A girl from a famous family

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When he looked down, he did not feel hurt. Afraid. She thought,calcium nitrate sol, "If I jump like this, I can meet Big Brother Gao, but how will Mom and Dad live in the future?" "And?"

She did not go to Luo Yunshui's yard at the beginning, but returned to her own yard first. Although this courtyard is not longer than the courtyard in Jinling, the feelings are the same. She got married here and spent a long time here. Every tree and grass in the yard is very familiar. Ziyi followed her and said with a light smile, "Girl, why don't you let the maidservant wash your hair again?"? Lying in the sun in this courtyard and letting the attendant read beside you is exactly what the girl used to love to do. Hearing Ziqi's name and these words, Luo Qingling glanced at her with a smile. Although Ziyi is usually a little impulsive, she is the most considerate in doing things. She nodded slightly. "I'm a little tired, too. Let's prepare something for the bath." "Ziqi smiled and asked the people below to prepare hot water." Shi Shu, you told someone to stay at the door and not let anyone disturb you. And just then, a woman's voice came from outside, "Princess, the girl from the imperial censor's home on the left of Ducha yuan heard that the princess had returned to her mother's home and sent two pots of Magnolia flowers. Would you like to have a look?" Luo Qingling is a little strange, she is not familiar with the girl of the imperial historian, how did she know that she had returned to Luofu? "Just send it to the greenhouse." Shi Shu, on the other hand, whispered in Luo Qingling's ear, "Master, the girl from the imperial censor of the left capital of Ducha yuan is a person who often stays with Princess Juezun, so this flower probably means Princess Juezun.". But What does she mean by sending two pots of white magnolia? Luo Qingling chuckled. "Don't pay any attention to her. She's venting her anger." Looking at Shi Shu's puzzled eyes, Luo Qingling said softly,Magnesium Oxide MgO, "This magnolia flower also has a name in the south, which is called Burmese Osmanthus.". Ordinary people say that it is not expensive, so they do not like it very much. I don't know where she heard it from, but this time she used it to disgust me. Hear Luo Qingling's explanation, a few servant girls just understood, in the eyes also had the contemptuous meaning that did not know whether to laugh or cry. Such a means is not on the table, but also thanks to that Jue Zun princess can do it. Luo Qingling came back just after less than a wick of incense,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, the little servant girl in the three girls Luo Yunshui room went to Luo Qingling's yard, stood respectfully at the door, with a pleasant smile on her face, and exchanged greetings with the servant girl standing outside Luo Qingling's door. The elder sister is really hard on weekdays, but the old man also said that the capable work hard, which is also the elder sister is valued by the princess. The little servant girl was not only smiling, her mouth was too sweet, and she was not as timid as the average servant girl, and her eyes were looking at Liu Zhu in a big way. Liu Zhu was not a person who looked at flattering words, but he looked at the servant girl and liked her. Knowing that the other side is just to please, probably looking for their own things, but also under the heart comfortable. The little servant girl fawned on her for half a day and finally got down to business. We three girls like to take care of flowers and plants on weekdays, and the maidservants help our girls take care of flowers and plants on weekdays. Hearing that the princess had returned to her mother's home, the girl of the imperial censor's family on the left of Ducha yuan sent two pots of white magnolia, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,caustic calcined magnesite, so the maidservant wanted to have a look. As he spoke, he showed a sense of embarrassment on his face. The maidservant usually tended the flowers and plants in the courtyard of the third young lady, but she did not often come out to walk around, and the sisters in the courtyard were not familiar with each other. Consciously abrupt, but it is really like a cat in the heart, so it rashly ran over, sister please don't take it amiss. Liu Zhu listened and laughed, "You little girl is also honest, strange way I said how I have not seen you." Then he said, "If you want to see the Magnolia, you are looking for the right person.". Come on, just follow me. Then he took the little servant girl by the hand and went into the greenhouse. As soon as she entered the greenhouse, the little servant girl went straight to the two pots of white magnolias, followed by the flowing Zhu with a smile. What's your name? Do you do anything else in the third girl's yard besides tending flowers and plants? Liu Zhu asked. The little servant girl raised her hand and patted the corners of her mouth. "Oh, look at me. I've forgotten all about being serious.". The maidservant, called Lu Jiu, did nothing but flowers and plants in the yard of the three girls, but it was the grace of the three girls who loved flowers and plants. ” Just then, the curtain at the door of the greenhouse was lifted, and a little servant girl stood up and said to the two of them, "The princess knows that the elder sister in the third girl's room has come, and she wants to call her for questioning." There was doubt and slight panic in the eyes of the deer, and some surprise and excitement, but it was not obvious. Liu Zhu said with a smile, "It seems that my sister is so famous that she has alarmed the eldest lady." She pursed her lips slightly, and her face was a little tight, not very natural. Then he ran after the little servant girl who had sent the message and asked, "Do you know what the princess called me?"? I am such a humble girl, is it possible that I have committed some taboo? The little servant girl was staring at her toes in a daze, and when she heard this, she came to her senses and smiled at the two of them. "Don't be nervous, sister. The princess just heard that her sister was a person who could speak in front of the three girls, and she was familiar with flowers and plants, so she wanted to ask her sister to go over and talk." The deer leek thought about it and followed the little servant girl in silence, hanging his head and thinking about something. In the room, the deer leek looked up at Luo Qingling, who was sitting at the head. Luo Qingling was dressed in a floor-dragging long skirt of twill silk with autumn fragrance, with a yellow hibiscus embroidered jacket on the top. She leaned on the pillow of the money python at will. Her black hair was wet, and her face showed the flush that she had just bathed. The purple woman standing behind her was holding a big cotton towel in her hand, carefully helping Luo Qingling twist her hair. You don't have to be nervous. The princess called you in just to ask you a few questions. Shi Shu stood on the other side and said to the deer leek with a smile. Luo Qingling took one look at the deer leek and smiled softly at the corners of her mouth. "Is the deer leek another name for peony?" She asked softly. Then he said to the people around him, "Peony is the color of Chinese flowers. In this way, the charm of the daughter's family has not fallen into that name." The deer leek was startled and thought, I don't know why the princess was so polite to herself. But she still said, "The princess was wrong. It was the three girls who said that the peony was the king of flowers, and the maidservant was in charge of the flowers and plants in the yard,potassium sulphate fertilizer, so she took this name." The head in the heart is thinking, why Luo Qingling will call himself in, and how should his mind open his mouth. stargrace-magnesite.com