The realm of longevity

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The shadows of thousands of beasts emerged behind him, and he had already made great achievements in practicing the magic formula of all beasts.

The shadows of thousands of beasts emerged behind him, and he had already made great achievements in practicing the magic formula of all beasts. In the year of seclusion. He fought with the beast all day long. He even killed some of the legendary ancient animal spirits on the ground. Ten thousand beasts magic formula refine beast soul! As a result, he cultivated a terrible bloody field-the beast field! "Xiao Chen, go to hell!" In the field. Yu Wenfeng can't see the whole person. Only the red field is beating violently like a burning flame, and like a thousand waves of blood surging. Inside are endless animal shadows, baring their teeth and claws. Roar to the sky. It seems to be able to hurt people's souls. An extremely terrible force rushed to Xiao Chen with the wild and moving Yu Wenfeng. Under the moonlight. Xiao Chen is tall and straight. Eyes as bright as the stars. Through two sharp rays of light, he was not afraid, monstrous war broke out. An extremely powerful force burst out, and the lake turned upside down. Kill to the sky! The stronger it is, the stronger it is! Meet an opponent with such a field. Xiao Chen is like an awakened God of war, the whole body burst into brilliant light, the Beidou light curtain through the body. And draped it over his body. Like the ancient battle armor revived in general, full of tragic evil spirit! Every time the bright armor envelops a part of the body, it will make a metallic clangorous sound. Finally, the Big Dipper light curtain completely enveloped Xiao Chen! Chapter 172 suppression of Beasts and demons. Big Dipper light curtain, divine light is gorgeous, just like golden armor, sending out endless killing breath! Beidou Light Curtain, also known as Fengshen Light Curtain by Xiao Chen, was once highly valued by him, but with the birth of the four Sanshou, Beidou Light Curtain was on the edge of Xiao Chen's combat skills. However,plastic pallet containers, after the deification of the acupoints was further strengthened this time, the exuberant essence of life continued to flow in the eight divine acupoints like the bright moon, and the Beidou light curtain seemed to be nourished, several times stronger than before. Like a resurrected ancient armor, it can not only form a Beidou light shield, but also turn into a dazzling battle armor. This is Xiao Chen's first time to wear armor against the enemy after the revival of the divine light curtain! He felt the strong and terrible Yuwen style, this is a magic young master who can not be measured by common sense, the field that can only be produced by the realm of knowledge and possession can not be contested by ordinary people at all! At this time,plastic pallet crates, Yu Wenfeng has been attacked, the red beast domain broke out with palpitating fluctuations, a fierce and horrible breath of blood came head-on, heavy waves of blood dyed the sky red, blood-red flames beating. The sound of the beast galloping sounded, deafening, and the roaring sound waves of the beast roared, and the terrible sound waves directly made the lake burst open. At that moment, Xiao Chen felt a splitting headache, and the sound waves went directly through his body, hurting his soul! Finally, the Big Dipper light curtain even Xiao Chen's head was completely covered, leaving only a pair of eyes flashing with cold awn. "Boom!" The sky is shaking. Yu Wenfeng drives the field to come. The momentum is too amazing, a punch out, the space is completely distorted, the field can affect the space, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, burst out the strongest force. Xiao Chen rose into the air, his hands waved again and again, and the red blood awn was cut off constantly, and then he swooped down from the sky under his head and feet. Hit the strong with the strong! Without the slightest intention of leaving the hotel. The field drives the strange power, in the range it covers, all external forces are dissolved to the maximum extent, while the power of one's own body is constantly strengthened and magnified. "Boom" Lake water, endless blood, roaring beasts, the lake water was evaporated from endless white fog, the whole lake was covered by fog. Xiao Chen was shocked by a huge force and flew away, and Yu Wenfeng stepped on the waves. The body was like a shadow of blood, as swift as wind and lightning. Go to hell Yu Wenfeng is so violent that all beasts and demons can move through heaven and earth. In the light of blood, he seemed to be possessed by a demon God, communicating with the power of heaven and earth, and the surging vitality of heaven and earth gathered from all directions, gathered because of the field, and became violent because of his fists. He continued to wield the magic fist, thirteen punches a heavy punch, Ming Lake in the big waves towering, the lake was unexpectedly separated by him. The silt at the bottom of the lake was exposed, and one-sixth of the water in the lake was beaten up by him. Xiao Chen Pianruo Jing Hong, quickly adjusted, unexpectedly against the blood light, straight to Yu Wenfeng, not because he was reckless and did not know whether he was alive or dead, but because he felt that he could shake Yu Wenfeng. We just need to find a breakthrough in the field within the nearest distance. Kill God! Demon suppression! Crack! The three major Sanshou are fused together. Concentrating on Xiao Chen's palms, an overwhelming force came one after another. Like stormy waves, like a meteorite across the sky, endless divine light flooded the lake, making the moon and stars in the sky pale. Overwhelming! Xiao Chen did not hold back this time and used almost all his strength. But the red beast domain is really too evil, like a piece of heaven and earth, containing the supreme law, even ignoring such a majestic and powerful energy waves. Heavy waves of energy, as if hit in the void, red blood awn steaming jump, turn up towering blood light, surging. Yuwen wind straight through the heavy waves, every step out of thin air appeared in another place on the lake, quickly rushed to the front of Xiao Chen, the beast magic formula of "calm chaos" hit, with a loud bang, blood light burst out, an ancient beast's shadow roared toward Xiao Chen. The sound of cracking came out, and although Xiao Chen tried his best to stop it, he was still blown out and spat out a big mouthful of blood. Ha Ha-ha Ha ha ha Yu Wenfeng looked up to the sky with a long smile and was insufferably arrogant. He appeared from the blood-colored beast field and said coldly, "I have already cultivated the field. Why should you fight with me?"? How can you fight with me? It's not hard to kill you. In front of my red beast domain, all your powers are like flowers in the mirror and moon in the water, which can hardly have any effect on me. Because you simply can not tear my beast domain,plastic pallet crates, you-no-OK! The sound of the harp and the whistling became heavy, tinkling and sobbing, drifting with the wind by the quiet lake.