Country Pen Immortal of Cultivating Immortals

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All the Japanese strong are looking at the dumbfounded,steatite c221, who is this girl, in the premise of opening the forbidden zone of God, the fighting capacity actually reached 10 million points.

Hua Yun shook his head, "Although there is evil spirit, but it is not sure that it is the hand sent by the evil Zun Shuangsheng. If someone deliberately instigates us to fight with the evil army, we will let others reap the benefits." Gong Yilin took an appreciative look at Hua Yun, and it was not easy for him to remain rational and make the most sectarian-friendly analysis under such circumstances. Hua Yun said decisively, "Wei Zhi and I will dispose of the corpse. You go to inform the master and ask him to make a decision." Gong Yilin nodded his head. There is no coincidence in the world. There must be some connection between the Demons lurking in Tianyuan and the Demon General Long Shao's frequent appearance in Nagato. When it comes to Tianyuan, I'm afraid the Qinghe will have to make this trip. Feeling a thin sound, Gong Yilin bowed his head, and the king was hanging like a noodle on his index finger. Didn't I give you Qingxin fruit? The evil spirit is not very heavy, and there should not be no spirit until now. These evil spirits seem to help me practice. The king did not say this in public, but was summoned by divine consciousness. Gong Yilin moved his shoulder slightly and said to Hua Yun, "This is no small matter. I'll report to the Master first." Then he saw the Dragon King of Amethyst. "I hope the Dragon King will not reveal what happened today." Then, without waiting for the Amethyst Dragon King to agree, he hurried out of the hall. It was not until he had gone a long way that he took a look around and made sure that no one was there. Then he whispered to the king on his finger, "What did you say?" King Gu twisted his body uncomfortably, apparently knowing that this was not a good thing. If someone found out that he could use the evil spirit to practice, but he was not a Demon, he would be regarded as an alien, or even killed. What to do? It's a little flustered. Take one step at a time. You don't have to worry too much. We're going to Nagato. If we meet a dead Demon, I'll collect some magic gas. You try again. Maybe it's just a coincidence this time. The bewitching king moved his fleshy head and agreed. Before this matter is confirmed, we can't leak any information. "Gong Yilin paused. He was going to set out the day after tomorrow at the earliest,ceramic welding tape, but Brother Jiu was in Nagato and bewitched the royal family. He gave it to himself. It's impossible to say that he didn't know about it at all.". Gong Yilin did not inform the Qinghe of what had just happened, nor did he wait for the Fire Dragon Horse to come back. He was ten percent sure that what had just happened in the hall could not be concealed from the Qinghe. The imperial sword flew to the foot of the mountain and bought an ordinary horse. He wore an ordinary white shirt, a bamboo hat, and a broadsword on his back. He rode away on horseback, just like the most ordinary swordsman in the endless world of mortals. Chapter 51 Exotic School. Near the far north, the restaurant. Without the hustle and bustle of ordinary restaurants, even when the bartender delivers meals, his footsteps are strangely light. This is the nearest restaurant to Nagato. It is called Luohualou,Ceramic Band Heater, which is taken from Luohuaren. Luohualou, there are "three can not enter", not the rich can not enter, not the powerful can not enter, for those who are not high can not be entered. Few people will cause trouble in Luohualou. It is said that there is a peerless master behind Luohualou. Whoever destroys every tree and grass in Luohuolou will pay a hundred times the price. You can eat here, you can buy news, you can buy a life. Luohualou only sells valuable news, and people who enter Luohualou can get shelter even if they are being hunted down and killed, but only for one day, when the building closes at night, if you don't go out again, without the help of people outside, there will be people in Luohua building to'deal with '. Today, the people in the building, ceramic bobbin heater ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, as usual, dressed in luxury, elegant manners, occasionally talk one or two words, are low voice, quite cultured. Just then, a man walked in outside the door, travel-stained, white clothes stained with a little dust. Compared with the people in this restaurant, this person is an alternative, naturally a lot of eyes focused on this person, wearing a bamboo hat, can not see the appearance, behind a white cloth layers of winding broadsword, very strange. Wine, beef, music. The bamboo hat man opened his mouth slowly, just like countless lonely royal families in distress, and his tone could not hide the vicissitudes of life and helplessness. The audience was full of people with sharp eyes, but they still couldn't see what qualifications Douli people had to enter Luohualou. They couldn't feel the particularly strong fluctuation of cultivation, and they were not generous. They were not rich people. As for power, they were wearing a white robe with stains in front of them. Where would the princes and nobles or the people of Xiuzhen family wear it? This swordsman in white is Gong Yilin. He doesn't want to be too ostentatious before meeting up with Elder Martial Brother Jiu. Nagato can come from all over the world. He may meet several enemies who have been cheated by him before. It doesn't matter if they are one or two, but in terms of his history of misdeeds, it is very likely to be a group. As early as two days ago, Gong Yilin had already arrived at Nagato, but he didn't see Elder Martial Brother. He couldn't find him for a long time, so he came to Luohualou. As Elder Martial Brother Jiu used to be a prince, he must stay in the most luxurious inn and eat in the most high-grade restaurant. Although the master is wise and noble, he occasionally loses a little bit in the direction. Where no one had found it, an almost transparent meat worm came out of the neck of the swordsman in white. Gong Yilin pressed it back quietly and sent a message with his mind: "There are many masters in Luohualou. Don't come out if you have nothing to do." The bewitching king was obviously very confident about his means of hiding his body, and some impatiently shook his tail, "isn't it necessary to collect some magic gas from the Demons first?" "The Demons are not the Chinese cabbages on the roadside," Gong Yilin said. "Unless I'm lucky enough to meet a Demon who died fighting with others, I'll have to hunt a Demon myself." He may take the initiative to provoke others, but no grievances, whether the other side is human or not, he will not hurt life, this is the bottom line of life. Brother Jiu. Gong Yilin picked up the wine sent by the bartender, sighed lightly, shook his head and drank it down. Li Xingzong, who failed to meet Gong Yilin at this time, actually left the school eight or nine days ahead of schedule. It is reasonable to say that he should have arrived at Nagato five days ago, a few days before Gong Yilin. Unfortunately, as the king said, his sense of direction.. It's really not good! In the mountains, a man in a black robe was standing at the foot of a mountain peak, standing with his hands on his back,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, looking up at the magnificent mountain. His sleeves were embroidered with complicated patterns, and he was dressed very neatly. With his momentum, he was like a king fighting for the world.