How to play Tarisland on Apple Silicon Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro?

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This article will help you install and play a special version of Tarisland on your Apple Silicon Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro.

Developed by Level Infinite and Locojoy, published by Tencent, Tarisland is a classic, cross-platform MMORPG to expect. Set in a fantasy world filled with magical realms, mystical creatures, and ancient mysteries, Tarisland may have already been one of the choices on your to-do list this summer! Its official launch date is right on June 21st, 2024.

MuMuPlayer Pro provides a special version for users who want to experience Tarisland on Apple Silicon Mac! Please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the blue button down belowto download the dmg file.

tarisland on mac mumuplayer download button

Or You can also download this game from Tarisland Official Website.

2. Once the download is complete, open the dmg file and agree to the MuMuPlayer Pro User Agreement.

2 同意MuMuPlayer Pro用户协议

3. Double-click the icon to install. Once the installation is completed, click "Launch" , or click the MuMuPlayer icon in the Launchpad or Applications to start.

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截屏2024-06-17 18.02.18

4. After entering MuMuPlayer Pro, log in with your email or Google authorization.


5. After logging in, you will be eligible for a 7-day trial of MuMu Player Pro (for untried devices). Click "Start a 7-day Trial"!


6. Then you will see the special version of Tarisland! Double-click on it or click the start button to enjoy gaming.

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截屏2024-06-17 18.05.58

For more instructions of MuMuPlayer Pro, please refer to Tutorials and FAQs.

【About MuMuPlayerPro】
MuMuPlayer Pro is a Mac-compatible Android emulator specifically designed for mobile gamers, tailored for macOS and is the first to adapt to the Apple Silicon Mac. It allows users to experience mainstream mobile games and applications on a large screen on Mac, providing a smooth gaming experience of up to 240 frames per second. Its diverse functions, such as multi-instance operation and intelligent keyboard and mouse controls, cater to various gaming needs, making gaming effortlessly enjoyable.

Should there be any problems while using, please contact us in our Discord channel.

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