Sword poison and plum fragrance

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When he looked down, he did not feel hurt. Afraid. She thought,calcium nitrate sol, "If I jump like this, I can meet Big Brother Gao, but how will Mom and Dad live in the future?" "And?"

Gao Zhan sniggered, thinking that the green sand tent was everywhere in the north, but it didn't stretch for several miles like outside the pass. This girl is really a city. The middleman. Ji Lei sees him with a smile not to answer, air way: "Have what funny, I do not understand, want to ask of course." Gao Zhan replied, "The green sand tent is the sorghum field. It is called the green sand because a large area of it is green." Account. Ji Lei was suddenly enlightened and said with a smile, "That's a nice name. Hey, Brother Gao, did you ever play hide-and-seek when you were a child?" Gao Zhan nodded, and Ji Lei added, "You said that the green sand tent stretches as far as the eye can see, so playing hide-and-seek is a good way to hide." Place Seeing her innocent face, Gao Zhan couldn't help laughing. Ji Lei asked, "Why, can't you?" "Yes, yes," said Gao Zhan with a smile. "It's just that once you hide in, others won't be able to find you, and I'm afraid it's hard for you to come out. "" Ji Lei shook her head and said, "Is it really so powerful?"? I don't believe it. Gao Zhan smiled and did not answer. Suddenly he pointed to the front and said, "After crossing this mountain, you will be in Jiangsu." In the middle of the day, both of them felt very sultry. They tied their horses to the tree and rested under it. Gao Zhan said to Ji Lei, There must be a spring flowing out of the waterfall. I'll go and fetch some water, and you can sit here and have a rest. Although Ji Lei has been on the road for days, she is not like Gao Zhan, who has been practicing excellent internal skills since childhood, and has eaten the King of Ginseng for thousands of years, so her body is very tired. According to Gao Zhan's words, he sat under the tree, closed his eyes and rested. She waited for a long time, but she did not see Gao Zhan turn around,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and her heart suddenly became irritable, so she got up and walked to the forest. She could not imagine the thorns and thorns in the forest. Although her father was a great expert, she did not like to practice martial arts since she was a child, so even his father's kung fu Ten percent also did not learn, at this time to see the road is full of thorns, unexpectedly can not step. She hesitated a little, but felt more and more upset, as if disaster was imminent, suddenly a cry of surprise came, her heart a shock, thought: "Is Big Brother Gao in distress?" Thinking of this, without further hesitation,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, she started her flying skill and stepped on the thorns to move forward. Her flying skill was very inferior, and one vertical was no more than one or two. Moreover, the footwork was not accurate, and the path was uneven, but because of the vegetation, there was no protrusion anywhere. Concave, Ji Miao often a vertical, just fell in the pit, at this time is summer, her clothes are thin, so the whole body was cut. Broken, the hands are dripping with blood. Ji Lei felt the sweat soaking on the wound, the burning pain was getting worse and worse, she looked up, the long distance was boundless, and she was still looking. There was no end in sight, and her heart sank, and then a great excitement filled her blood, for she seemed to hear her height. The eldest brother was calling for help, because she seemed to see her eldest brother Gao looking at her side black and blue, waiting for her to come to the rescue. She was encouraged, supported by superhuman courage, and she forgot that she was usually a well-fed daughter, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide powder, and that he was a big brother. What kind of kung fu, if he can't get out of danger, how can he do it? She has only one firm belief, that is, to move forward. What a long way! Although the sound of water is very close, but turned a bend, another bend, the original forest road twists and turns, east bend. West turn, plus weeds, knowing that it is not far ahead, but walk up but walk for a long time. Ji Lei felt the wound tingling. She clenched her teeth and continued to move forward. Suddenly, the sound of the water was like thunder. The sky was bright and the willows were dark and flowers were bright. In front of her was a big waterfall. When Ji Lei saw that her destination had been reached, she relaxed and almost fell down on the spot. She hurriedly held the small tree beside her, collected herself, and raised her eyes. When I looked down, I felt dizzy and frightened. It turned out that there was a bottomless valley under the waterfall. The water vapor in the valley was misty, like smoke and fog. I don't know how deep the bottom was. But an ominous thought flashed through her mind, and she was frightened to cry. She is the only daughter of Dahao in Jinan, Shandong Province. She grew up under the care of her parents. She has passed such a dangerous thing. At this time in the barren mountain, Gao eldest brother is not in the side, she cries more and more feels lonely. Aft crying for a while, she suddenly notice that footsteps on the edge of the waterfall. Chaotic, very much like the appearance of someone falling, and then look around, only to see a large protruding stone, there is a tattered outside. Clothes, that's exactly what Brother Gao was wearing. Her heart sank and she forgot to cry, but she felt a blank in her chest and couldn't think about anything. For a long time, she thought to herself, "I'll look around again. If I still can't find Brother Gao, then he's probably lost." The foot of the cliff, I will jump down to accompany him. Although her father, Dahaoji of Jinan, lost his virginity in Greenwood this week, he was a warm-blooded man with a good temperament and a great place in his life. Is more than for oneself, in order to answer the bosom friend, throw one's head, shed blood, in Ji this week think is a matter of course, do not have to consider things, Ji Lei Although young, he inherited his father's infatuation and willfulness, so she and Gao Zhan knew each other for a short time, but he was in her. He has become an idol in his mind. Ji Lei's mind is determined, no longer thinking, she has become infatuated at this time, her mind is confused, everywhere to think the worst, stand up. She searched around for a long time, but there was no trace. Her heart was getting colder and colder, and she cried back and forth around the waterfall. The name, the empty valley echo, cold and endless, for a time the whole forest everywhere is the cry of high war, one after another, flow. Although the sound of water is loud, it can not be concealed. The afterglow of the setting sun shines on the drops of water stirred up by the waterfall, and the illusion becomes colorful. The horizon is blue, and the scenery is magnificent. Ji Lei Exhausted, she made up her mind to shout again. If Gao Zhan didn't reply again, she would throw herself into the abyss. "Brother Gao, Brother Gao Zhan, where are you?" He shouted. For a long time, she heard the same cry coming from a distant place. Brother Gao.. Brother Gao Zhan, where are you? The voice seemed to come from the sky. For a moment, Ji Lei suddenly had a whim. She thought, "I'm afraid Big Brother has already arrived in the sky." Staring blankly at the sky, his chest was blank, and he was not free to approach the cliff step by step. When he looked down, he did not feel hurt. Afraid. She thought,calcium nitrate sol, "If I jump like this, I can meet Big Brother Gao, but how will Mom and Dad live in the future?" "And?" 。 stargrace-magnesite.com