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Imperial sister-in-law,Chinese spa manufacturer, she has no life, that Jing Yun's rank is not enough, how to come to this Zichen Palace? Zhao Daiyun motioned to her side.

He used to be a pirate? Asked doubtfully at dawn, the capital of seven waters is on the Great Route, and most of the people who go to the Great Route are adventurous pirates. Elonkova shook his head. "This guy is the most mysterious on the reef." It seems that the secrecy work is really extraordinary, even the leader of Merlin can not find clues. Secret Blade, Reef-Supreme Leader of the Assassination Agency, a native of the North Sea, was born in 1474 in the Haiyuan calendar. He is a swordsman with two swords. His fruit ability is unknown. Secret blade, secret news.. Repeating these words at dawn, I always feel that the two code names have a sense of symmetry. What is the name of their leader? Dawn asked. He wanted to know who was the leader who could rule both kinds of talents at the same time. Ayrren Shelter, known as the King of Assassinations in the North Sea Underworld, dares to kill anyone except the Flamenco family, the Germa 66 family, the Navy and the World Government. Dawn wondered why he did not know the identity information of Secret Blade and Secret News, but knew the information of their supreme leader. Have you seen their leader? Dawn was slightly stupefied, and then asked. Elonkova nodded. "Two years ago, at an underworld meeting organized by the Don Quixote family." "What meeting is that?" He did not know very well that there was such a meeting in the North Sea underground world, but it was not surprising that the meeting was led by Domingo,whirlpool bathtub, who wanted to rectify the North Sea underground world and naturally organized such a meeting. However, Dovram Mingge is not prepared to continue to spend too much energy in the underground world of the North Sea. He just needs to maintain a great deterrent in the underground world of the North Sea. Other things related to the transaction can be let go. Compared with the four seas, the big transactions are all in the great route and even in the new world. That is why Domingo did not object when he heard at dawn that he was going to attack the reef. A kind of gathering in the North Sea underground world, usually initiated by Domingo and held on Chijin Island. After listening to Elonkova's words, he nodded at dawn. So it's normal to be the leader of the underground world of the North Sea. Now we have to deal with the reef, not to mention other difficulties,jacuzzi swim spa, the most important thing to worry about now is the concerns of Domingo. Seeing a thoughtful look at the dawn, Elonkova continued: "In the past, how the North Sea underground world was fighting, as long as there was no large-scale conflict or enough struggle to have a fatal impact on the North Sea underground world order, Domingo would not intervene." At this point, Dawn directly took over the words and said: "That's because Domingo wants to ensure that the North Sea underground world is in a state of living water for a long time, so that fresh blood can join in. If it is really quiet for a long time, not to mention that it will greatly hinder the interests of Domingo, but also damage the future development of the North Sea underground world." "After all, if any force wants to develop for a long time, it must constantly have fresh blood to join in. How can fresh blood join in?"? Relying on new people to ascend, only struggle, hot tub manufacturers ,massage bathtub manufacturers, constant struggle, new people can have the opportunity to ascend. Old people abdicate or die, and new people ascend, which is in line with the law of development of things. After all, talent is the first element of development. This series of words at dawn directly shocked Elonkova and Po, who had known that Domingo had deliberately kept the underground address of the North Sea in this situation of uninterrupted struggle, but had not thought so much about it. Rinehart actually said these words directly enough to shock the gang leaders. And the most important thing. Dawn continued to speak with a smile. Elonkova was shocked again and looked at him with some confusion. In this way, Domingo will recruit more compound talents for the family, including combat members, and check and balance the most powerful gangs in the North Sea underground world, so as to ensure his absolute status and power in the North Sea underground world for a long time. "Fu.." Compound talents? Elonkova repeated these words, but Dawn did not answer, so he laughed again: "I think my analysis should be very close, and I understand what you are worried about.". ” As if he had completely seen through the feeling, Elonkova thought subconsciously, so he lit another cigar, took a deep breath and said: "This time we are going to uproot the reef, which will hurt the fundamental interests of Domingo, he has no reason not to intervene in this matter." "Didn't Brother Po tell you?" Dawn looked at Elonkova and laughed. "I just came back from Chijin Island and made a series of business agreements with Domingo, one of which was that Domingo would not interfere in the reef." Elonkova glanced at Po beside him without showing any emotion, and then blurted out, "What kind of business agreement?" "Sorry, it's a trade secret. Besides, if you know it's not good for you, I'm sure you'll understand how vicious people like Domingo are." Dawn spread out his hands and laughed. Look at his expression is not like a joke, has been standing in the heart of Po surprised, did not expect the last time he said is true, but how can this guy, can have business cooperation with Domingo? You know, in the North Sea, I don't know how many powerful forces and kingdoms there are, but how can Domingo ever see half of them? "So this problem is not a problem?" Half ring, Elonkova just sighed slightly, did not expect the most difficult part of the plan, unexpectedly by this guy lightly solved. It was never a problem. Dawn answered with a smile, "Then you can listen to my specific plan." Elonkova nodded and listened to his specific plan. # # # 163. "Hit the Rocks" Plan (3) # # # After talking for a long time, Dawn finally told Elonkova the preliminary plan in her mind. 5 ∞ eight 5 ∞ eight 5 ∞ read 5 ∞ book.. o≈ How mysterious the reef is, no matter how well the leaders of the two organizations hide, it seems that they will be exposed at dawn,endless swimming pool, especially the top leader of the reef, who seems to have never deliberately hidden his identity. The basic plan was laid out in detail at dawn, and Elonkova finally understood it. monalisa.com