Medical career and official career

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The look of indifference on his face disappeared, replaced by a cold, grim, murderous look,warehousing storage solutions, with a beast in his eyes. In the light of hunting, every muscle on the body is active, and every muscle and bone is ready to go.

Yang Shouyi, secretary of the county party committee, silently looked into the distance. The scene There was a cruel smile on his lips: "Drive!" Zhang Daguanren can single out forty-three. Tough Xiaqinghe Villagers But in the face of emotional grief and indignation of more than 100 families of the victims are somewhat helpless, if it is himself, perhaps can easily break through the tight encirclement, but he has to protect Qin Qing in the crazy crowd, to avoid her being hurt. Rain of fists and feet fell on Zhang Yang's body. Although this fellow did not practice to protect his body, he could move his internal force on the body surface, and use the dark strength to shock the fists and feet of these people. The scene was chaotic, and someone took the opportunity to face Zhang Yang with an iron bar. A blow to the brain Zhang Yang's head was suddenly like this, I can not help but be a little stupefied, paralyzed, who is he? It's too cruel. Zhang Yang turned his head. A burly man picked up a steel pipe and shone it on his head again. Zhang Yang stared at his face and kept his appearance firmly in mind. At this time, Tian Bin, who was maintaining order in the distance, led more than ten policemen. Cha is here However, onlookers kept joining the battle group at the scene, and the number of people besieging Zhang Yang and Qin Qing had reached more than 200. A clear shot rang out, and Tian Bin saw the chaotic situation. Be out of control They could only choose to fire warning shots, which had a deterrent effect on the crazy people. Shao Weijiang deployed another 20 police officers and finally succeeded in dispersing the crowd. All eyes.. All gathered in the center. Zhang Yang lay motionless on Qin Qing,shuttle rack system, with his own body to help Qin Qing block the attack like a storm, just the attack scene everyone saw clearly, now began to realize that the nature of the matter has become more serious, Zhang Yang's arm moved, he slowly moved away from Qin Qing's body, and then picked up Qin Qing who had fainted. Qin Qing's pale pretty face was covered with red blood, which looked a little shocking. Everyone, including Tian Bin, was deeply shocked. What kind of person is this? Unkillable cockroach! The first aid team carried the stretcher and ran quickly. Zhang Yang gently put Qin Qing on the stretcher. The world in front of Qin Qing was pure. She felt that she was rising and seemed to be floating away from the world. Her hand still held Zhang Yang's arm tightly. She seemed to see Zhang Yang's figure in the world. Zhang Yang patted her on the back of her hand and put her hand on the stretcher. His eyes showed warmth and pity. He straightened up and his eyes swept through the crowd one by one. The scene suddenly became as silent as death. Zhang Yang finally found the man who attacked him with a steel pipe. There was a sneer on his lips. Everyone felt the murderous intention hidden in his smile. The man seemed to realize something, and he and the three people around him began to shrink back. The next scene made all the people present deeply shocked, cantilever racking system ,industrial racking systems, Zhang Daguanren rushed into the crowd like a tiger down the mountain, two policemen who tried to stop him were put down neatly by him, the crowd fled in all directions, Zhang Yang's eyes locked on the man, four men who wanted to escape saw Zhang Yang's aggressive rush up, it was estimated that they could not escape, so they simply greeted Zhang Yang. The man who had just attacked Zhang Yang with a steel pipe waved the steel pipe over his head. Zhang Yang grabbed the steel pipe and roared, "Your mother!" The steel pipe fell on the top of the fellow's head and the man fell to the ground. Zhang Daguanren was really angry. He was more ruthless than ever. But he also knew that he couldn't hurt the lives of these bastards. In a twinkling of an eye, four strong men were put on the ground by him. When Zhang Yang was about to continue his violence, he heard Tian Bin's majestic voice: "Stop!" Zhang Yang slowly turned around, but saw Tian Bin holding a pistol at himself. He nodded slowly and said, "You actually aimed a gun at me?" Tian Bin was livid and roared: "As a national cadre, do you still have national law and discipline in your eyes?" Zhang Yang still put the blood-stained steel pipe on it and pointed to the four strong men wailing in pain on the ground and said, "I'm sure these are not the families of the victims.". He went to Tian Bin step by step. His cold eyes made Tian Bin, who had always been calm, panic. Tian Bin seldom met one of his peers who could completely suppress himself in momentum. Zhang Yang was just the one. No matter what kind of Tian Bin was, he would win countless times in terms of family background and status. But somehow, in front of Zhang Yang, he actually felt a sense of suffocation of oppression. Zhang Yang stared at Tian Bin and said, "Remember, if you dare to point a gun at me next time, you will bear the consequences!" Jiangcheng dare to openly threaten Tian Bin, Zhang Yang is the first. The muscles of Tian Bin's lips twitched involuntarily. He looked at the four men wailing on the ground and shouted: "Check the wound!" This sentence is tantamount to telling Zhang Yang, you wait for him, just today you beat the crowd is enough punishment, look at the appearance of these four men seem to be badly hurt, maybe it will constitute a crime of injury, what are you showing off? Impulse is the devil. Maybe your official career will be ruined from now on. Who made you impulsive. The first thing after Qin Qing woke up was to look for Zhang Yang's figure from the crowd. When she saw Zhang Yang's tall figure finally appeared in front of her, she suddenly felt a burst of warmth and sureness from the bottom of her heart. Qin Qing realized that it was a sense of security. She clearly remembered that in the storm, Zhang Yang held her in his powerful arms and blocked the disaster for her with his body. Think of all before, Qin Qing even produced publicity is the one sent by God to save himself. Zhang Yang's face has a lot of bruises, there are several different degrees of blood stains, although he did not suffer internal injuries,mobile racking systems, but a little flesh scars are unavoidable. Qin Qing's face was pale, but his eyes were unusually firm. Zhang Yang's smile is still sunny: "It's all right!" An understatement made Qin Qing's eyes red. She was afraid that Zhang Yang would see her gaffe. She hung her head hurriedly and whispered, "Take me away from here!" 。