Officer Husband, I picked you up!

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Imperial sister-in-law,Chinese spa manufacturer, she has no life, that Jing Yun's rank is not enough, how to come to this Zichen Palace? Zhao Daiyun motioned to her side.

Ye Yi curled his lips with an expression that he was reluctant to talk about. Head Xia was embarrassed and his voice was much lower. "Blame me. Blame me. I'm going to mention this to you at this critical juncture." Ye Yi did not speak, took a look at Comrade Tong Nian, Comrade Tong Xiao immediately got the order, sent a cigarette, and finally held it tightly in his hand, "Can't we not smoke today?" Ye Yi glanced at him, and Tong Nian was so frightened that he let go directly. The result is a whole bottle of boiling water next to it. Tong Nian stared blankly at Ye Yi's half-rolled arm, which was instantly red and swollen, and a layer of skin was taken off. Call a medic! The nearest military doctor! The soldier next to him picked up the curtain and shouted out. Ye Yi strode forward, pushed him away, tore off his sleeve fiercely, and a layer of skin broke away, and the scald became more serious. Ask Wan Wan from District 2 to come here. "Area 2 is too far to scald." "Under the principle of not exposing the headquarters, if she does not come, the injury will not be taken care of." The author has something to say! It should be updated normally from today! Please still support Ercha! , (IX) In fact, Wan Wan, who came to the place where she was stationed,hot tub wholesale, was not very successful all the time. Because of the damage to the tent caused by personal factors, Wan Wan and Xiao Cunzhi had to do it. The tent. Xiao Xiaobai moved to another place to live. Wrapped in a thick marching quilt, Wan Wan deeply missed her warm quilt. Comrade Wan! Comrade Wan! Two men stood outside the tent. Don't be so moldy. How long has it been before someone got hurt? Who says that military exercises are easy for military doctors? In the middle of the night, even a small practice in ophthalmology is not spared. Wan Wan sighed, dressed, and ran out. What's going on? Dr. He is over there. I'll take you there. "Wan Wan didn't have time to wear more, so she ran forward." Comrade Wan,endless swimming pool, you are asked to go to the headquarters. Wan Wan stopped and her heart beat very fast. Ye Yi is also over there. I'll go over there. I don't know when Xiao Cunzhi stood behind the three men, took off his overcoat and put it on Wan Wan. "They're all doctors, there's no difference." "I'm afraid not." Does it say that this is an order? Or is it appropriate for an intern to be treated by your leader? Xiao Cunzhi said with displeasure, but his eyes were looking at Wan Wan. "If anything happens, I will take full responsibility." When Xiao Cunzhi left, he pushed Wan Wan inside. "All right, go to bed!" "Report" "Come on, come on, come on!" Tong Nian ran out, "sister." Son, why isn't it Wan Wan? Tong Nian looked at Xiao Cunzhi with his eyes wide open and stared at the two little soldiers, "It's over." Ye Yi heard the noise outside and looked back at the door, but as soon as he looked up, endless pool swim spa ,endless swimming pool, what he saw was not Wan Wan at all. Is that how the teacher taught you? Xiao Cunzhi took out gauze and disinfectant supplies and looked gently at the man in a very bad mood in front of him. "Isn't it a gentleman to call Comrade Wan to come over so late?" "Cousin, I don't think you've changed anything since the earth exploded." "Where is she?" "Sleep, do you think anyone can stand your temper?" All the people present, including Comrade Tong, were stunned. A'cousin 'was enough to digest for a period of time, plus the tone and attitude of his speech. My cousin may also be skinned. All of them, "Ye Yi glanced around coldly," return to their respective positions, and then look here, two hundred push-ups. " So, all of a sudden, they dispersed. Tong Nian "Here!" "Report the situation in time." He took a piece of gauze and went out. Tong Nian was lucky to hear the legendary tone of gnashing teeth when Ye Yi passed by, "it's the opposite of her." And then it petrified. Wan Wan put on her overcoat and never thought about going to bed again. Who was hurt? Why did you ask me to go there? Wan Wan, who was leaning against the pillar and thinking about things, saw a man in a single layer of clothes coming. Like Ye Yi, his face was not very good, and his arm was wrapped in gauze. Impossible, "Wan Wan muttered in a low voice, shrinking her head and laughing in her overcoat." Wan Wan. Ye Yi felt that her temper for thirty years was about to erupt in a second, and she watched herself come over and fall asleep? And the coat on her, the man's. "Wan Wan!" Ye Yi squatted down and patted Wan Wan's red face, "I'm hurt." Wan Wan jumped up, "Ye Yi?"? You Hurt? It hurts The child who just woke up bit his tongue. Scald "Ye Yi looked at Wan Wan's coat, and then looked at his clothes, just came out when too anxious, even a coat did not wear.". Wan Wan also found out what he was doing and pointed to his clothes. "If it's cold, how about wearing it for you?" Ye Yi was livid and pulled Wan Wan up, "treatment." He rolled up his sleeves and pulled the gauze to show Wan Wan his injuries. This is a model of artificial aggravation of the disease after scalding. Wan Wan took a few steps away from Ye Yi and looked at the ground. "Xiao Cunzhi has just passed.". I didn't know you were hurt. "Know that I am injured you will not go," Ye Yi said with certainty, see Wan Wan back, reach out to pull her over, some headache to rub eyebrows, "what do you think, wait for the military exercise after we have a good talk." "Why should I talk to you if I have an idea?" Wan Wan forced herself to look directly at Wan Wan. Ye Yi did not reply, the original dark eyes in the searchlight from time to time under the more sophisticated. Where do you live? "Over there," Wan Wan pointed to a tent opposite. Ye Yi looked down and naturally saw Xiao Cunzhi's name. Go in and pack your things. Meet me here in fifteen minutes. "What are you doing?" Wan Wan trotted to the door of her tent and vowed to resist. Ye Yi took a few deep breaths, "right away." Wan Wan rushed in quickly and came out with bags of things in less than ten minutes. I got it, Chief! At ease, stand at attention! Run and walk! Ye Yi took the luggage from Wan Wan. Wan Wan Da Jiong, what are you doing!!! Far away, Comrade Tong Nian saw his high-spirited, black-faced deputy regiment carrying a luggage bag,jacuzzi swim spa, followed by Wan Wan, who was wrapped like a bear, trotting all the way over.