Intumescent Mat

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Intumescent MatIntumescent MatIntumescent MatIntumescent MatIntumescent Mat

Intumescent Mat Introduction The Intumescent support mat contains the high temperature expansion of vermiculite. Intumescent support mat is used for most conventional catalytic converter, widely used in gasoline and diesel systems mounting designs and applications. Function 1. Fixation and protecting of honeycomb ceramic substrate. 2. Airproof and preventing exhaust gas leak. 3. Excellent insulation properties and avoiding overheating of the shell. 4. Sound insulation and exhaust systems noise reduction. Short delivery time If a container takes about 15 days. We also have some standard sizes in stock. If you need a small amount of samples, we can deliver them quickly. Safe packing We use pearl cotton to wrap the ceramic body, and use wood to strengthen the outer box. In case of shipping, we will also seal the film to ensure that it is not affected by moisture during shipping. FAQ Q1: Are all your goods inspected before delivery? A: Yes, we do 100% testing before delivery Q2: How do you maintain a good long-term 4 relationship with our business? A: We continue to provide high quality and competitive prices to ensure our customers benefit; We respect every customer and treat them as our friends. We sincerely do business with them and make friends no matter where they come from.Intumescent Mat website: