My apprentice died again.

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Imperial sister-in-law,Chinese spa manufacturer, she has no life, that Jing Yun's rank is not enough, how to come to this Zichen Palace? Zhao Daiyun motioned to her side.

Zhu Yao is even more amazing, this little kid will not say. What about spanking him? Because she touched his ass, he thinks he's responsible? Zhu Yao is a little Spartan in an instant. Little kid, you have such a big brain hole at such a young age. Does your family know? "Anyway." I won't leave you anyway! The little kid stamped his feet and became more uncomfortable. Zhu Yao suddenly wanted to play a trick on him: "What if you are not elected?" The little kid was stupefied and scratched his head. His little mouth was obviously unhappy. It seemed that she was not satisfied with her attitude of not believing in herself. He hummed and said, "If I am not elected, I will be responsible for it. When I grow up, I will marry you." Before Zhu Yao could be moved, he looked up at her and then said, "Be a concubine!" ***, I want to beat him so much that he can't even recognize his mother! As if expecting her to be angry, the kid turned around and plunged into the children on the stage, turning back and making a face. Zhu Yao clenched his fist, and she put up with it. Little kid, you wait for me. I'll go back later, and I promise I won't kill you. Taking a few deep breaths, she calmed down, looked under the stage, and found that the queue had not been reduced at all? None ? Wrong ? Novel M. Quledu. Com less driving force, but more and more people. But there are still not many children left on the stage. There are less than ten people, including the kids. It seems that there are very few children with spiritual roots. The probability is estimated to be less than one percent. And most of them are four spirit roots and five spirit roots. Looked at the side of the ball floating,american hot tub, Zhu Yao can not help but also a little curious, not only will automatically suspend, but also can change color, just the little beggar touch is green and gold, and the little kid is red, do not know what color she will be. Devilishly, he stretched out a finger and poked it. In an instant,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, the whole ball began to be colorful, green, blue, gold, black, red, five colors filled the sphere in an instant. Wulinggen. The middle-aged man in charge of the test noticed her little action, but he was not angry. There will always be parents who send their children here who can't help but be curious and want to test their spiritual roots. He's used to it. Besides, this girl came with the genius of Tianlinggen, and naturally she would not haggle with her. It is also a spiritual root, but unfortunately it is the worst of the five spiritual roots. Besides, at such an old age, even if you cultivate immortals, there is no hope of immortality. Hear the other side said five spirit root, endless swimming pool ,outdoor whirlpool tub, Zhu Yao also sighed, anyhow she is also through to come, thought he had a crazy cool hanging day of spirit root, the original is the worst five spirit root, it seems that she is still suitable to walk-Minfu mountain spring a little field line. God is true, why not give her some special spiritual roots! Zhu Yao was a little disappointed and just wanted to withdraw his finger. Suddenly, the ball, which had become colorful, suddenly twisted, five colors mixed together, and a tiny flash of lightning suddenly came out and began to spread to the whole ball. Suddenly, with a click, the suspended ball suddenly broke to the ground. Uh. Zhu Yao still kept holding out a finger and froze in place. This She couldn't have punctured it! That one It was all right for so many children to press on it just now. Why did she break it as soon as she poked it? I.. Is it useful to apologize now? Weakly looked up at the four men in white, only to see that the four did not answer, but looked at her with a dull face. Zhu Yao instantly has a kind of impulse to run, will not let her pay for it! She's a peasant woman! Can Shanquan and Tian afford it? I.. I don't mean it Anyway, try to admit your mistake. You You, you are.. The middle-aged man stretched out his hand and pointed at her trembling, still with a dull face. Zhu Yao took a weak step back and was scared to cry: "I have no money!" "What I just saw." Is it? Another man in white stood over. Staring at Zhu Yao tightly, it was too late for her to run. There should be no mistake! The third man in white also came around, much calmer than the previous two. The matter must be notified to the master immediately! The fourth man in white, who was also the lightest of the four, looked at her solemnly. It's a matter of great importance. We'll leave for the dispatch immediately. "Yes, Uncle Li." The three men responded in chorus. Zhu Yao now has no mind why this school, the younger the higher the generation, because she was about to be kidnapped by four people. The youngest, the so-called Martial Uncle Li, raised his hand and threw something out, and suddenly a huge leaf appeared in the air. It stopped firmly in midair, while the other three people made some gestures with their hands, and the child who had just been chosen on the stage, as well as her foot, flew towards the leaf. Back, she was already standing on the leaves. Hey, hey, what about the one day stay? Uh. They don't want to tie her back to the sect to ask for punishment! "Wait.." I can explain. I really didn't mean it. You can't blame the user for the poor quality of the product. It was a pity that the four people did not listen to her at all, as if they were anxious to catch her and hand her over to the sect. She just waved her hand and covered her and the child with something like a transparent boundary, and then the four of them went to the front of the leaf and flew into the sky. He did not give Zhu Yao a chance to explain. The black line on Zhu Yao's face piled up in the center of seven or eight small turnip heads, with a vague premonition. Sure enough, all the little turnip heads were already staring at her angrily? "Hey, hey, hey, fart big kid, do you want to look at me with that kind of gnashing eyes?" You broke the fairy's treasure! You are a bad person. A little girl with two little braids was the first to ask for punishment. Uh. Sister didn't mean it! "If you do something wrong and don't admit it, you are really a bad person." Another little boy came out to ask for punishment. Damn it,whirlpool hot tub, it's none of your business! Seeing someone coming out, the other children also gathered around and began to criticize. Zhu Yao has a little headache in an instant. Please, even she doesn't know what's going on. What are you kids excited about.