Heart Failure Doctor in Delhi: Trusted by thousand of Patients.

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Dr Naresh Kumar is the best heart surgery doctor in Delhi NCR also best in Cardiologist, congestive heart failure, heart failure doctore in delhi NCR

There are many heart failure doctor in Delhi but there are very few doctors who are trusted by patients and one of the best doctors is Dr. Naresh. He is working in this field for approximately 10 years, and he knows how to handle a patient with a bad condition and make the patient stable. If you are looking for a heart failure doctor in Delhi then he is the one whom you should trust and surely you can count on him. From experience to having good command in patient interaction, he has already aced the field. So don’t worry if you have a serious condition because Dr. Naresh Kumar Goel, the best heart failure doctor in Delhi has got you covered. 



heart failure Doctors in Delhi with great skills and experience. 


What you need in your doctor is a healthy interactive power, if a patient is experiencing uneasiness only the doctor can make him normal, and that type of experience Dr. Naresh Kumar Goel possess. He is one of the best doctors you can find in the whole of Delhi. If you look at his background, he completed his MBBS and Master's in 1999, when education was tough to get, he works really hard and earn great respect in the community. When he was starting his journey, he worked as a resident in the department of cardiology at SMS medical college. 


He has a specialist in many diseases like:

• Heart Failure 

• Coronary / Peripheral Artery diseases 

• Aneurysm / Pseudoaneurysm

• Valve Disease or Heart Rhythm Disturbance 

• Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) 



What are you waiting for!!


Get your treatment from the best heart failure doctor in Delhi, if you visited once you will not be disappointed for sure. He is the only doctor we are rooting for, 

So call them and book an appointment now!! He is literally the best heart failure doctor in Delhi. Heart failure is a very serious issue and it cannot be neglected, so what you should do is consult him with the help of details provided below.


Email-@ nkg1971@gmail.com

Call: 9717173309 


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