Oriental Jade Longitudinal Crane Catches Dragon

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Imperial sister-in-law,Chinese spa manufacturer, she has no life, that Jing Yun's rank is not enough, how to come to this Zichen Palace? Zhao Daiyun motioned to her side.

He suddenly recalled the scene of his first trip to Jiuhua Mountain. This was already the lower house of Kunlun, and naturally people from Kunlun passed by. Is the nephew of the mountain patrol! But as soon as the idea rose, it was suddenly denied again! Jiaguo was the nephew who was patrolling the mountain. When he saw himself, how could he run into the forest instead? And from the way he dodged, Come on, obviously very flustered! Mmm! At the beginning of the morning class, the Second Elder Martial Brother of the Headmaster was quiet. The sound of hoofbeats, another line. Yes, the heavy ridge of the Kunlun lower house is already in front of us! Yue Tianmin's legs were slightly pinched, and the red dragon horse immediately opened its four hooves and galloped forward! As soon as he arrived at the square, Yue Tianmin immediately dismounted. He adjusted his clothes and was about to walk away when he caught a glimpse of a group of Taoists pouring out of the gate and galloping towards him! As soon as he saw Yue Tianmin, he immediately called out, "Martial Uncle, are you always back?" Salute, he. Behind him are the four martial nephews of the generation of Yin Xiu, Yin Xian, Yin Zang, and Yin Shen, who are in charge of the front hall! Followed by the tenth generation of the first disciple, Taoist Yiyuan, who led a dozen or so younger martial brothers, also came up to see Martial Uncle. Yue Tianmin answered one by one. When he was in Jiuhua Mountain, he was most familiar with the Taoist because of it. At that moment, he accompanied him into the temple because of it. Inside. As soon as many grandnephews of the tenth generation heard that the younger martial uncle had come back, they had all benefited from him before, and they had already come to see him. The Taoist turned around and said with a smile, "Uncle Yue Shuai, when you were always on the mountain, you were too easy-going, so when they heard that you were always back." Come on, I'm so happy that I don't have any rules. Then he hurriedly ordered, "Martial Uncle Yue, it's hard on the way. You go back first!" Say Have passed through the cloister and approached the quiet room of Hanzhenzi! Yin Tong and Yin Chen had already come out and called out excitedly, "Martial Uncle Yue!" Yue Tianmin was about to open his mouth to interrogate the Second Elder Martial Brother, when he heard an old laugh coming from the quiet room and said, "Younger Martial Brother,outdoor spa manufacturers, you are just today." Come on, get in the house and talk. As soon as Yue Tianmin heard that it was the voice of the Second Elder Martial Brother, he hurriedly adjusted his clothes and went inside. Han Zhenzi had already stood up with a smile on his face. Yue Tianmin dared to neglect him. He stepped forward and worshipped him, saying. "I'd like to see Second Elder Martial Brother," he said. Han Zhenzi hurriedly held him with one hand and stared at Yue Tianmin with two eyes. "Younger Martial Brother," he said with a smile, "I haven't seen you for two years. Sure enough. It is gratifying that the Chinese are introverted and their internal skills are profound. No wonder they are famous all over the world and have won a lot of honors for this school. "I'm flattered, Second Elder Martial Brother," said Yue Tianmin with a bow. "I want Second Elder Martial Brother to teach me more." "You don't have to be polite, Younger Martial Brother," said Han Zhenzi. "Sit down and talk." He waved his hand and said, "If you have something to do, you can go." "" Because it was the Taoist who bowed down and stepped back. The little Taoist boy offered tea for Yue Tianmin, and Yue Tianmin told him what he had done after he went down the mountain, and at the same time he told him again. A brief report was also made on the gathering of the major sects in Junshan. Han Zhenzi kept nodding as he listened. He waited until Yue Tianmin had finished. Then he stroked his white beard and said with a slight smile, "Everyone!" Sect, Gathering Junshan, your Elder Martial Brother Wan has sent you a detailed report on this matter, endless pool swim spa ,endless swim spa, and Younger Martial Brother Tian came here a few days ago, and he also mentioned Chiyi The bandits seem to be gathering experts. They are invading the south on a large scale. They will join forces with other sects in Junshan. I have asked Younger Martial Brother Tian to go to Junshan first Went. The most embarrassing thing is the tartar of your Fifth Elder Martial Sister. At the invitation of the Dead Wood Master, she promised to attend the meeting and deal with it together Chiyi Sect, with the current momentum of Xuanyin Sect Leader, it is naturally a good thing to attend the meeting, and it can be seen that your Elder Martial Sister has indeed changed Live a good heart. Only in this way, invisibly, but increased the difficulties of this school, your elder martial sister defected from this school, Kunlun faction Her family law could not be easily abandoned because she attended the meeting, but it could not be disadvantageous to her in the meeting? Otherwise, the Xuanyin Sect is true. Force, if in collusion with the Red Clothes Sect, the consequences will be even worse! Elder Martial Brother, I have sent Yinming to the Kunlun Mountains for this matter. The elder brother has gone to ask for instructions, and he can come back in a few days. When he said this, he suddenly stopped talking and turned around and said, "Yin Tong, Yin Chen!" "Yes!"! Master worker The two people who stood behind Han Zhenzi, Yin Tong and Yin Chen, promised at the same time! Han Zhenzi said kindly, "I have something important to do as a teacher. I'll discuss it with your Martial Uncle Yue. You can go outside to take care of my disciples." No matter what happens, no one is allowed to enter without notification. Because pass because of the dust bow to get the order, then since the back out. As soon as Yue Tianmin heard the Second Elder Martial Brother of the Headmaster speak so solemnly, he expected that there would be something of great importance, and he could not help but follow suit. Such as electric eyes, looking at Han Zhenzi, sitting upright. Han Zhenzi sighed slightly and said kindly, "That was four days ago, Younger Martial Brother. Do you know this Kun?" The lower house of Lun covers a wide area, but every time you enter the temple, there are disciples of the generation of Yin who are responsible for guarding it. There are Shaoqing array swords everywhere, even in peacetime. I'm afraid it's hard for birds to fly in. Yue Tianmin nodded his head! Han Zhenzi added, "Especially since you, Elder Martial Brother Wan, have broken the whole plot of the Red Clothes Sect, naturally this sect is also their main target." For one thing, I specially ordered the disciples of the whole Institute to step up their precautions. Yue Tianmin heard a move in his heart and was about to open his mouth! Han Zhenzi added, "It was under close guard, but an incredible thing happened.." Yue Tianmin couldn't help it. He raised his eyebrows and asked in a hurry, "Could it be that the bandits of the Red Clothes Sect dare to pick from this door?" ? His sword eyebrows moved, a jade face, unexpectedly evil spirit heavy, Han Zhenzi looked at the heart of a Rin, secretly sighed little brother evil spirit. Touhuagai, it seems that there are really a lot of doomed people in this Wulin killing! He silently recited the words "Amitayus Buddha!" "This was the morning four days ago," he continued, "in my room. In the quiet room, I suddenly found a handwritten letter from Mao Tong, a bandit in red clothes. Yue Tianmin said, thinking that the Second Elder Martial Brother seldom left this quiet room, and that there were also Yin Bai, Yin Fu, Yin Tong, and Yin. The four disciples of Chen waited on him, but I don't know how to send the letter of the Red Clothes Sect? His mind turned, only to hear Han Zhenzi say again,4 person jacuzzi, "Younger Martial Brother, this is really a matter that is hard to understand, not to mention that the court is already strict.". monalisa.com