My wife and I have been married for 10 years. I was a virgin when we first met.

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We participated in oral sex quite frequently, but mostly with her on the receiving end.

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. I was a virgin when we first met. Although I never let on to this fact to her I have always been sure she knew right from the start. We never strayed too far from what most would call normal sex. Once we tried anal but she did not like it, she said it hurt and I never pushed to try it again since I came as soon as I penetrated her behind. I felt too ashamed that I could not hold out to actually penetrate her sweet ass fully.


We participated in oral sex quite frequently, but mostly with her on the receiving end. Many times, once she was sexually satisfied from my oral attention, that would be the end of our lovemaking episode, leaving me to masturbate once she fell asleep.


I started to feel that our love life was slowing down so I suggested a few things once in a while to see if they might spice things up a little. Some things we tried but most of them were turned down by my wife. She always had the final say.


That is until I suggested that we try a little swinging. I suggested that we each find a new partner for one evening only, just to remind us of what exists outside our marriage. She jumped at that idea so fast I should have known things would be changing, and it turns out not for just one evening. I was too caught up with the idea of being with another woman, since the only female body I have experienced was the one I was currently married to.


Over the next few weeks I was to find a female that I thought I would be able to get in bed and she would find a man that she wanted. Once we had both found somebody we set up our mutual dates for the same Saturday night. I have always had a thing for blondes. My wife is a natural redhead with a beautiful light color, but for this one time only I really wanted a blonde. We both left the house that evening. Her to her new man and me to my blonde.


I took this blonde to a nice restaurant and to a movie afterwards. I don’t dance so I figured this was a better choice that going out to a club. Once the movie was over we headed back to her place. We sat and talked and eventually I made my move. It was clumsy and awkward since I had so little practice coming on to women. Nevertheless, it worked and we started making out on the couch. Eventually after some heavy petting we headed for her bedroom. I started to apply the same techniques I have used on my wife for years. She seemed to be getting turned on. I made my way down to her pussy and started to spread her legs. She had light skimpy blonde public hair but it covered her pussy lips. My wife has always shaved her cunt lips and up the sides leaving a triangle of beautiful red hair above. I started licking her pussy and slid in a finger or two. I was going to eat her to an orgasm but she pulled me up to fuck her. Once in the missionary position I noticed that my penis was not fully erect, not soft but not as hard as was going to be necessary to penetrate this hungry pussy. So I started to rub it up and down her slit trying to become more aroused. The pressure of the situation was effecting my performance. Once I was hard I started to slide it in, we fucked for what I felt was a reasonable length of time then I pulled out and came on the sheets in between her legs. I don’t think she came at all but being unused to this girl I was not sure. Once I recovered we had sex again and I think I did better the second time around.


The next morning when I woke up she was gone and had left me a note that she had gone shopping and I should lock the door on the way out.


I guess the evening was less than impressive to her but that didn’t matter to me because I had had my fling and was ready to give up all fantasies of other woman. I was going to stick with my wife and put this experiment behind us.


I rushed home to embrace my wife and tell her that no other woman was going to measure up to her and tell her we will always just have each other. That is not exactly how it played out.


She was home when I got there standing in the living room wearing only her long sheer black nightgown. She had a look about her that I have never seen before. She had a look of utter satisfaction. Before I could embrace her she told me to sit down. She had something to tell me. I sat down to find out that the marriage I left on Saturday night was gone and to be replaced with the one I have now.


She related the story of her evening in great detail, laboring over how she enjoyed picking out her date, bringing him home and fucking him how she wanted to fuck. She mentioned he was average build but had a much larger and longer cock than I did. I always have known that my penis was under average, not very long or thick. She then told me that he would be back this evening and we had better get started on reorganizing the household. She had discovered that she wanted and needed to have a variety of men and that she wanted to be able to spread herself sexually amongst them freely.


We would remain married and I would still have sex with her but when she wanted a new man she would bring him home and I was not to interfere. I was stunned but after my last experience with another woman I did not want to lose my wife even if it meant sharing.


My belongings were moved to the spare bedroom, she said when we would have sex it would be in my new room. She wanted her room to be for her new men only. I would not be in the way when she brought one home.


Her date came home later that evening and I was introduced as her husband then she proceeded up to her bedroom with her new fuck. He was let in on the situation, most of the others were not. I would merely be awakened in the night by the sounds of bedsprings and my wife’s orgasmic moaning and cooing.


The first night with her new date I went to bed shortly after they did and lay in bed listening to him fuck the living daylights out of my wife. I should have been mad or hurt or something. All I did was think about when my turn would come again, would it be tomorrow or how long would I have to wait.


He stayed for about 4 days. Every night banging my wife to orgasm after orgasm. Something I would be lucky to do once in an evening. I would lay in bed and masturbate to the sounds penetrating the thin walls and wake up to the same sound which kept me horny all day.


She did come and fuck me once or twice since he left but always on top and she seemed to be distant if not downright bored with our sex. Since her first date a steady stream of men have come through her bedroom. Some stay for a day or two and some for the night only.


Then one night she brought home a particular man that she has on a semi-steady basis. She still likes new fucks once in a while but this one man seems to be pretty much in control of the situation. He initiated her into a bondage and discipline relationship with her as his sex toy. She will do anything he asks and he does not mind her occasional stray sex. With one major exception, I am no longer allowed to have sex with her at all.


When he is around he stays in her bedroom, the room I used to share, and has exploited her body in every way I ever imagined.


This was brought to my attention in the most dramatic way. Once he knew he had control over her and she would do anything he demanded he had her come to my room, completely naked, to bring me downstairs for a demonstration. So there I sat as my wife, kneeling naked at his feet with her knees spread wide to expose her now completely shaven pussy, a sign of her submission to him, took his enormous cock out of his robe and started to engulf it. She practically had to choke it down her throat but kept at it until it slid easily down her throat and then back to her sucking lips. The look of desire in her eyes was overwhelming when he started to pick up the pace ramming that cock into her mouth then pulling out and cumming all over her lips, the tremendous amount of cum running down her chin and onto her breasts. She then dutifully scooped the cum off her breasts and licked herself clean. She would never even let me come in her mouth before and now she was drinking it up like nectar. I assume she acquired the taste for it from all the men she had fucked in the preceding months.


After she had consumed all the spilt cum she again slipped that cock into her mouth and started to arouse him once more.


In short order he had a massive erection again and said to me that he was going to show me how a pussy should be treated and stated the reason my wife was in the position she was in now was because she had been deprived of a real cock for so long.


She was now just a cum slut, a piece of meat that needed to be sexually satisfied above all else. He told her to lie on her back and prepare for him. She did so immediately with a look of complete lust and desire. She laid on her back with her knees drawn up tight and legs spread while she fingered her pussy. Starting with two fingers then three, she had just started to work in the fourth when he told her to stop.


I could tell that was the last thing she wanted to do but complied anyway. Her master then knelt between her legs and placed the end of his cock at her pussy. It looked like a baseball bat. It was so thick and when he started to push it into her pussy her lips started to part and stretch to accommodate its girth. He did not ease it in at all. I know she had been fucking him for quite some time but it still surprised me that she was able to take it all. Once he was in he pulled back and her lips tried to follow the shaft pulling back outwards then in again on his next plunge deep into her cunt, much deeper than I had ever been.


He started to work back and forth until she was bucking and bouncing on the floor as he fucked her ruthlessly and hard. She came and came over and over, with sweat and her juices running out of her cunt. Finally after was seemed like an eternity he pulled out leaving her cunt open and loose. The folds just hanging there waiting to be stuffed once more. Instead he ordered her on to all fours and to stick her ass in the air. Now he was preparing to fuck her beautiful behind, the one place I had never been capable of entering her properly. He pushed his cock hard on her ass and it slowly opened up and swallowed him whole. As he pummeled my wife’s behind I merely sat there in the chair and listened to her beg for him to fuck her harder and deeper. She begged him to shove his cock deeper into her ass, calling herself his cunt, his slut, his slave.


Finally he slowed the pace down and came deep into her ass. He slid his cock in and out a few more times as the cum trickled out of her hole down across her worn out pussy and then finally down her inner thighs.


He gave her ass a good hard smack leaving his red hand print on her cheek. He then stated that some new rules would be initiated the following day as they retired up to her room and me to mine.


The next evening she informed me of our new house rules. He rarely spoke to me letting her do the talking. I think this reinforced my position and humiliated me more when she told me of the way she or I were to be treated.

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