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Relay for sale Main Features 40A switching capability 1 form A銆? form C contact form Sealed IP67 and dust cover types Outline dimensions: 23.0X15.5X25.5mmTypical Application 鈥?Reverser, Fan, Air conditioning, Fuel Flow Meter, Differential lock, High beam/low, auxiliary lamps 鈥?Fiat; GM: Corsa, Omega, Monza, Kadett 92, Ipanema, Vectra; Chrysler; Ford: New Fiesta 10/鈥?3, Fusion 13/鈥?18, Edge 16/鈥?19, Fiesta 10/鈥?13. DAF, FORD, IVECO, SCANIA, VOLVO: Caminh玫es; MERCEDES-BENZ: Caminh玫es Atego, Axor, O-500, OF, OH Specifications Contact Form1A, 1C Contact MaterialAgSnO2 Max Operating Current40A Max Operating Voltage27VDC Rated Load锛圧esistive load锛?/span1A: 40A 13.5VDC 20A 27VDC 1C: NO/NC 40A/30A 13.5VDC 20A/15A 27VDC Insulation Resistance100M惟 Dielectric Strength锛圕oil and Contact锛?/span500VAC/M Ambient Temperature-40掳C~+85掳C Operate/Release Time10ms/10ms Mechanical Life1 X107 Electrical Life1 X105 Terminal TypeQuick connection Coil Ratings StandardNormal voltage (VDC)Pick-up voltage (VDC)Drop-out voltage (VDC)Coil resistance (Q卤10%)Parallel resistance (Q卤5%)Equivalent resistance (Q卤10%)Coil Power (W) 128.41.290--1.6 128.41.28068079.51.8 2416.82.4360--1.6 2416.82.43202700317.61.8 Product advantage: 1.Low electromagnetic interference High quality accessories, reliable 2.High quality coil The whole copper coil adopts the international standard electromagnetic Coil suction is reliableRelay for sale website: