Mo Xiang Mo Xiang

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Imperial sister-in-law,Chinese spa manufacturer, she has no life, that Jing Yun's rank is not enough, how to come to this Zichen Palace? Zhao Daiyun motioned to her side.

Murong Shuqing nodded casually, crossed Xuantianxing, walked slowly forward, and said lightly: "Yes, I have seen it today." Daughter-in-law see mother-in-law, need to kneel to salute, wife see husband, also want to grovel, this is the so-called etiquette? Xuan Tianxing looked at the indigo figure sliding gently past her, the breeze blowing her clothes flying, thin figure seems to be able to go with the wind at any time, chic does not seem to belong to any place. Xuan Tian Xing sighed lightly and said to Murong Shuqing's back, "Actually, I appreciate you very much. I started when I first saw you at Qi's house." The clear male voice came softly into his ears, and Murong Shuqing stopped and raised the corners of his mouth slightly, if not for what she could feel, his so-called appreciation should not be the affection between men and women. She will think that what she has done this year is not good luck in love, but a robbery in love. Murong Shuqing turned around easily and looked Xuantianxing up and down again with a light smile. He said with a smile, "Your next sentence is not to say that you fell in love with me at first sight!" Xuan Tianxing was stupefied. Then he laughed and shook his head mysteriously. He approached Murong Shuqing and said in a low voice, "Falling in love with you will be very hard and doomed.". Fortunately, I am better than Xuanyuan Yi. And he's lucky. He In this world, there is no sealed wall. Murong Shuqing smiled helplessly and said, "What you want to say in your heart is that I am not so unlucky." The two men looked at each other and couldn't help laughing. Xuan Tianxing and she walked side by side for a long time. Xuan Tianxing said softly,hot tub wholesale, "Half a month, maybe it's just the beginning of a long time." Murong Shuqing at the foot of a meal, but only for a moment, and soon she continued to leisurely walk with Xuantianxing in the flower path. "There seems to be something in Wang Ye's words," he said slowly. Or, he knows, what does Xuan Tiancheng want to do?! Xuan Tianxing took one look at Murong Shuqing and walked leisurely like her. He said in Murong Shuqing's ear with a light smile: "With my understanding of him, he may be a magnificent and strategic man." Jun,China spa factory, however, he has a habit since he was a child, but he hides it better. In the middle of his speech, he stopped talking. Murong Shuqing gently raised his eyebrows, thought about it, and said with a light smile, "Only what he doesn't want, nothing he can't get.". Is it? ” This is actually Xuanyuan Yi practice "wisdom", Murong Shuqing just feel that now used in Xuan Tiancheng body, is really appropriate! Unexpectedly, Xuan Tianxing stared at her in surprise because of Murong Shuqing's words. When Murong Shuqing saw his expression, he knew that even if he did not say Xuan Tiancheng's original words, he would not be far away. Laughing and stroking his forehead, Murong Shuqing looked at Xuantian Xing with a very confused look and joked, "Have you ever doubted that he and Xuanyuan Yi are brothers? One is to show off his overbearing power." Doubt, one is deeply rooted in the heart! Xuan Tianxing laughed, jacuzzi manufacturers ,endless pool factory, this view is really too incisive, thanks to her thought out. Shaking his head with a sigh, Xuan Tianxing said with a smile, "It's a good thing I didn't meet you earlier." Otherwise, he can't guarantee it. Will I lose my heart and soul because I have given her intelligence and natural and unrestrained bearing. Murong Shuqing stopped and turned to face Xuan Tianxing. He asked with a faint smile, "So are you going to help me or watch the show when you tell me this today?" Xuan Tianxing spread out his hands and said with a smile, "I thought you would let me see a good show." From the day of Qi Xiang's birthday, he paid attention to the woman who aroused his curiosity, her various, dare not say if in charge, is also quite understanding, he will take the initiative to say this to her today, one. He felt that she was really not fit to be imprisoned. Second, he wanted to see if she could break through the tight encirclement. Murong Shuqing smiled and shook his head gently. He pointed his index finger lazily at Xuantianxing and said softly, "It's too late. I'll pull you into the water.". ” Chapter 145 strange (part two). Xuan Tianxing looked at Murong Shuqing with a laugh and said, "Do you think I will help you?" He himself did not think it was easy to oppose his brother, and although he appreciated her, he might not. Take the risk for her. You will. Murong Shuqing's concise answer made Xuan Tianxing curious. Why did she conclude that she would help her? Xuan Tianxing stared at Murong Shuqing's confident smiling face and asked, "What is it?" Make you so confident? Murong Shuqing looked up at the noon sun, although it was spring, she was also a little dizzy, went to the pear tree next to the garden, Murong Shuqing against the strong trunk behind, on the Xuantian punishment doubts. Murong Shuqing replied slowly, "First, since you can tell me, it already shows that you are on my side psychologically.". Secondly, the military power of the country was in conflict with the imperial power. It shouldn't be what Wang Ye wants to see. The conflict between military power and imperial power is indeed very terrible, and between the emperor's brother and Xuanyuan Yi, it does have the ability to trigger such a crisis, but Xuantian punishment does not think they will be so irrational. Walk to Mu In front of Rong Shuqing, Xuan Tianxing put his hands in front of his chest and said with a noncommittal smile, "Perhaps you have estimated yourself too important. He and Xuanyuan Yi may not be for you, regardless of the country and the people." "Is it?" Murong Shuqing did not change his face because of Xuan Tianxing's words. Instead, he leaned more comfortably against the trunk and nodded in a still soft voice. "Good," he replied. That makes a lot of sense. Xuan Tianxing was about to ask her with a smile what other reason she had to convince him, but Murong Shuqing did not wait for him to ask, put his head on the trunk, squinted comfortably, and said more softly in his voice: One last point. You said, after the battle of Cangyue, when the treasury was empty of grain, it happened that the granary was on fire, and all the seeds of high-quality grain were spared. I'm afraid this year's spring ploughing is hopeless. At this time And so careless east corner of a large outflow of grain, the autumn harvest, I'm afraid Wang Ye still have enough to eat, suffering is these people, I don't know at that time, hungry people, the country is not also Can be stable,whirlpool hot tub spa, after all, the king takes the people as his heaven, and the people take food as their heaven! 。