Complete Guide to Robin's Kit in Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 Update

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A recent leak for Honkai: Star Rail has revealed extensive details about the upcoming five-star character, Robin, including her official splash art and description. The leak also confirms the introduction of another five-star character named Boothill for the 2.2 update. Robin is described

A recent leak for Honkai: Star Rail has disclosed extensive details about the upcoming five-star character, Robin. The official social media accounts of the game had previously unveiled Robin's official splash art and description, which is a customary approach by Hoyoverse to introduce new characters for the upcoming update, version 2.2.

In addition to Robin, another five-star character named Boothill has been revealed by the same accounts for the Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 update. Both characters being of five-star rarity indicates that their releases will be staggered across the update's two banner cycles.

The official announcement has also confirmed that Robin is a physical user who follows the path of harmony, suggesting that she will serve as a supportive unit capable of applying various buffs to the entire team composition. Robin was formally introduced in the special program event for update 1.6, and she made her debut in-game appearance during Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0. As per the unfolding story, Robin is a renowned Halovian singer born on the planet of festivities.

A recent post on the Honkai: Star Rail leaks subreddit has unveiled the complete kit of Robin, encompassing her skills, ultimate ability, and various talent effects.

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