How to cancel my Viva Air reservation?

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To cancel your Viva Air reservation, you can visit their website or contact their customer service through phone or email. Make sure to have your reservation details and payment information ready. Keep in mind that cancellation fees may apply depending on the fare type and timing of your c

How to cancel my Viva Air reservation?

If you are traveling with Viva Air and there is any sudden change in your traveling plan due to which you want to cancel your flight, then you can proceed with the procedure of flight cancellation. Before making the cancellation go through the flight cancellation policy mentioned below:-

Flight cancellation policy 

  1. You must cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking.
  2. If you have canceled your flight after the extinction of the grace window, then you have to pay a flight cancellation fee.
  3. You can cancel your flight until there are 4 hours left from the departure.
  4. You can cancel without deduction of any extra somewhen the flight is delayed by 4 hours or more.

Do you have a query regarding How to cancel my Viva Air reservation? Then follow the given process below:-

Through website 

If you are willing to cancel your flight through an online process, you can follow this process to request the airline's representative. To cancel your flight through the website, go through the given points to follow the process:-

  1. Visit the official website of Viva Air.
  2. Click on my trip option.
  3. Enter your last name and booking reference.
  4. Select the cancel my flight option.
  5. Choose the flight you want to cancel.
  6. Pay the cancellation fee if shown on the screen.
  7. Then you will receive your flight cancellation information from the representative.

After reading the information, you must know about the flight cancellation process. Still, Can I cancel a confirmed flight? Yes, you can cancel a confirmed flight by following the given process in the article.

If you have any queries related to then you can directly make a call on this Viva Air phone Number at +1-802-500-3535.