Gu Shao's Wife Hunting Plan Su Yan and Gu Sichen

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When he looked down, he did not feel hurt. Afraid. She thought,calcium nitrate sol, "If I jump like this, I can meet Big Brother Gao, but how will Mom and Dad live in the future?" "And?"

"I know." Gu Sen nods, it is a matter of overnight, today's opening collapsed. It was Gu Siwu who operated behind his back, and then it might be our turn. Gu Sichen knocked on the table with one hand and asked, "Take precautions." Su Yan turned over the magazine in his hand and cast his eyes on Gu Sichen from time to time. Gu Si, as the eldest brother, could not get the property from Gu Sichen. It's also disgusting. If you have this kind of energy, you might as well look for your own shortcomings and ask Grandpa why he doesn't like him. The only way to get rid of Gu Siwu is to cut off all the companies behind him. Gu Siwu doesn't work all the year round, and he doesn't have anything to do every day. Where does he get so much money? Even if he has connections, someone will help him. He can't even manipulate such things as stocks, can he? "So, Gu Sen." Gu Sichen knocked on the table and suddenly withdrew his hand. "First, get rid of the companies behind Gu Sichen.". Since it is an empty shell, let it disappear. "Second, Das Group, destroy it!" "Third, send a message to the outside world that all enterprises invested by Gu Si are not allowed to cooperate with GS Group any more!"! One more thing, exterminate! Listening to Gu Sichen's words, Su Yan's heart clattered. This is the meaning of really doing it. What's the difference between this and the destruction of Gu Si? Gu Siwu is going to be notorious in the business world. No enterprise dares to take him any more, doesn't it? "General Manager Gu, do that." Ok Gu Sen looked at Gu Sichen, is not too ruthless? Originally and Gu Siwu has the origin, Gu Siwu originally looked at Gu Sichen unhappy, now such a noisy words, the feelings of the two brothers. Not a complete break? "Did he think about it when he tampered with our stock again and again?" Gu Sichen frivolous corner of the eye, cold and cheerless smile. Gu Sen nodded. Well, well, he's going to do it. General Manager Gu,Magnesium Oxide powder, what else do you want? Gu Sen bent down and looked respectful. No, go out. "Oh, yes, General Manager Gu, Yang Yihan from dy Group will be here in about ten minutes." Hearing the sound, Gu Sichen raised his eyes, eh? Chapter 486 embarrassment. Chapter 486 embarrassment. "The contract has not been signed yet." Gu Sen smiled bitterly. Has the president been busy and confused recently? Gu Sichen immediately understood, nodded, waved his hands, and went to work. Gu Sen sighed and turned away. Su Yan turned over the magazine in his hand, and out of the corner of his eye he looked at Gu Sichen carefully. He seemed to be very tired. He raised his hand and pinched the tip of his nose. He put one hand on the table and looked preoccupied. The relationship between him and Gu Siwu was originally just a superficial and friendly fight, but now the news has been released, and the surface has been torn. Gu Sichen challenged Gu Sichen's bottom line again and again. Gu Sichen chose to refute it today. Facts have proved that he has been patient for a long time. He didn't want to make things too stiff, but now it has involved his friends around him. So I have to deal with it. Su Yan put the magazine in his hand on the sofa and rubbed his hands behind Gu Sichen. I'll give you a pinch on the shoulder. Su Yan glanced at him and put his hands on his shoulders in a gentle voice. Gu Sichen opened his eyes, Su Yan's hand strength is just right, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, she has seen others pinch before, but also learned some. When I was in college, I often took part-time jobs and did everything. After a long time, I could do everything. It's not a major, but it's more comfortable than those who haven't learned it. Are you.. Very tired? Su Yan looked at him and asked in a low voice. Gu Sichen did not speak. After a while, he said, "I'm not tired with you by my side." He suddenly said love words, the harm of Su Yan suddenly at a loss, is holding the shoulder of the hand also paused. After a while, she muttered, "I used to think running a company wasn't that hard, but now it looks like there's a lot going on." Especially the company's SS, she has always thought that SS is the kind of sitting at home to get money. But I didn't expect that there would be such a thing as family tripping. Running a company is really hard. Gu Sichen pursed his lips and said out of the blue, "I used to think it was not so difficult to raise a wife, but now it seems that there are more things to do.". ” Su Yan:..? Ha? "Don't pinch, don't pinch!" Su Yan withdrew his hand, glared at Gu Sichen, raised his hand and pointed to the top of his head, and in his heart he could not help thinking. Gu Sichen smiled, looked at Su Yan to the sofa figure, said: "Ao Jiao attribute of the wife is very cute." "I'm not proud." Su Yan immediately rolled his eyes and retorted. The phone on the desk rang, and Gu Sichen pressed the speakerphone, "President, Yang Yihan is here." "Enter." Turn off the phone and look up at the door. Su Yan also looked along the doorway. Yang Yihan, a popular actress, the head of the ripples! Recently, however, there has been a lot of hubbub that Yang Yihan is going to jump from Lianyi Entertainment Company to build his own studio, but I don't know if it's true or not. The door was pushed open, outside the door, a girl with short green hair came into the sight of two people, Su Yan looked at the man, almost a mouthful of old blood spurted out. Green, the bright green kind. Girl, you have a prairie on your head! She wore a white suspender, a red leather coat and a black skirt. This match.. It's a little cool. She raised her hand and took off the black sunglasses on her face. Under the sunglasses, there is a face that looks like a baby face, but is more delicate than a baby face. Yang Yihan's appearance really has the feeling of the world's first love, and Chen Yan's first issue is the pure love series, Yang Yihan is really suitable. Hi, General Manager Gu! Yang Yihan raised his eyebrows, did not notice the existence of Su Yan, and strode toward Gu Sichen's desk. Su Yan sat on the sofa, can not help licking the lips, silently watching the play. This costume is really.. Enough to let go of yourself. Gu Sichen looked at her without any expression on his face, just looking at a stranger. General Manager Gu,dap diammonium phosphate, did I scare you? Yang Yihan pointed to the wig on his head, suddenly laughed, and then took off the wig.