Capsaicin Powder: A Versatile Compound for Health and Industry

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Capsaicin Powder: A Versatile Compound for Health and Industry

Capsaicin powder, derived from peppers, offers a wide range of applications in both health and industry. Let’s explore its uses and benefits.Get more news about capsaicin powder factory,you can vist our website!

  1. Natural vs. Synthetic Capsaicin Natural Capsaicin (CAS No. 404-86-4): Extracted from edible peppers (Capsicum annuum L.), natural capsaicin has applications in drug research and development. It’s used for anti-cancer injections, detoxification drugs, and pain relief. Synthetic Capsaicin (CAS No. 2444-46-4): Primarily for external and industrial use, synthetic capsaicin finds applications in various areas: External Medicine: Treats refractory conditions like arthralgia and neuralgia. Antifouling Paints: Prevents marine algae and shell organisms’ corrosion on ships and underwater facilities. Biological Pesticides: An eco-friendly additive. Anti-Termite and Anti-Mouse Cables: Enhances cable protection. Tear Gas Production: Used in police and military equipment.
  2. Capsaicin Powder Suppliers Lyphar Biotech: Offers both natural and synthetic capsaicin powder, with purity ranging from 95% to 99%. Undersun Biomedtech Corp: A professional manufacturer providing high-quality capsaicin powder bulk2. Sostherb: Known for its own factory, Sostherb partners with Nestlé and Northwest AF University. They have warehouses in North America, Sweden, and Malaysia. Conclusion

Capsaicin powder’s versatility makes it a valuable compound for various applications. Whether in medicine, industry, or defense, capsaicin continues to play a crucial role.