumped on the shore and sacrificed his life to run. "The man wearing the scarf of filial piety is Lu," the worker pointed out. Everybody lets loose a foot to drive, in the mouth cries only: "The thief that steals storehouse does not go!" Lu Zhigao was busy, fell on a hand, was caught up by the crowd, a hold. He also buckled the hemp silk around his neck and asked, "Where is Hu Mei?"? Lu Zhigao said, "at the home of my cousin, Sister Liu Chou." They taught Lu Zhigao to make eyes and rushed to Sister Liu Chou's house. Hu Mei had previously heard people say that they had taken the vomit of the stolen storehouse outside. She beat her heart and did not say to the watch that she had left in advance and had disappeared. They had to take Liu Chou Jie. They all went to Zhang Erge's house and searched Lu Zhigao's side, but nothing was found in the felt socks, and a bald ingot was found. All the edges of the ingots were knocked away. Second Brother Zhang wanted to take him to the cold shop outside the city to be handcuffed. Lu Zhigao said, "He must be tortured, so I confessed.". During the ten years last year, Hu Mei and I gambled so much that there was no way out. Hu Mei said to me, 'There are only a lot of gold ingots in the storehouse.' I taught him, 'Take a few and use them. On the night of the eclipse of the fifth month, he stole four ingots from the factory, and each of them got two ingots. Because he did not dare to go out, he only knocked the edge of the ingot for use. The ingot was hidden in the rice bucket, covered with some rags on the rice, and was still at home. The two ingots were beside Hu Mei. Jin Man asked again, "I didn't close my eyes that night. How could he slip away like that?" Lu Zhigao said,Teardrop Pallet Racking, "Hu Meifan came in and saw you sitting down. It's not easy to start.". That night flashed in, and it happened that your boy was taking a candle from the kitchen inside and knocked over the sesame oil. You got up and went to see it. People got the word, also don't take to hang handcuffs. At this time, Xiutong was resting at Second Brother Zhang's house, but he still couldn't move. Seeing that he was holding a real thief, he gnashed his teeth and scolded, "This beheading thief!"! You stole the silver, but you made me suffer. Now I have no place to redress my grievances. All I have to do is bite off a piece of his flesh and get rid of it. He wanted to get up on the grass bed, but he could struggle there. All the people came to comfort and persuade him,shuttle rack system, and his heart turned to pain and sobbed. Jin Lingshi is very sorry, unconsciously also hang lower limit tears, hurriedly asked people to carry home to recuperate. He went to Hu Mei's house with the others and opened the lock to search. He poured the rice in the orange on the ground and rolled out an ingot with no edge. On that day, they took Lu Zhigao to the county and told the magistrate of the county. When the magistrate of the county examined the silver, he knew that he was not there, and that Lu Zhigao, who was about to be heavily responsible for fifty boards, had taken the word of mouth and put him in prison. When they get Hu Mei, they will be convicted together. A wide arrest document, arrest Hu Mei, must be obtained. The boatman Wang Liuer and the happy woman Liu Chou Jie did not know about it, and the stolen goods were not broken, so they were temporarily insured. Get two gold ingots first, this should be returned to the treasury, but the treasury silver has been full of gold to make up for the change of property, according to the example of the owner of the stolen goods, to return the full of gold. All the people in Kunshan are not convinced by this decision. Exactly: The country is upright and the heart of heaven is obedient, and the officials are honest and the people are at peace. Said Jin Lingshi took two bald gold ingots home, asrs warehouse ,industrial racking systems, and in the silversmith shop, he opened the silver and sent 2816 taels of silver to Lu Menzi. But will be sent to Zhang two elder brother, waiting to live Hu Meishi, and thank you. The next day, the magistrate of Jinman Hou County came out of the hall and thanked him. The county magistrate has compassion and deeply hates Hu Mei. Is out of the official reward silver ten Liang, set limit, look up to capture ya. Half a year later, Zhang Sige occasionally went to Shuanglin, Huzhou. The boat passed by Loumen, Suzhou, and suddenly saw Hu Mei walking on Loumen Pond. Zhang Sige hurried up the boat and went ashore. "Take care, Adi Hu!" He shouted. Hu Mei looked back and recognized that it was the underworld. She hurried a step, turned to the bay and looked inside a tofu shop and hid. The beancurd seller was just about to make a noise. Hu Mei took out a large silver ingot, which was as white and bright as a water mill, from her belly. She threw it on the straw cover of the wine jar and said, "When I escape tonight, this silver ingot will be divided equally with you." Zhe'er was greedy for this ingot of silver. He hurriedly checked it, pointed to a place, and taught him to hide it. Zhang Sige rushed to the turn of the bay, but Hu Mei disappeared. There was a talkative idle man. Tell him to look for it in the tofu shop. Zhang Sige entered the shop at the same time, the daughter only did not push. Zhang Sige looked around the room, and sure enough, there was none. Fourth Brother Zhang took out a piece of silver, about three or four yuan in weight, and said to the old man, "This boy is from the gate of Kunshan County. He stole the official treasury and came out. The eldest master went out to arrest him.". If you know the current affairs, draw him out, and send a few yuan of silver to your old man to buy fruit to eat. If you hide to stay, find enjoy the county magistrate, take out, you are a thief. The old man panicked and refused to take the silver. He looked up and pointed. Where do you think you're going? Not up to heaven, not down to earth. Hide safely and speak out bad luck. The old man and his mother had only one room to live in. They made tofu and white wine. They had no place to sleep. They put up a small wooden shelf and made a shop. When they went to bed, they climbed the short ladder, but there was a shop cabinet hidden. Hu Mei was hiding steadily, but was dragged down by Zhang Sige. He tied the hemp rope and scolded, "a thief who harms people!"! Where is the silver hidden? Hu Mei promised with trepidation, "One ingot is used up, and one ingot is on the lid of the wine jar." How dare the old man hide it and take it out of the ground. "What's your surname and name?" Said the old man among the four elder brothers. The old man was afraid and dared to promise. A person on the side answers for him: "This old surname Chen name big birthday." Zhang Sige nodded and left the three or four pieces of silver on the old man's cabinet. With Hu Mei, he stepped on the bow of the boat and returned to Kunshan County overnight. Precisely: Don't say that you can do anything with a guilty conscience. The wicked have their own ways to grind! At this time, Lu Zhigao had died of illness in prison. When the magistrate of the county saw that a man had died of exhaustion, his heart was quite miserable, and many people in history who had hooked up with Hu Mei came to beg for mercy in front of him, Jin Man, and Wang Wenying, the head of the central gate, said. Jin Man remembered that he had done a lot of harm to the treasury, so he had to sell the favor to the people. He told the magistrate of the county, "Although it was Hu Mei who stole the silver, he planned to sell it to my elder sister. Besides, I didn't lose much of the silver. I beg you to be lenient." The magistrate put the blame on the body of the dead, only Hu Mei heavy responsibility for thirty, between a sin, in order to later. An ingot of gold, still to return the full gold to get. Jin Man thanked Zhang Sige with ten taels of silver. Zhang Sige talked about the beginning of the old man in the rotten hotel, and everyone was shocked. Only then did I know that last year the second elder brother Zhang had a dream of the city God: "Chen Dashou has put the silver in the gourd on the top of the cabinet." "Hu" is Hu Mei, "Lu" is Lu Zhigao,push back racking system, and "Chen Dashou" is the name of the old man. Hu Mei found it on the top of the shop cabinet. The words of the gods do not deceive one word. Sure enough, the dark room is guilty, and God's eyes are like lightning. jracking.com