Zhuang Sheng Xiao Meng-Seven Years of Relieving Itch

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When he looked down, he did not feel hurt. Afraid. She thought,calcium nitrate sol, "If I jump like this, I can meet Big Brother Gao, but how will Mom and Dad live in the future?" "And?"

In fact, on another dining table less than five meters away from them, Tang Lei listened to the monotonous and cold "toot" in his mobile phone. Beep.. Sound, the bottom of my heart cold. On the stage in the middle, a singer sang affectionately: "Do you love me or him? I would rather hear a cruel answer than be fooled again. Do you love me or him? I have found a hundred reasons for you. I am so stupid.." Do you love me or him? I'm just so stupid. Wang yuan's phrase "My fate is your fate" suddenly hovered in his mind, like a vigorous vulture, round and round, over and over again.. The manager comes over gallantly: "Tang Shao, is the dish of today still appetizing?" Seeing him staring at the female singer on the stage, he said, "You sing well. Today's new part-time college student has a good temperament." "Shit!" Tang Lei dropped his cell phone bitterly, "You came to spoil my appetite, didn't you?" As he spoke, he strode to the side with a blue face, leaving the stunned manager and the confused customer looking at each other: "Who am I provoking?"? …… Sangxiao and Wang yuan faced each other silently. The mobile phone rang for a long time and finally quieted down. Sang-xiao even felt his palms tingling. After a while, she pulled back her hand, put her cell phone in her bag, and said goodbye to Wang yuan: "It's quite late. I'll go back first." He still sat like that and said nothing. Sang-xiao glanced at him and stood up, but he suddenly turned sideways and hugged her. "Don't go," he said, burying his head firmly on Sang-xiao's shoulder. At that moment, Sangxiao had a slight palpitation, and his hair gently rubbed her cheek: "Sangxiao, don't go. I know you left today,Magnesium Oxide price, and you will never look back.." "Wang yuan." Sang-xiao sensitively felt a slight sob in the voice, moved his lips, and finally turned into silence. Her heart aches, slightly shivering, she knows Wang yuan's pride in his bones, in this life, he probably never asked anyone else what, but now, actually beg her not to leave. 、 Slightly heavy footsteps from far to near,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Sangxiao looked up, but stayed in the next second. Wang yuan felt her stiffness and looked down her line of sight. It was Tang Lei! There was no expression on Tang Lei's face, but his dark brown eyes revealed some kind of repressed pain. He approached her step by step, slowly, but every step he took, Sangxiao felt like a heavy punch in the chest, suffocating pain, such a scene, old love and new love came together, very embarrassed. Xiao Xiao. Tang Lei called her in a calm voice, then went to hold her hand and touched her palm, which was cold. Annoyed, he gave her a hard pinch, and she shivered with pain. Wang yuan looked at them, his mouth floating with a slight smile, but a little desolate, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, a little mocking. So you're here too. "Does it only exist in dreams? Why do I use all my strength in exchange for half a lifetime of memories? If it weren't for your desire for eyes, if it weren't for my redemption of mood, we would meet in a sea of people, oh.." Sang-xiao followed Tang Lei home. Neither of them spoke. Tang Lei took out a cigarette and lit it several times, but it didn't catch fire. "Depend on it." He cursed in a low voice and threw it away bitterly. He looked back at Sang-xiao: "Didn't you say you would have dinner with Guo Hui in the evening?" Hearing the tone of his questioning, Sangxiao froze for a moment: "Guo Hui didn't come, so I ate with them." "Then why are you with Wang yuan again?" Tang Lei is aggressive. That's when he called me. It's his birthday. Tang Lei didn't believe it: "Sangxiao, did you know Guo Hui wouldn't come at the beginning?"? In fact, you don't have to lie to me. If you want to see Wang yuan, I won't stop you! Sang-xiao frowned. "Don't be unreasonable, Tang Lei!" "I'm being unreasonable?" Tang Lei opened his eyes and said angrily, "How the *** did I make trouble out of nothing?"? Sangxiao, do you just not like me? Then you can find someone who is pleasing to the eye. 'Good. You said it. Sang-xiao was so angry that he jumped up from the sofa, looking for his suitcase, opening the wardrobe, pulling hangers, and throwing clothes. Tang Lei stood on one side and watched in a daze. Every time she pulled one, his heart would jump. There was an impulse in his heart. He wanted to hold her hand and throw the clothes back, but for the sake of his damn self-esteem, he stood. Soon, Sangxiao packed up in a mess and dragged the box to open the door. When he opened the door, Tang Lei suddenly jumped up, grabbed the ashtray on the tea table, and smashed it against the wall. "Bang", his heart beat violently, followed by the fragmented ceramic pieces falling into the dust. Sang-xiao felt a deep pain in his heart. Seeing Tang Lei out of his mind, he suddenly wanted to hold him, comfort him, and tell him that I would not go. One second, two seconds. Hesitate, wander, but still stomp away. The gate slammed shut. Tang Lei suddenly sank into a rigid silence. "She's gone," he muttered. Leave? Is Sangxiao gone? The man he had loved and waited for so many years was gone? Tang Lei suddenly reacted and rushed out. How could he let her go? Are you crazy? Absolutely not.. Sang-xiao didn't go far, or she was waiting for Tang Lei to chase him out. Fortunately, he came, and Sangxiao breathed a low sigh of relief. Tang Lei has rushed to embrace her: "Sangxiao, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong, you do not go." His arm gradually tightened, head buried in her shoulder, like an injured Siberian tiger, "Xiaoxiao, I love you, crazy love you, I do not want to doubt you, but I am jealous, I just like you, like almost crazy, like to ask you not to leave me, never leave me.." Sang-xiao's heart was white and bright, and he gave him a gentle push. "Let me go." "I won't let it go, I won't let it go,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, I'll never let it go!" Tang Lei's voice was slightly hoarse. I said, can you really let me go, I'm almost choked by you! Sangxiao is helpless. Tang Lei stalked for a moment and suddenly clasped her chin and kissed her fiercely. stargrace-magnesite.com