Ao Shi Yan Tian

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The former is much stronger. It is estimated that even the immortal emperor's divine consciousness is far inferior to mine!

The former is much stronger. It is estimated that even the immortal emperor's divine consciousness is far inferior to mine! Ao Fang smiled a little complacently. I'm too excited. I almost forgot my business! Ao Fang remembered that the purpose of his retreat was to improve his cultivation and to refine his utensils. Now the first task has been completed beyond expectation. The rest is the refiner. At the beginning, I told Yayi that they would retreat for a year, haha. It's only been four months now. Eight months to go. It's much longer than the last time my eldest brother took part in the battle for the throne of Star and Moon Wonderland. Should be able to refine a lot of artifacts this time! Thinking that a large number of artifacts will soon be born in their own hands, the party's heart is surging. When the emperor took part in the battle for the throne of Xingyue Wonderland, due to the short time, Aofang was also concerned about the battle for the throne. In a hurry, Aofang only spent a few days refining a jacking artifact. That is far from the real refining level of Aofang. With Aofang's strength, it doesn't make much difference to him whether he has an artifact or not. But it's different for Zhang Yayi and Wang Jinzhong. Their strength is relatively weak,321 stainless steel sheet, if they can have the artifact in hand. Even if there is any unexpected situation, it can also play a role. OK. For eight months. See how many top artifacts I can refine. "Ao Fang is rubbing his hands excitedly." The place seems a little small! He took a look at his training room, which was less than 40 square meters,347 stainless steel, and made a dodge. Go straight to the open space outside the room. Su Jinyu and Jiang Yanxin are here. How interesting. It seems that I was attracted by the noise I just made, but now. If I don't want you to find me, you won't find me! Spoon, delete "day" day 0 …! Chasing; Ming Dynasty elbow generation online games zone. Old "Day 0 …" Ao Fang smiled happily and waved his right hand gently in front of him. Eight pieces of the best fairy crystals appeared in the eight corners of the other courtyard. Form a unique formation. Since it is necessary to refine artifacts, and the number is not small, Aofang naturally has to make preparations, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,uns c68700, so as not to be disturbed in the process of refining artifacts and waste all his previous efforts. After another burst of complicated handprints. An array is formed in other courtyards, and the perception of the origin of space is enhanced. By the way, Aofang's attainments in the formation have been greatly improved. After all, array is also an application of space origin. Therefore, he is proud of the formation of his right hand. Even if it is only a simple array, its power is far better than those so-called masters of array. The formation is arranged. After making sure that there won't be any problems. Ao Fang took out the ore that had been prepared before the retreat from the world of heaven and earth. The token given to Fang by Qing Di had long been thrown away by Ao Fang after he became elegant in Xiaoyao Wonderland. As the new overlord, how much ore do you want? By the way, the realm has been improved, and the time flow rate of the realm of Qian and Kun should be able to be improved again. "" Ao Fang suddenly thought of a problem before he started refining, so the primordial spirit entered the realm of Qian and Kun. At this time, Zhang Yayi and others are practicing on the beautiful Chenjian Mountain, even Ding Han, who has been unable to calm down, and no one has found the arrival of the recipe. "I don't know how much it can be improved?"? Ao Fang smiled expectantly. As soon as the mind turns, it begins to control the speed of time flow in the realm of heaven and earth. Before the breakthrough. At most, Aofang can only raise the time flow rate in the world of heaven and earth to a hundred times that of the outside world. And at this time "two hundred times!"! Three hundred times! Five hundred times! Seven hundred times! A thousand times! It was only when it was raised to a thousand times the outside world that it was found that it had reached its limit. A thousand times? Ha-ha. Practicing here for a thousand years and only one year outside is really amazing. "" Ao Fang can't help but express his gratitude to the kind person who left the world of heaven and earth to himself once again in his heart. " How on earth does this time flow rate work? Looking at the plants that are rapidly sprouting and withering and sprouting again, I deeply feel the magic of the world of heaven and earth. In particular, this can change the time flow rate according to one's own wishes. "I wonder how fast I can get?". Ao Fang began to stretch in his mind when the flow of time in the universe of heaven and earth reached ten thousand times or even one hundred thousand times. After all, it is quiet, before reaching that level, everything is just fantasy,316 stainless steel plate, Ao Fang quickly came to his senses from the period and withdrew from the realm of heaven and earth. He began to concentrate on the unprecedented great cause of refining. Zhang Yayi and Wang Jinzhong are very absorbed in their practice. He did not realize that the flow of time in the world of heaven and earth had changed unconsciously, when Ao Fang refined the artifact. When they wake up from their seclusion. What surprises await them? In the array. The purple divine fire began to burn in the tripod, and Fang began a crazy move!.