Green blood south of the Yangtze River

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The look of indifference on his face disappeared, replaced by a cold, grim, murderous look,warehousing storage solutions, with a beast in his eyes. In the light of hunting, every muscle on the body is active, and every muscle and bone is ready to go.

In the 17th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (Wuwu), it was changed into the Yamen of the Dao Office of Su Song. Later, the Dao Office was abolished, and now it became the Yamen of the Governor of Jiangsu Province. The hotel. The famous building materials, wood, stone, flowers and trees gathered in the garden were removed one after another and moved to the capital to enrich the Royal Garden of Nanhaizi. As a result of our consultation with the elders of Jiangning and overseas, we believe that Zhang Qiushan is constantly making trouble here. It will affect the overall situation. Fourth Master said, "So I decided to get rid of Zhang Qiushan first.". Take drastic measures to settle the situation. Execution personnel are in succession. Come and meet us and launch an operation to catch the thief tonight. Fourth Master, why don't you attack Guiqi's patrol boat? She was quite surprised: "The officials of the Tartars are ours." Aim The emperor of the Tartars is our goal. The Second Master said with a straight face, "If you kill Gui Qi, there will be military forces all over the south of the Yangtze River." Perhaps the Tartar Emperor will not come, must not play the ball to frighten the snake. We've found out where Zhang Qiushan is hiding. It's dusk. Launch an attack, want to live, avenge the uncle who died in the Sancha River. While talking, we arrived at the rock. A whistle came from the sparse forest, and more than twenty people, old and young, poured out. On the right are three elders and five brothers from overseas. On the right, there are twelve main deacons in Jiangning. Name. "The Second Master first led her forward to salute, and then introduced her." Laoqi, this is the chief commander of Taiwan and Fujian, the commander of the sea ship, and the head of the Hall of Righteousness,drive in racking system, Elder Long Wei. Second Master Lang Sound introduction, so that the original cold sweat of Jiangnan Yizhichun, excited all over the blood boiling, cold sweat convergence, feel supreme. Glory and glory. Just as he was about to come forward to bow down, a long laugh suddenly came to him. All the people.. Everyone turned pale with fright. With the sound of a reed whistle, more than forty men and women dressed in strong clothes immediately poured out of the vegetation under the rock, and they quickly lined up to respond. More than a hundred paces away, Zhang Qiushan,warehouse storage racks, wearing a tiger-skin jacket, with a narrow knife at his waist and a three-foot short stick in his hand, sang a long song on one side and a long song on the other. Dance sticks and step on the snow. After ten years of fighting against the wind and dust, Ru Mao drank blood until now. I don't envy fame and wealth in the world. I walk alone through the thorns. The song resounded through the clouds and spread to the four fields under the sky. The echoes from the rocks were endless, and the snow on the trees fell one after another. Fall. I am not afraid that the world will laugh at me crazily, and that I will throw myself into the wilderness in pursuit of wealth and honor: but I hope that this heart will show the sun and the moon, and that I will not waste a walk in the world. The song that shook the mountains and forests became more and more deafening. His figure was getting closer and closer, and the heroic and imposing look shocked everyone present and forgot something. Move. It's him! Jiangnan Yizhichun's cry of surprise woke up all the people, and the atmosphere was tight. Zhang Qiushan. The Second Master simply uttered three words to the Dragon Elder. A lonely minister weeps all his tears and his country is ruined. Where is the evil in vain? Why fear that the clouds will cover the sun and the moon, and the swords will be everywhere with high spirits? The song stops slowly, and the man stands twenty feet away. So quiet, so cold. Fifty or sixty pairs of strange eyes, casting a light of surprise, anger, and confusion on him, were so eerily quiet that the air seemed to condense. Time also stopped. He stood there like a mountain, a King Kong, heavy duty metal racks ,wire mesh decking, an overlord. Are you Zhang Qiushan, the God of Thunder? For a long time, the dragon elder finally could not help speaking, and his voice was like a loud bell. Yes, it's me. His voice is louder: "If you want to find me, I will come first, so that you don't have to work hard." How dare you, come. "If you don't have the guts, you won't come. I'll beat up those of you who are foolhardy, who have eyes like beans, and who only know how to show off their courage." Pig "You.." "If you have something to say, we'll talk about it later. If you have something to say, we'll talk about it later. I'll give you justice." His voice was like a thunderbolt. "Now, beat him first.". Are you going to do it one by one, or are you going to do it all together? In Shimobong Accompany, take it all. If you don't wake up the dreams of these stupid pigs, I don't know how many people will die with injustice in the future. Come on! Go! A spring branch in the south of the Yangtze River has a split canthus. He draws his sword forward, and the sword on the sword blows slowly. Her great potential of internal skills is not much worse than that of Changchun Childe's Vajra Zen. Did you betray us in the Sancha River Massacre? She gnashed her teeth and opened her eyes like a mountain. You? What are you? Zhang Qiushan sneered. You "I'll give you a clear explanation of this later." I'll wait. Zhang Chun is your man. ” "You know how I met her. Have you forgotten?" "I.." "Is it right that you used the man with the cold dart of the divine claw to buy my life from the broken soul Mandarin duck?" "I admit, I do what I have to do, I have to do this, you say, you are Gui Qiyun who, traitors!" "On the contrary, in Duanhun Village, he beat me so hard that I couldn't get up for a month.". I protest against your insult. Shame! You are a woman who will bite the hand that feeds her. "I am implacable with you!" She screamed, and when she reached the tip of her sword, it came out like lightning, and the sword suddenly burst out. When! The stick struck the thrusting sword with strange accuracy, and the sword swung outward. Porphyrin Porphyrin! The four blows, neither light nor heavy, rained down on the shoulders, ribs and necks of a spring in the south of the Yangtze River. Hey. "Ah.." A spring in the south of the Yangtze River screamed wildly, unable to dodge the heavy blow. Get out of the way! The sound fell and people flew up. Jiangnan Yizhichun screamed, was grabbed and thrown twenty feet away, and rolled three more times. Lying in the snow, struggling, groaning, she dreamed. I didn't expect to be knocked down by Zhang Qiushan. Up next! Zhang Qiushan shook his hand and shouted with pride. Four people came out one after another, but no one could attack more than three strokes, and everyone was beaten in the dark and painful. Roll all over the floor. His heroism, coupled with his incredible hand trick, overwhelmed all the people. The eighth man was knocked down, the ninth.. Men fell to the ground, and swords fell to the ground. No one dares to fight alone anymore. With a strange cry, ten men suddenly gushed out, five swords, five swords, one sword and one knife in a group. Five groups of people are arranged in a five-element array. Zhang Qiushan suddenly threw away the root of his hand, drew his narrow sword out of its sheath, let out a low roar of the beast monster, and set up the door to make a gesture to rush. The look of indifference on his face disappeared, replaced by a cold, grim, murderous look,warehousing storage solutions, with a beast in his eyes. In the light of hunting, every muscle on the body is active, and every muscle and bone is ready to go.