Through the post-70s generation

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Back to the studio, because the time is still early, we can catch up on sleep, because last night's sleep is not early,

Liu Ruoxuan's head was so big that she felt that she must have come out without looking at the almanac, otherwise how could there be so many things? Smiling, she explained to the man, "Cousin, my boss is not like this at ordinary times. He has a very good attitude towards everything in our work. Today, Wanying was wronged for me before. Her attitude is not very good. In short, it's all my fault. Don't misunderstand me." In the future work, the boss and this cousin should be able to meet, if because of their own loss to the company, she really has no place to regret. Don't worry, I don't know what Wanying's temperament is? She must have said something to offend others. Ruoxuan, you don't have to take it on yourself. I know my sister. For this sister, he is really no way, no bad heart, that is, small mouth does not forgive people, alas, how can this big? Despite his dissatisfaction, he picked up the computer for Ye Wanying and loaded it into the car ready to go home. Ruoxuan, help for a long time, go back with us, someone else brought some seafood, there is delicious in the evening. Closing the back door, the man looked at Liu Ruoxuan with a smile. No, cousin, I have something to do in the company. Next time. Liu Ruoxuan smiled bitterly in her heart. She was caught by her boss at work and let her cousin offend her boss. Although she believed that Luo Jiaqi was not the kind of stingy person, the mood of the other party was really wrong today. How could she still be in the mood to eat? "Then I'll take you back to the company first. It's convenient to have a car." Knowing that her sister had made it difficult for Ruoxuan, the man stepped back and wanted to send her back to the company. Cousin, you don't have to worry about me, you go west, I go east, which is convenient? Don't worry, my boss is very magnanimous. Nothing will happen. I really have something to do. Her cousin is so good at being a man that people can never find fault with him. All right, if you really have something to do with your cousin, although I believe we are very capable, but girls, don't be too strong. This girl clearly knows that her family can easily help her find a job,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, but has been busy with their own work, strong people feel distressed, if his sister can be half sensible, he will be relieved. Is it really a failure of their own education? "Don't worry, drive slowly, bye." Smiling at his cousin driving away, Liu Ruoxuan wailed in her heart, why are all good men from other families? Well, this is her cousin in name, and she can't do it if she's not someone else. Let's go back to work quickly, so as not to be caught. Ye Wanying is very good, she lowers her head, attempts to reduce the sense of existence, but obviously did not succeed. Wanying, how many times has my brother talked about you? No matter who you are dissatisfied with, don't show it on your face. It represents a person's quality. It's not that others are afraid of you. Besides, you are a girl. You can't let others be afraid of you. Why don't you take it seriously? Driving, Luo Jiacheng began to train his sister. Although two people are the same mother and half father, but because of the age difference, L Methylfolate Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, plus this girl when he is in need of family compensation, so she can be said to be a daughter to love, but also as a daughter to manage, the pain should be scolded, parents have no opinion. Oh, brother, I really can't help it. You see how good sister Ruoxuan is. That man really has no vision. Remembering the girl's smiling face, Ye Wanying had a little jealousy in her heart. What? No vision? Everyone's fate is different, and the girl around him looks good. Do you know how long she has been in love with him? If you see one and love one, is it still worth your sister Ruoxuan's liking? I advised her to stay away. This girl still has too little experience, and she doesn't understand the ways of the world at all. She should strengthen her exercise when she goes back. Oh Dissatisfied with the answer, Ye Wanying did not give up the way, "anyway, I just don't like this Luo Jiaqi." Squeak a sudden brake, shaking Ye Wanying's little face white, she was busy looking at the front of the car, no one ah, how did my brother suddenly brake? "What did you just say?" Luo Jiacheng turned his head and looked closely into his sister's eyes. Ah? I said, I didn't say anything. Brother, don't be angry. I won't say anything. Frightened by her brother's expression, Ye Wanying was afraid that she would not have said the last sentence. Let me ask you, what did you say the man's name was? Holding the steering wheel tightly with one hand, Luo Jiacheng's heart shrank into a ball. Is that the name? Is it the name that has been called countless times in my heart? "Oh, you said his name." Ye Wanying finally felt relieved, originally not scolding her, "his name is Luo Jiaqi, ah, yes, I just remembered, brother, the name and you like ah." Behind the words Luo Jiacheng has not listened to anything, he was excited to lean on the seat, unconsciously has tears streaming down his face. Jia Qi, Jia Qi, so that's Jia Qi? No wonder he thought he looked familiar? Yes, at that time, Jiaqi was still too young, but Grandpa said that Jiaqi looked most like his father. Think carefully, isn't that what his father looked like when he was young? But all these years he remembered the face of his father's last tragic death, and forgot his face when he was young? Reaching out to wipe away the tears on his face, Luo Jiacheng sat up straight and started the car to turn around and drive back. He was going to find Jiaqi, his lost and recovered brother. Brother, what's wrong with you? We're not going home? Ye Wanying was frightened, and her brother actually cried? She didn't do anything to get angry, did she? Did you make your brother, who has always been strong, cry? "We're not going home. Let's go find your second brother." Full of hope to step on the accelerator, Luo Jiacheng told his sister in surprise. Second elder brother? The second brother is not dead. Ah Ye Wanying looked at her brother in disbelief, "did you say that Luo Jiaqi was my second brother just now?" No, no, no? She has just offended someone. Yes, that's your second brother, my own brother. Remembering how many tears my mother shed for this brother? Luo Jiacheng's heart is sour: Mom, I finally found my brother, and we are going to have a family reunion. When I arrived at Jiachen Company, I didn't see Luo Jiaqi, only Liu Ruoxuan who skipped work. Looking for our boss? Er, cousin, the boss is not here. What are you looking for him for? Although I believe that my cousin will not go back to find someone to settle accounts for such a little thing, she still has no idea why she wants to find someone. Cousin,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, my brother said, your boss is my second brother. Looking at her cousin with a little excitement, Ye Wanying made a leak.