All-round female partner [wear quickly]

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He Rin's sleeping posture was not honest, so that when he got up the next morning, he had half of the quilt under his body,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and the remaining half of the quilt was dragged on the ground, while he Rin's cheeks were red, and it was obvious that he had

At this time the white moon into the bathroom, he Rin can not help some trance, can not stop the heart beating. Like a thorn under his buttocks, he could not sit still, so he simply stood up and wandered around, touching and looking around the room, as if he could cover up the sound of water lingering in his ears. But looking around like this, he Rin felt even more uncomfortable. The pure white bed in the field of vision, pink ambiguous lights, heart-shaped pillows placed in pairs, couples'cups.. The more he looked at Rin, the more he felt that his heart was burning like a fire, and he didn't know where to put his hands and feet. Hearing the sound of water in his ears stopped, he Rin's hand just touched the small drawer of the bedside table, the sound of water stopped, he was nervous, his hands subconsciously forced, the whole small drawer was pulled out by him, and the things inside were scattered on the ground. At the same time, the bathroom door was pulled open with a "brush". He Rin looked at the white moon standing at the door of the bathroom, and looked down at the small squares of different color packages on the ground, and his face was so wonderful that it was hard to describe it with pen and ink. It's true that he hasn't touched these things, but he's not a fool, and with a little use of his brain, he can know what will be hard to say in the bedside table of the room that looks like a couple's suite. Wife. He Lin couldn't even lift his head. He wished there was a crack in the ground for him to get into. With a black and red face, he swallowed saliva and looked up at the white moon to defend himself: "You must listen to me.." Explain. The unfinished words were swallowed by him, and he looked at the white moon with long hair and forgot the words for a moment. Just came out of the misty bathroom,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, the girl's whole body seemed to be faintly surrounded by hazy water vapor, her cheeks were suffused with bright red, her eyes were wet, so misty at a glance, he Rin felt his heartbeat almost stopped. Wife. He Rin murmured unconsciously, not knowing what he wanted to say. I have long known that the white moon is good-looking, but it has not been exaggerated to this extent. At this time, the girl's body of a light cold cut, the whole person's temperament has also undergone a major change,304 stainless steel wire, the person is still that person, but faintly some different from the past. The white moon caged the nightgown, endured a moment, and finally could not help staring at her He Rin. Because her arm was injured and she couldn't touch the water, she simply took a quick shower, thinking that when she came out, he Rin was still sitting on the sofa playing games, where she thought that as soon as she opened the door, he Rin began to be stupid again and made a mess. Not to mention, at this time also so big Lala Leng stared at her, so that the white moon also began to feel uncomfortable. She lowered her head to check the belt of her nightgown, making sure that she was tightly wrapped and that no skin was exposed where she should not be exposed, and then went out with a calm expression. The room is also so big, he Rin and Leng Leng to poke in front of the bed, the white moon footsteps paused, then bent over to the sofa side. He Rin subconsciously wanted to step up behind her, but as soon as he moved his feet, he thought of something, his ears were red and bleeding, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and he squatted down silently and stuffed a small square on the ground into the drawer, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. Wife. The white moon just sat on the sofa for a while, he Lin came over, he kept calling the white moon wife, but he was like a little daughter-in-law, his eyes did not dare to glance, drooping eyes and hands and feet to sit beside the white moon. Because of the thick carpet outside, the white moon came out barefoot without slippers. So he Rin's line of sight was so low that he saw a pair of bare feet in his field of vision. Not only is the arch of the instep perfect, but even the toes are pink and tender, and they are crowded together in a lovely way. He Rin suddenly stood up, ran to one side, took the slippers back, in the white moon's puzzled eyes, crouched down, carefully holding her feet, trembling hands to put on her shoes. The skin under his hands is delicate and tender, which makes people fondle admiringly. He Rin put on the shoes but did not leave in a hurry, shaking hands to continue to slide in the skin of the white moon ankle calf, the rough cocoon in the palm of the hand so that the white moon was itchy, seeing that he Rin's breathing was a little heavy, cheeky to continue to touch up, the white moon stretched out a foot to kick in he Rin's heart. He Rin was caught off guard and kicked to the ground, not only not angry, but grabbed the white moon's ankle, red face turned his head "hey hey" giggled. Chapter 13 rebirth is not a puppet 13. Adolescent teenagers are always impulsive, he Rin is no exception, facing the girl he likes, he always wants to touch her, kiss her, or subconsciously want to go further, however. He didn't know what to do any more. He Rin has always been a small overlord figure, dare to start on him are basically beaten back by him, which is like the white moon, obviously kicked his chest, he is also happy to take advantage of the same, happy. With such a time, he Rin also obediently climbed up from the ground and sat beside the white moon, his eyes were not floating everywhere, his expression was serious, and he looked so good that he could not feel it, and he rubbed his fingers slightly on his side. At night, naturally, the white moon sleeps on the bed, and he Rin sleeps on the sofa. He Rin has lived for so many years, where has he slept on the sofa? Just want to protest, the white moon said: "Then I sleep on the sofa, you sleep on the bed?" The inquiry was held back. He Rin himself did not sleep on the sofa, but more reluctant to let the white moon sleep on the sofa. Stealthily looked at the big bed that could sleep five people, and then looked at the white moon who seemed to be making serious suggestions, and dared not mention that little thought in her heart, and obediently squatted on the sofa under the eyes of the white moon. After turning off the light, he thought he couldn't sleep, but in the silence, listening to another gentle breathing in the dark, his restless mood was suddenly soothed by warm water, and he didn't know when to fall asleep with his eyes closed. He Rin's sleeping posture was not honest, so that when he got up the next morning, he had half of the quilt under his body,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and the remaining half of the quilt was dragged on the ground, while he Rin's cheeks were red, and it was obvious that he had a fever.