First-level boss: You get married, I rob Shen Yiran Ji Jinchuan 3141 Zhang Yun

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Back to the studio, because the time is still early, we can catch up on sleep, because last night's sleep is not early,

The message was just a photo of a pair of handsome men and beautiful women. The man hugged the woman out of the restaurant, while the words "Palin Hotel" behind him were lit with red night lights, which was very gorgeous. The shooting angle is good, accurately caught the expression of Shen Yiran when he slanted his head to look at Xu Chengyan, his eyes were gentle and quiet, while Xu Chengyan was proud of his face. If others see the two people in the photo, they will only feel very right, but Ji Jinchuan feels dazzling. I went back to a city in the morning, and I went to dinner with other men in the evening, and I was not tired? Sends the information is a strange number, the place of ownership is a city, Ji Jinchuan clicked, the telephone dials unexpectedly is the empty number! He threw his cell phone on the sofa, took the half-drunk wine from the table, and gently shook his glass to the balcony. At night, the river is very beautiful, the mist envelops the river, and the neon lights on the opposite bank can be seen faintly, just like a spark. Every day's work goes on as usual,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, many colleagues envy Shen Yiran, Ji Jinchuan took her on several business trips. In fact, she wanted to say that she went to Jiangcheng this time to act as a nanny, not a good job. The words were all on the tip of my tongue, only to hear a colleague say: "Alas, if General Manager Ji takes me with him on his next business trip, I would like to be a nanny." Another female colleague joked: "Don't be wishful thinking. There are so many people in the Secretariat. When will it be our turn?" Shen Yiran will say the words to swallow back, although these people envy her on the surface,Oil Dropper Bottle, but secretly do not know how to arrange her, say those ugly gossip. Ji Jinchuan returned from a business trip a week later. Instead of going home to rest, he went directly to the company to deal with the accumulated documents. After work, Shen Yiran was the last one to leave. When she walked out of the building, she saw many people around her. The words "so handsome", "so romantic", "who is he looking for" floated into her ears. She took a few steps forward and through the crowd saw Xu Chengyan leaning against the car body with a bunch of bright roses, looking impatiently at her wristwatch. She stared. The last time Xu Chengyan met Shen Yaoting as her "boyfriend", Shen Yaoting did not know whether it was intentional or unintentional. He mentioned it to Xu's father at a dinner party. Xu's father knew that his son had a girlfriend outside and had to let him take it home. Xu Chengyan and Shen Yiran had already talked on the phone last night. They came to pick her up after work today and then went to Xu's house for dinner. But she didn't expect this guy to be so coquettish, driving a limited edition Porsche, holding a big bunch of flowers, and standing outside the company with big thorns. Did he come to show off in a high profile? Because Xu Chengyan will come to pick her up, so she did not drive today, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, Shen leisurely holding the bag belt, ready to quietly leave, and then take a taxi to Xu's home, or get off halfway, let him go there to pick her up. Chapter 224 what is the relationship between them? Ben As soon as the idea came into his mind, Xu Chengyan saw her through the heads of the crowd and called her name: "leisurely." Shen Yiran, who had just turned around, was immediately fixed. She regretted that if she had known that she would meet him somewhere else, she would have known without looking back that everyone must be looking at her at the moment. When Xu Chengyan saw her eager to dig a crack in the ground, the smile on her face grew bigger and bigger. He stepped forward and stuffed the flower into her arms. His tone was slightly aggrieved: "Why did you come out now?"? I've been waiting for you for a long time. Shen Yiran wanted to throw the flower in his hand on his face, grind his teeth, and say in a voice that only two people could hear: "Did you do it on purpose?" After he made so much trouble, the whole company will know that she has a rich boyfriend, who is not only handsome, but also very romantic. Xu Chengyan took her by the shoulder and led her to the car. When he saw some beautiful women coming over, he did not forget to wink at them. But his mouth did not stop. He said in a voice that only two people could hear: "I took you back to Xu's house today. After meeting my parents, they must have urged me to get married to prevent you from cuckolding me after marriage." I'm just declaring ownership to everyone. Shen Yiran was already too angry to speak. Walking to the front of the car, Xu Chengyan opened the door of the passenger seat for her, and then stretched out a hand to protect her head. After she sat in, he closed the door and went around the front of the car to the driver's seat. Shen Yiran threw the flower in her hand into the back seat, raised her arm and smelled it, only to feel a smell of pollen on her body. She rolled down the window and let the wind blow away the smell of pollen in the car. Not far from Maibahri, Ji Jinchuan looked at the scene just now with an expressionless face, and saw Shen Yiran get into Xu Chengyan's car, his black eyes narrowed slightly. Xiao Cheng forgot for a moment that there was someone behind him. He said to himself, "Is Master Xu chasing Yiran?" As soon as the voice fell, he felt that his back was like a cold thorn ridge, and the air in the car suddenly became a little gloomy. Arriving at Xu's home, Xu Chengyan leaned over. Shen leisurely shrank back subconsciously, leaning back on the car door and staring at him: "What are you doing?" Seeing her nervousness, Xu Chengyan laughed out loud, reached out to unfasten her seat belt, and then spread out her hair, which was coiled up when she was working, and her long hair poured down. Her hair is naturally slightly curly, like seaweed, so draped over her shoulders, not only a little more quiet and elegant temperament, but also more delicate and white cheeks, skin like congealed fat. Xu Chengyan glanced at the outside and said, "My father is very smart. He will play a lot later. So don't be nervous. Be careful to be exposed." Shen leisurely looked down his line of sight, and the housekeeper stood beside the flower bed outside the living room, looking longingly at them. Xu Chengyan got out of the car and went around the other side to open the door for Shen Yiran. Shen Yiran got out of the car with his bag. Xu Chengyan opened the door behind him and took the flowers out from inside. He held the flower in one hand and naturally put it on Shen's leisurely waist with the other hand, leading her to the living room. "Young master,oil dropper bottle, Miss Shen," the housekeeper called respectfully. Xu Chengyan stuffed the flower in his hand into the housekeeper's bosom and said, "Take it and put it away first. Don't break it. I like it very much." 。