Find out where to look for the Royal Key in order to unlock new areas in Lords of the Fallen

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The highly regarded action role-playing video game Dark Souls served as inspiration for the creation of Lords of the Fallen, an action role-playing game that focuses on combat

The highly regarded action role-playing video game Dark Souls served as inspiration for the creation of Lords of the Fallen, an action role-playing game that focuses on combat. It consists of a number of interconnected areas, each of which must be unlocked by the players using a unique combination of the available keys. The Royal Key is one of these significant keys, and once you've reached the late game, you can use it to gain access to brand-new areas of Bramis Castle using it as your key Lords of the Fallen item trading site choice. A Concise OverviewThe Royal Key is hidden in the most inaccessible parts of Bramis Castle, where it can be found by the rightful owner. It is only attainable after the player has successfully completed a number of challenges and pulled a lever. Once players have the key, they will be able to access new bosses and challenges within the game. The Blueprint for the Castle of BramisThe various parts of Bramis Castle are linked to one another by a convoluted system that consists of towers, bridges, and staircases. In the beginning, access to a sizeable portion of it is limited. It is possible to locate the Royal Key tucked away in one of the room's most inaccessible crevices.


Before one can get their hands on the key, they have to make their way through the ruins left behind by the Bloody Pilgrims

1.  After going through this checkpoint, there is a sizable metal gate that stands in the way Lords of the Fallen item trading site further advancement

2.  You can reach a balcony area that has some items that can be looted by taking the path that is located to the left Lords of the Fallen item trading site this location

3.  Climbing the Staircases of the Towers in the CastleProceed up the stairs while keeping a sharp eye out for an opposing marksman after you have finished gathering the items that are located on the balcony

4.  It is imperative that you circumvent him as quickly as possible and enter the room on the left

5.  In this room, you have the capability of planting a Vestige Seed; however, doing so is not recommended at this time

6.  Make your way instead to the stairs that lead up to the wooden barrier, which is prone to breaking easily

7.  Navigate your way through it while staying out of reach of the Ruiner who is waiting on the other side

8.  In the exact center Lords of the Fallen item trading site this location is where you will find a winding staircase that leads higher up

Ignore it for the time being and head to the left to search for a lever. If you pull the lever, the staircase will rotate, and a new doorway will become available. Identifying the Position of the Operating LeverAfter getting past the wooden barrier, proceed in a straight line down the hallway. Stay away from or defeat the Ruiner adversary that is roaming around in this area. When you reach the end of the path, turn to the right to enter a small area that has some red crystals and an antagonistic mage in it. You need to vanquish the mage so that the crystals can be shattered and the lever can be found. Have a conversation Lords of the Fallen item trading site it to bring back into view the winding staircase that was in the previous room. Proceeding to Climb the Rotating StairsAfter completing the circuit of the staircase, you should head back to it and then take the first exit on the left. After that, you can leave the building. If you continue down this path, you will arrive at a new location that is protected by an enemy from the Proselyte religion.

You should take the armor set that is concealed behind it. From this location, proceed to the left and engage in combat against enemies that are Trappers and Rhogar hounds. The Royal Key is hidden on a low shelf at the very end of this bridge, which is the location where you can find it! Getting Access to Previously Unexplored RegionsPlayers can now open the metal gate that is close to the Bloody Pilgrim relic now that they have the Royal Key in their possession. The gate is located close to the relic. This will unlock new late-game bosses and challenges for the player to take on as they continue their journey through Bramis Castle. Keep in mind that in order to open the large metal gate that can be found close to the vestige checkpoint, you will need to use the key. Then you should prepare yourself for the intense combat that is waiting for you in the higher levels of the castle. These levels are known as the dungeons. Additional Thoughts That May Be UsefulYou should try your best to engage the hostile mage in the red crystal room while remaining at a safe distance if at all possible.

You would be wise to grab the armor that is stashed behind the Proselytes, as it will be Lords of the Fallen item trading site great assistance to you in the upcoming battle. Make sure you have sufficient amounts of health items and gear before attempting to unlock the metal gate. If you have the patience and ability necessary, you will be able to solve the mysteries that are contained within Bramis Castle. Acquiring the Royal Key is the essential first step toward taking on these brand new challenges, so make sure you don't miss it! You will be able to proceed forward on the road to victory once you have finished all of the tasks required to include it in your collection Lords of the Fallen item trading site items.