Ao Shi Jiu Tian

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"Heart,stainless steel tile edge trim, is your mother beautiful?" Small steamed bread nodded, "beautiful, children's mothers are not as beautiful as their mothers." 。

Rui Tong frowned tightly and said angrily, "Compare your appearance with mine. You are simply a strong and treacherous person!"! Profane, blaspheme my temperament! Rape, defile my demeanor! Defile, blaspheme my purity! You have defiled me. Dong Wushang laughed: "What should we do next?" "Fourth Brother," said Rui Bu, "you haven't heard of it. This medicine was wanted by the Song family, a subordinate family of the Li family. It was for the pharmacist to go to the grand ceremony of ten thousand medicines. What is this grand ceremony of ten thousand medicines? Dong Wushang winked: "Are you also very interested?" "I'm thinking of you, fourth brother, you want to hone your knife, in this remote place, what do you hone?" The thief laughed and said, "Let's go to the grand ceremony of ten thousand medicines. I heard that all the heroes in the world gather there. The throne is like an ant, the throne is like sand, the holy rank is like a dog, and the supreme is like a mountain." He patted Dong on the shoulder: "Four elder brothers, beat down all the people there, and the Nine Heavens will be invincible!" Dong Wushang's eyes suddenly sent out a dazzling light, murmured: "Beat down all the people there, and the Nine Heavens will be invincible?.." Mo Tears' nervous face turned white. She knew that Rui could not understand or was joking, but Dong Wushang's muttering was definitely not joking! This is no joke! He really wants to.. Beat down all the people there! But before beating all those people down, Dong didn't hurt himself. But do not know how many times to lie down first,aluminum tile trim, how many times to have a narrow escape from death! As soon as she tried to stop him, she heard Dong Wushang's heroic laugh and said, "In that case, we've handed in the task this time, so we'll take another task directly to the Ten Thousand Medicines Ceremony and rush all the way to kill it!"! Beat them all down! Rui Bu laughed: "And me!" "Two madmen!" Ink tears son sorrow heart knot, murmur scold a way. However, they were not only infected by the fighting spirit of the two brothers, but also showed dazzling light in their eyes. Once the young black devil,tile profile factory, is it willing to ordinary people? In the past, because of the limitation of strength, and because of the unstable feelings with Dong Wushang, Mo Tears has been blocked by Dong Wushang and Rui Tong, willing, silently, behind his man to be a little woman, in charge of all trivial things! But now since his man has such lofty aspirations, then, his own woman, how can he just watch helplessly? If you want to be the hero of Lingtian, then of course I want to be the beauty of the world! That's how I deserve you! When I am by your side, I will make you proud of me. In the midst of a mountain forest, a thatched cottage. A man dressed as a middle-aged scribe was drinking tea in front of the hut. His expression is very light, as if everything is not in mind. The whole person, stainless steel edging strip ,aluminium tile trim profiles, however, scattered a natural and unrestrained temperament, let people see him, immediately will feel that the sky is high and the clouds are light, everything is like the breeze drifting away. After drinking a cup of tea, he stood up slowly, took two steps and murmured, "Shall I go or not?" Catching a piece of red leaves floating in the wind, he smiled warmly: "Of course I want to go.". Because the early morning will go, and so will the people of the night family. He smiled and floated up like a cloud. So all the way down the hill, and do not look back. When he had not decided, he lived here safely, but when he had decided, he set out immediately without any hesitation. Follow your heart and do as you please. It's for detachment. At the time of the sky mutation, Chuyang was five hundred miles away from the headquarters of the Zhuge family. At noon. Chu Yang and Ling Hanwu are talking, Chu Leer is sleeping on Zixieqing, Zixieqing and Ling Hanxue, a pair of iceberg beauties, are also talking in their unique way of speaking. Suddenly I felt the spirit of heaven and earth riot, and several people were frightened and moved. When we went out together and stood at the top, we found that there were already a lot of people looking up. I saw all kinds of wonders on the horizon, and everyone was silent. Come up, we do not know, this time the changes in heaven and earth will appear for such a long time, this station, actually stood for several days. In the end, no one spoke. When the yellow light, green light, red light and black gas dissipated, and the heavy rain poured down, everyone waited until they were completely wet before they returned to the room with some thoughts. Chuyang frowned all the way. He was still walking alone in the rain when everyone else had come into the room. The vision of heaven and earth this time is by no means a nine-plunder sword. And I haven't seen it myself. But Why do I feel so kind and familiar in those breaths? That black light has the meaning of absolute evil, but it is inconceivable that it has a kind of aboveboard meaning. Evil is full of complex familiarity and kindness. At that moment, Chu Yang even thought of his younger brother Tan. So complex, this should be a person's character, but they are so opposed to each other, each going to two extremes. Isn't it just like that: in everyone's eyes, he is extremely ugly, but he himself is narcissistic to the extreme! Clearly to the feelings of the value to die to live, but to be forced to make a do not care; clearly used the extreme evil means, but do is just things, but it will use a bright means, to achieve their own obscene purpose.. "It really looks like him!" Chu Yang shook his head with a wry smile. The rain went out from his face with shaking his head and scattered into the rain curtain. And that kind of mysterious green light, also let Chu Yang feel familiar. Even, the pressure that appeared at that time reminded Chu Yang of the atmosphere he felt when he was in the elves of Wei Childe. Red light, Chuyang feels more familiar. The moment the red light rushed up, let Chu Yang think of the breath when Rui broke through in the extreme north wasteland and was reborn. And then the rising phoenix, let Chu Yang some sure: this red light, I'm afraid,tile trim factory, is absolutely related to Rui. Because Rui can't get through, he is on the Internet for three days now. As for the image of the golden dragon, Chu Yang thought of Ao Xie Yun. He knows that Ao Xie Yun is the blood of the Dragon Clan! Does it matter?.