How to Cancel a Delta Flight Online?

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If you have booked a ticket on Delta and want to cancel it, you must be aware of the provisions of Delta Airlines' cancellation policy.

This page will clear your doubts about Delta Airlines' flight cancellation policy and the conditions under which you may be eligible for a full refund. Go through the sections below to learn about Delta cancellation fees, the cancellation process and how to avoid paying cancellation fees.


Can I Cancel Refund a Delta Flight Ticket Without Any Cancellation Fee?

Delta Airlines cancellation policy for full refunds

Delta's cancellation policy allows you to cancel and refund your ticket without paying a cancellation fee if:

  • Your flight qualifies under the COVID-19 fee waiver (explained below).
  • Your Delta Airlines ticket (except Basic Economy) is subject to the no-cancellation fee policy:
    • Your ticket is for travel within the United States, Puerto Rico or the USVI.
    • Your flight (including joint venture and codeshare flights) originates from North America to anywhere in the world.
    • Your flight is between the Caribbean and the United States/Mexico.
  • You buy your ticket (of any type) directly from Delta and cancel it within 24 hours.
  • Delta canceled your flight.
  • Delta delayed your flight more than 120 minutes.
  • You have purchased a refundable fare.
  • A passenger/traveling companion dies and you can provide documentation for him.
  • You are a Delta Platinum or Diamond Medallion member holding an award ticket.
  • You receive a sudden military deployment order (subject to documentary evidence).
  • Any special circumstances that prevent you from catching your flight—but are solely at Delta's discretion.

Delta COVID Cancellation Policy

What is the Delta airlines cancellation policy for COVID-19?

Delta's flight cancellation policy for COVID has now become very customer friendly. No matter what type of fare you purchase, you may be able to cancel your Delta flight without paying exorbitant fees.

Delta is now offering passengers additional flexibility during the COVID-19 travel exemption period, which ends April 30, 2021—but with some extended benefits through December 31, 2022, and beyond.

If you purchased your Delta flight ticket during the COVID travel waivers on or before April 30, 2021:

  • You can cancel any flight ticket (without penalty) before departure, including. Basic economy.
  • After you cancel your ticket, you will receive an eCredit for the full value of your ticket.
  • You must use your eCredit to rebook your new flight during its validity period, which is usually 1 year after the date of issue.

If you purchased a Basic Economy ticket after April 30, 2021, with a travel date till December 31, 2021 (included):

  • You can make changes to your Delta flight without paying a flight change fee.
  • You cannot cancel your flight.
  • Change fees and award redeposit fees have been eliminated for tickets purchased in 2021 for flights originating in North America and the Caribbean (excluding Basic Economy fares purchased after April 30, 2021). This means you can cancel your award ticket and rebook later without having to pay any change fees.
  • Change and cancellation fees for award tickets are waived for travel within the U.S., provided you change or cancel before your scheduled departure time.
    • If you cancel an award ticket that expires in 2021, you can now use the unused value to purchase a new ticket by December 31, 2022 (only the fare difference, if any, will apply).
    • You can cancel Delta SkyMiles award tickets for flights within the United States at no charge, as long as you cancel before departure. 

You can cancel award tickets originating outside the U.S. with a fixed fee of USD 150, regardless of fare type and destination, as long as you cancel at least 72 hours before departure. However, cancellation fees are waived for SkyMiles Platinum and Diamond Medallion members.

Delta 24-Hour Cancellation

What is the 24-hour cancellation policy at Delta?

Delta Airlines' 24-hour risk-free flight cancellation policy applies to all tickets purchased directly from Delta Airlines. Under this policy, you can cancel any Delta flight within 24 hours—regardless of your fare type and get a full refund.

Exceptions to the Delta 24-hour cancellation policy

Delta’s 24-hour cancellation policy does not apply to: 

  • Any Delta ticket booked from travel agencies 
  • Paper tickets
  • Partially-flown reissued tickets

To cancel a SkyMiles Award ticket, you must contact Delta Reservations.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy for Medical Reasons

Can I cancel a Delta flight due to a medical emergency?

Delta Airlines' cancellation policy allows you to cancel your Delta flight reservation for medical or emergency reasons. This policy applies to passengers who suddenly fall ill before their flight and are consequently unable to travel. However, you must be able to support the reason for your cancellation with valid documentation (ie, a medical certificate), and you must cancel your flight before it takes off.

Delta Weather Cancellation Policy

What is Delta Airlines cancellation policy due to weather?

Under Delta Airlines' ticket cancellation policy, if your flight is canceled due to extreme weather conditions, you are allowed to cancel the flight (or one offered instead) and get a full refund.

Delta Airlines Military Cancellation Policy

Delta Airlines' military cancellation policy applies to military personnel traveling with Delta Airlines. Under this policy, if military personnel receive a deployment order that prevents them from catching their flight, they are allowed to cancel the flight and receive a full refund.

Delta Award Ticket Cancellation Policy 

Delta award ticket cancellation—can I cancel a Delta award ticket, such as a Delta ticket booked with Miles?

Under the Delta award ticket cancellation policy:

  • Award tickets for travel within the U.S. can be canceled before departure without any charge.
  • Award tickets originating outside the United States must be canceled at least 72 hours before departure with a flat fee of USD 150, regardless of your fare type or destination, but the fee is waived for SkyMiles Platinum and Diamond Medallion members.
    After cancellation, the remaining miles used to book the flight will be re-deposited into the account.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy for Basic Economy Tickets

About Delta Basic Economy cancellation 

Delta airlines' cancellation policy for Basic Economy tickets states that:

  • Basic Economy tickets cannot be canceled or refunded outside of the 24-hour grace period.
  • Basic Economy tickets purchased on/before 30 April 2021, can be canceled without penalty before departure. After you cancel your ticket, you will be given an eCredit for the full value of your booking, which you must redeem to rebook your new flight within the validity period of your eCredit, which has now been extended to 31 December 2023. This allows you to rebook your ticket as late as -by 31 December 2023 and complete your journey by 31 December 2024.

Delta Cancellation Fee

How much is the cancellation fee at Delta?

Cancellation fees for Delta will depend on the type of ticket you have purchased and when you cancel it. Ticket types include:

  • Basic Economy Tickets, the most limited.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, which have some restrictions.
  • Refundable tickets, the most flexible.

Remember, you must cancel your ticket before your flight departs. The table below shows an overview of Delta Airlines' cancellation policy by fare type and cancellation period, along with cancellation fees.

How to Cancel a Delta Flight Online?

Can I cancel a Delta Airlines flight through Delta’s website?

If you purchased your ticket directly from Delta (website, app, call center or sales office), you can cancel your ticket online as explained below.

How to Avoid Paying Delta Cancellation Charges?

Follow the tips below to save on flight cancellation fees at Delta:

  • Use Delta's 24-hour risk-free policy. The DOT 24-hour rule applies to all flights within the United States and allows you to cancel any flight within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Buy a refundable fare. It's more expensive, but you don't have to pay any change or cancellation fees if your plans change.
  • Hold Delta Medallion Elite status. Gold, Diamond and Platinum Medallion members enjoy a special fee waiver for award travel, normally priced at USD 150.
  • Monitor flight schedule changes. You may be eligible for a fee waiver or reduction for flight delays of more than 2 hours, rerouting or flight cancellations. In such a scenario, you will receive the option to change or cancel your flight via email.