Great Qin Empire 5

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"The military commander, Sima,cattle weight tape, was quite surprised. He was afraid of mishearing, so he asked twice and then went." Wang Ben has seen the general! With a loud voice, my son is coming. Sit down and talk. 。

However, when Wang Ben's troops arrived at the Yannan Great Wall on the east bank of the Yishui River, most of the Yan troops had fled, leaving behind only wounded soldiers and the old and weak, and there was no trace of Prince Dan's white horse team. Wang Ben is still in the fire roar, ZhangHan ZhongJun Sima has Pegasus to report. ZhangHan and Sima said that when Prince Dan was being chased by Xin Sheng's flying cavalry, the Yan army on the east bank of the Great Wall, which had not been attacked and killed, immediately sent only a few thousand cavalry to Wade into the water to reinforce him. The cavalry of the Yan army had just waded ashore when Prince Dan's troops rolled up with Xin Sheng's troops who were following him. The knights of the Yan army spared Prince Dan's cavalry and fought with Xin Sheng's Qin fighters; West bank ZhangHan see white horse team wading, Yi water no black Qin, immediately ordered the crossbow turned to shoot; White horse team left more than half of the body, finally escaped on the east bank; Rescue prince Dan Yan army team, all died in the Xin Sheng fighters sword. Ji Dan! And teach you how many days to grow old! Wang Ben severely scolded, immediately led more than ten thousand fighters rushed to Wuyang-prince Dan escape, can't teach Zhao Ping also fled. Less than half an hour after Wang Ben's horse team went west, Xin Sheng's troops in the main battlefield on the west bank also crossed the Yishui River to Wuyang. However, when Wang Ben rushed back to Wuyang, the situation changed again: the city of Wuyang was breached, but the remnants of Zhao Ping fled out of the city. Break the city to escape the enemy, what do you say! Wang Ben asked his lieutenant with a black face. Ride to ride, Zhao Jun is not weak! The lieutenant replied stiffly. When Xin Sheng arrived, he surveyed the battlefield and said only one thing: "Put down Wuyang!"! Back to camp Yi Xi! In the twilight, the shogunate gathered. Without saying a word,Adhesive fish ruler, Wang Jian ordered Zhongjun Sima to report the results of the war. Sima reported that in the three battlefields, more than 68,000 troops of the Eastern Yan-Liao Army and more than 43,000 troops of the Dai Army had been beheaded, and more than 140,000 troops had been captured. They had captured Wuyang, the capital of Yan, and the Great Wall of Yannan. They had escaped from Prince Dan of Yan,Wheel tape measure, his military adviser Song Ruyi, and Zhao Ping, the chief general of the Dai Army. In total, more than 100,000 troops had escaped from the two armies of Yan and Dai. What a bird fight! There are mistakes everywhere! Li Xinxian scolded angrily. Weird! Run at both ends! Who knows which end to catch! Feng Jiefeng Quji spoke with one voice. Go away, Prince Dan! I take the blame! Xin Sheng blushed and shouted. No one is to blame! It's all because I bungled the fighter plane! Wang Ben was livid. Have you lost the battle? Wang Jian said in a deep voice, and the generals stopped talking. Wang Jian stood up and walked to the front of the big board map with his sword. "The battle of destroying the country is by no means an ordinary strategy to attack the city.". Countries are different, the war situation is different. Hoping to wipe out the whole country in World War I is no different from daydreaming! Operational planning should be based on total annihilation. However, changes in the battlefield, still rigidly adhere to the plan to calculate the results, is Zhao Kuo! Is an armchair strategist! This battle, although not completely annihilated the two armies of Yan Dai, also walked away from Prince Dan and Zhao Ping, is still the battle of breaking Yan! What is the reason? The fundamental point is that the main forces of the two armies of the Yan Dynasty were lost, and the two countries of the Yan Dynasty were not enough to fight from then on! As long as our army continues to pursue and kill, how can the two countries of the Yan Dynasty resist and survive? "I wish to hear the order!"! Go after Yan Dai! There was a roar all over the hall. In the war of pursuit and killing, Horse weight lbs ,horse weight tape, plan and then move. Wang Jian said coldly and dispersed the gathering to discuss. That night, Wang Jian wrote a letter to the king of Qin about the war. Before the case, Wang Jian thought of Reese. Reese if in, such things are much easier, perhaps the king Jian said a few words, Reese will take the place of the grass. Reese is not only an excellent talking partner, but also a fascinating person when he writes. Unfortunately, Reese was recalled to Xianyang by the King of Qin before the Battle of Yishui. Although the weak left behind is also a great talent, but weak in Zhao has been Guo Kai tortured by a disease, can stand in the barracks is not easy, how can we often talk at night? The book was very long, and it was not until Diao Dou was in the fifth watch that Sima finished transcribing the book written by Wang Jian and put it into a copper tube and sealed it with mud. In his petition, Wang Jian reported the battle in detail, and at the end he put forward his own strategy for destroying Yan and bringing peace to Yan: Winter is approaching, and it is difficult for the army to March northward. They should March into Wuyang, the capital of Yan, to spend the winter with their troops. In the spring, they should March northward to destroy Yan and destroy the Dynasty. During the winter, Li Si had better lead the officials of Yan into Yan and properly plan for the rule of the people of Yan; The state of Yan was ancient and had special customs. If Li Si could not go north, he would ask the king of Qin to write a letter to Meng Tian to enter Yan and discuss with Dunwei the strategy of governing Yan. One night after half a month, the king of Xianyang sent Yao Jia to the north. The reply of the King of Qin was very simple: "If you are going to be outside, you will not accept your orders.". Destroy the strategy of Yan destroy generation, listen to the general layout. The rest is not enough to say, Yao Jia can discuss with the general. Obviously, in addition to the war, the king of Qin still needs Yao Jia and Wang Jian to discuss the secret face to face. At the reception banquet, Wang Jian briefly exchanged pleasantries and cut to the chase, asking Yao Jia to say all he could. Yao and Jia had always been capable, and before they had finished drinking the wine, they made it clear what was to be decided: after the collapse of Korea, because the royal nobles still lived in the old land of Korea, they only moved Han Wang An to the native land of Qin; therefore, there were signs of changes in the old Korean families, and they plotted to link up with Wei and Dai to restore Korea under the support of the "old three Jin" forces; Probably in the spring of the secret army, support the new king of Korea, Reese can't go north, is also fully planning to deal with this matter; the stability of Yan, the king of Qin has written to Meng Tian in a month to Wuyang. All this and so on, because Yao Jia has been in charge of diplomatic relations with the Jin Dynasty for a long time, and is familiar with political affairs, so all kinds of information sources and decision-making basis are clearly stated, obviously not groundless. How does the king of Qin want to deal with it? Wang Jian frowned. In a word, strike after the enemy has struck! "Wait for him to raise his troops, and then I'll put down the rebellion?" "Exactly!"! A famous teacher is good to talk to the world. "The king of Qin wants me to be a general?"? How many? "How sharp the general is!"! Not much, one! "Is there a candidate?" "Wang Ben!" "Do you want military forces?" "The king of Qin asked the general to consider it." Silence for a long time, Wang Jian only said a word, let me tomorrow. Yao Jia was familiar with the army, but also knew that the recent situation of the Qin army was not satisfactory, and it was reasonable for Wang Jian to be particularly cautious. So Yao Jia didn't say much and got up to leave. When Wang Jian saw Yao Jia off, he immediately ordered Sima to send Wang Ben to the shogunate. This was the first time that Wang Jian had summoned his son alone since he became a general. "The military commander, Sima,cattle weight tape, was quite surprised. He was afraid of mishearing, so he asked twice and then went." Wang Ben has seen the general! With a loud voice, my son is coming. Sit down and talk. 。