I was cheated by the president.

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Ah Chun!"! Chun! Dad. Dad also wants you to marry a good family! Marry a good family? Obviously, you want to open another inn with the Huang family and send me to the Huang family as a gift! 。

Thousands of yuan a piece for 20 minutes, every time to see his wife and Gu Minlan mask, Gu Qizhong sighed, on the money or women will spend. Mask to the naked eye seems to be almost the same, Gu Jue some curiosity: "Mask … … Is it expensive? "It's not expensive." Ruan Anan's speech was shackled by the mask, and some could not open their mouths, but it did not prevent Gu Jue from hearing her words clearly. "I still bought it when it was on sale. The original price was 10 yuan and the current price was 7.91 yuan. Neither the old nor the young were deceived." Ruan Anan's facial mask is the domestic brand recommended by Yin yuan before. When she got home, she also checked on the Internet. It was a relatively authoritative old brand. It was indeed all herbs as raw materials. It may not work, but it shouldn't do any harm. After all, indoor heating is dry in winter, and water replenishment is still needed. Gu Jue nodded, "it's quite cheap." Gu Jue is going to write down the brand and recommend it to Mrs. Gu. Why does she have to spend thousands of yuan on a facial mask? Look at her daughter-in-law. A facial mask of 7.9 yuan can produce the effect of 2,000 yuan. This is awesome. Ruan Anan originally felt that the room was dry and wanted to ask him if he wanted to apply it. But observed Gu Jue's face, do not know is just out of the bath or natural beauty, from this person's skin alone is a little negative state can not be seen. Anyway, close, Ruan Anan said to do, reach out to touch Gu Jue's face and pinch it. As expected, special. Tender and smooth, "Your face." Ruan Anan wanted to touch it and stop, but the touch was so comfortable that she couldn't resist stretching out her other hand and kneading it together, feeling novel and interesting. Wow, it's so soft. How can it be so soft? “……” Gu Jue helpless, she pinched the cheek, the cheek is not soft, where is soft, "here is not a muscle training, certainly soft." Ruan Anan also did not pinch all the time,push back racking system, and rubbed two hands to let go, was about to say something more, the side of the cat nest came a small "meow.". Ruan Anan was stunned. Not until her brain is overdone, how to listen to this call a little. Not very happy. And then the next second. Ruan Anan suddenly reacted that his mother not only disturbed the child's sleep, but also talked about love in front of others. This is a single cat. She immediately got up and said, "I'm going to wash the mask and get ready to go to bed. You also go to bed early." "Benben," Gu Jue turned to his son and stretched out his hand to give him a smooth hair. "Say goodbye to your mother." Ruan Anan did not expect him to play this stubble, almost laughed to get rid of the mask, a few seconds later, a weak cat's meow echoed in the room. Meow.. Ruan Anan: ".." This sound is really a grievance. She went out of the room and went into the bathroom. She wanted to express this opinion to Gu Jue several times, but after thinking about it, she felt that it was a bit silly to ask directly, "Do you think Benben seems to be very aggrieved?". Where there are so many plays, maybe she is too much brain filling? Can't Benben just be sleepy and want to sleep? Ruan Anan's mind is very active tonight. He turns on the tap while thinking about Benben. After washing off the mask, he starts a new round of smearing. Do not know when, medium duty racking ,radio shuttle racking, Gu Jue also came to the bathroom. But he never spoke, so he leaned against the door and looked inside. Ruan Anan found it in the mirror. She looked at Gu Jue in the mirror and smiled at him while patting her face to speed up the absorption of the skin. "Why are you standing here? Haven't you ever seen skin care before going to bed?" When Gu Jue heard this, he straightened up and walked in. Another advantage of a small house is that it can bring the effect of floor heating into full play. Before and after less than half an hour, Gu Jue's hair from just washed out half dry unconsciously has been dry more than half, looks soft, but also a little fluffy, if not for the hands full of skin lotion, Ruan Anan simply want to touch it directly. "Yes," he said, "but I've never seen anyone look this good without makeup." “………” Ruan Anan suddenly found that there was a saying that was true. The girl really needs to be praised. No matter how beautiful a girl is, she will still feel happy after being praised by her boyfriend. Boyfriend's praise is not the same as girlfriend's praise. It's called business bragging or friendship damage between girlfriends, while boyfriend's mouth is to see you beautiful from his perspective, not only satisfied, but also sweet. And this is similar to what he said in the physical education class at the beginning, "I've seen partial subjects but I've never seen such lovely ones." Who else have you seen besides me? Ruan Anan obviously felt that his vanity had been greatly satisfied, and he could not stop smiling, "Mom?"? Elder sister "Mother, aunt." Gu Jue said. This is the end of the truth, Gu Jue has seen the makeup remover skin care is the two middle-aged women in the family, the two are indeed young when they are famous Qingcheng beauty, but now. I can't compare with his girlfriend. And the two of them have their husbands who think they are beautiful, but he only thinks that Ruan An-an is beautiful, which is reasonable. Ruan Anan said, "Oh," and continued to turn his head to look in the mirror. Gu Jue can see her complete side face from this angle, the face plate is small, the chin is pointed, the line is beautiful and soft, the eyes blink to look at the mirror, the eyelashes are long and warped. Under the yellow light, you can still see that your skin is as white as porcelain, so delicate that you can't even find the pores. When Gu Jue looked at the side, Ruan Anan had a feeling, and Yu Guang could see it. At first, they can act as if no one was watching, and in the end, they can act directly. She turned to look at him. "Why are you staring at me?" Instead of answering, Gu Jue leaned lazily against the wall and asked, "Is skin care over?" "Huh?" Ruan Anan clapped his face and put it down. "It's over." She suddenly understood, "Oh, are you going to use the toilet?" So a thought is smooth, no wonder oneself pat a face, this person has been waiting beside. Ruan Anan turned to go out to make room for him, "then you said earlier, I can not go back to the room again-ah!" In the middle of the conversation, her wrist was grabbed,Automated warehouse systems, and her whole body leaned back because of inertia. She turned around when she was walking out, and her chin hit Gu Jue's collarbone. It didn't hurt, but she could feel the warmth of his skin. Ruan Anan looked up in a daze. Who wants to use the toilet? "Gu Jue smiled." I'm waiting for you. " 。 kingmoreracking.com